Souq.comorder id: [protected]/wrong item dispatched/wrong information/pathetic customer service

D Nov 16, 2017

Dear Team,

I have placed my order (Vogue, Stackable Mirrored Shoe Cabinet - Walnut 5 cabinet) on 9th of November as per the call center and souq website I was suppose to get delivery on 11th November
no email or contact from souq on 11th so I called up souq customer service on 11th to ask where is my delivery they told me you will receive with in a bracket of 9:00 am to 11:00 pm and I dint got the delivery on 11th
so I followed up and called on 12th December they apologized and they gave me the no of courier company to follow up.i ordered through souq and I need to follow up with the courier company 1st case
2nd case on 13th November with out informing me the order got cancelled and there was refund done to my account (note - without informing me)

I called souq again on 13th November and spoke with MR.Ahmed to know why my order is cancelled they told me because of unavailability of stock my question is it should be informed before making any transaction or cancellation for me.

after that the agent told me to book another request as on site the product was available so I went ahead and booked another (Vogue, Stackable Mirrored Shoe Cabinet - Walnut 5 cabinet) on 13th of November and as promised by the MR.Ahmed I got the delivery on 14 of November
the story dosent end here as the delivery happened on night on 14th I dint got time to check the delivery I checked on 15 and guess what is been given to me instead of 5 cabinet they gave me 3 cabinet of shoe rack

and then I called up customer service spoke with MR. Islam Farik floor supervisor and explained him everything on 15 evening around 6.20, I was told we will give you call back with in 15 minutes but that dint happen i called up again after 1 hour i was fed up to explain each and every agent same story again and the agent was not willing to give the phone to MR. Islam farik then i spoke to Ahmed who already know my story of delay and then i went ahead and explained him whole story and on 16 that's today some one will come and pick the 3 cabinet who rack and refund will happen as promised by MR.Ahmed.

in between this i feel cheated as without informing me the order was cancelled
and if stock is not there team should contact me and tell me that 5 cabinet is not available instead we will give you 3 cabinet that would have been easy for us but instead i have to call and lodge complaint and then agents are telling that may be the 5 cabinet not in stock hence 3 cabinet sent to you(clearly pathetic service from souq, bad customer service experience, wrong commitment/information)

waiting for the refund to happen and the 3 cabinet shoe rack to be taken back from me.


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