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I would like to complain about the appointment I had on 25 January 2017 at sorbet east gate. Firstly I had fake nails on from December put on by another company and when I booked my appointment I said that my fake nails needed to be soaked off but the nail technician did not know how to take them off which we extremely odd. It took her an hour and half to take them off and then she got upset due to my appointment going over time. Just as I had done the day before over the phone, I preceded to tell the lady I wanted gel on my nails and how I wanted them done. I then choose from the colours they showed me and out of the 6 I chose they only had one colour besides the bottles being displayed empty. She then preceded to put on my nail polish with gelish which I have had as gel multiple times before. When I left I thought the gel nail polish felt too thin but I thought maybe that was sorbets way. Two days after my appointment I had two nails already chipping. Three days after they appointment some of my nails I was able to peel some of the polish away. Now four days after the appointment I have lost majority of my thumb polish and the chipping and peeling it getting worse. I am very angry and disgusted by this. What makes it worse was that this was a gift. I hope sorbet can completely refund me my money because I am a very unhappy customer

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