Sorbet Grouplash extension removal

S Nov 02, 2019

I'm a loyal sorbet customer specifically the one in Paulshof. I went in for a Hollywood wax as well as a lash extension removal. My Hollywood wax was amazing as always. I then went in for a lash extension removal with a lady called Jo, I have always done it with Prudence but I guess she wasn't in today. From beginning Jo wasn't polite or friendly but whatever... I start complaining with how she was literally scraping the lashes off instead of waiting for whatever she uses to remove to soak... This scraping caused it to go into my eyes and I experienced excruciating burning and even then... She was silent. Throughout the whole excruciating process, she was quite and I had to request to wash my eyes off and then request the cloth to actually dry my eyes with. She gave no apology even when I told her what caused the issue and she left the room. Please note. I know the lash removal stings when you open your eyes and I have been doing it for 2 years now at Sorbet and not once did I ever experience the pain and more so the lack of customer service or empathy from anyone at Sorbet.
So disappointing

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