Sorbet Groupeyelash and eyebrow tint

Y Sep 06, 2018

I have now 3 bad experiences.
I am not someone that complaint but I need to because you need to improve...
I went 3 months ago to Sorbet in Kempton Park. Eyelash and Eye brow tint. The tint last 1 week then my eye lashes were blond again it was not proper tint at all.

Second time went to Kolonade Sorbet and the lady have tint my lashes and brows ok but while my eyes were close she cut my lashes shorter. I have never hear about this. I did have such nice natural eyelashes - 2 months ago.

2 weeks ago I went to Kempton Park sorbet - worse experience I ever have in my life.
Firstly she did put cotton under my eyes only Vaseline and was the whole time scared it would turn my skin black. Then she took the tint of. It start burning. I ask her to put some water or milk or eye drops in my eyes... She have done nothing and just ask if i am ok. Told her know talk hard to her ask her to give me two wet cottons that I could get the things out of my eyes. (She must have no experience at all) then when I could finally see through my eyes I told her my eye lashes is not tint. Its blond some part and black other parts... She told me that how it look ...
I have done tint from the age of 16 years and I am now 36 and it never look like this before...

I am very sorry to complaint but it is not only once a bad experience its 3 times now... I really did like Sorbet but I cant carry on like this. 3 times cost me money and every time I feel like I was bullied and pay for job done but its not done. Waste not only money but time and I start to feel scared now to go again especially after last experience.

Please let me know what you are going to do about it?
I am really very unhappy.

Yolandi Neuhoff

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