Sorbet Groupextremely disappointing treatment


Today (9 september 2016) I visited sorbet elridge corner for a grande facial costing r390. My therapist was in and out of the room 10 or more times. I don't know where she was going as all the products are already in the room. She was extremely noisy and I found it difficult to relax. I also never received my "complimentary" foot massage that is promised on the website while your face mask is on. My mom who was there too received her foot massage and her therapist only left the room twice. My experience was overall disappointing and I felt extremely despondent when I left the salon. My therapist was nowhere to be seen when I came out of the treatment room even though she told me she'd meet me at the front. I shall not be returning to sorbet elridge. It was definitely not a good first impression at all and i'd suggest other people look elsewhere for treatments which do not cost the earth for a half arsed job. If I thought a refund was possible I would ask for one but all they will offer is a voucher and I will not be using sorbet's services again. It has left a bitter taste in my mouth.

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