Sony Corporationcfds50 boombox

H Mar 08, 2017

Purchased Sony boombox through August 1, 2016. The unit broke down after six months. I called Sony and because the 90 day warranty has expired they will not assume any responsibility for repair or replacement.

Today, March 8, 2017, I received a call from Sony customer service saying they will replace the boombox. I had to submit a screenshot of the invoice attached to an email indicating my address so they could send me a replacement. Not knowing how to send a screenshot I had to go to the closest mall computer store and have the employee show me how to complete this task.

Sony replied and completely reversed what they said. They tricked me into sending my address and for what reason. They included a link to connect to repair centres for the United States, I live in Canada.

Sony has proven to be liars, cheats and their products are not worth buying.

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