Sono Bello Body Contour Centersfraudulent company and doesn't care about people

T Sep 11, 2018

I signed a contract for procedures on my arms and abdomen for $7, 000. I wanted it done quickly to enjoy my new body for the summer. I signed the contract on June 29th with surgery scheduled for July 13th. That night my father was in an accident and I knew I would not be able to go through with the procedure. I began calling that night to cancel my procedure. I was able to speak with someone on the 1-800 number, but she told me she could not refund my money and that I had to speak neither my representative. Because the company would not acknowledge my call until I was in the window of cancellation for only 50% refund, I was not able to receive a full refund.
My family experienced a tragedy and I immediately began calling to cancel, so I could get 100% refund. The contract does not state that the cancellation must be done within a certain amount of business days- it just states days.
This business is out to completely ruin people and does not care about people.

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