Socleanprice discount with free shipping in 3-5 days

I purchased a Soclean 2 device on Friday 9/27/19, based on your advertisement which stated "Fall savings of $100 off, Soclean 2 plus free shipping, use code FALL, limited time only, Final weekend." In the body of your on-line purchasse document, you also indicated 3 - 5 day free delivery. I needed the unit on or before 10/2/19, so I paid a shipping fee of $19.99. My Order statement came on-line and I reviewed it, and noted that I only got a $50 promotion discount not $100 as advertised - why? And, my delivery time will probably be 3 days or over - why did I have to pay a premium of $19.99 for special shipping if 3-5 days shipping is advertised as free?

Sep 28, 2019

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