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SoClean - So clean machine

So clean machine has been working flawlessly since its purchase about two years ago. This morning the door latch won't engage to stay closed. What's the solution? Pls provide guidance/parts

The machine has been working flawlessly since purchase about 2 years ago. This morning the door latch won't engage to hold the door shut. Pls provide guidance/parts to fix the problem

Desired outcome: provide guidance/parts to replace the door not staying shut

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
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SoClean - Soclean sanitizing machine lid latch

I have a so clean machine and so does my brother. We have both experienced the broken latch problem on the lid of the large white unit.

I called your helpline and they told me it would cost $200 to replace the unit, and out there was no repair part available.

Given the number of complaints this is obviously some type of design flaw and I think you guys should own up to this problem and design some kind of a workaround or fix other than taping at the machine closed. Perhaps a sleeve of some type that could fit over the broken latch and act as a point to glue on a replacement that could work.

In the meantime I have glued a small piece of plastic on the broken latch to see if this will hold it closed. It doesn't seem like it's going to last very long.

Desired outcome: Create a replacement lid part, that people could buy and install insults or you offer it as a service. Sailing that I think you should replace the machine at no cost to me if that’s the only option

I have the same issue. Do you have a fix.

I have the same problem. Have you come up with an appropriate fix?

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SoClean - Days after purchase - cannot reach anyone / no return information

SoClean says on their website that they have a 30 day refund guarantee. I have an unopened package and I can't reach anyone - via phone or email. I have a simple request - how do I return the item that I no longer want. (IT IS NOT FDA APPROVED AND THE TECHNOLOGY HAS BEEN LINKED TO CAUSING FURTHER ISSUES. NOT TO MENTION - IT BREAKS YOUR CPAP machine.) I don't want it. It is sitting in the original box, entirely unopened and I can reach anyone to return it. TERRIBLE SERVICE!!!

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
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SoClean - Humidifier top cover that came with soclean2 for my cpap

My Resmed cpap requires a cover plate with a tube and I got a new one when I got a new soclean. But I am having a sound problem now - a knock when I breath in and another when I breath out. I have traced the problem to the 2 little latch holes that hold the top and bottom of the humidifier together. There is too much space in the lid holes and it allows the top unit to go up and down enough to make the noise. I got a new humidifier from my supplier with a new gasket. But the sound is still there cause gap is still there.No problems using just original parts. My cpap pressure is maxed out they say - much pressure but I can still hear this sound. I thought of a clamp, or weight on top, or some odd rig but don't sound promising. I am more than willing to pay for a new top from you if it solves this problem, I only have 1 now, noticed problem after discarding old one - tube area turns yellow bad with time. Used original soclean for 2+ years and loved it. Thanks - Landon Whitt 208 south english hill lane - Hillsborough, nc 27278

Desired outcome: new top for humidifier that does no make sound.

Mar 23, 2021
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
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SoClean - Sale of an fda not approved merchandise also ozone is a health hazard

I used my so clean2 for a short time
Supplied by aero care corp. When the machine quit working - aero care told me to bring it in for repair
It took a few weeks to get it back with it came a bill of $863.16 the report say
Physical damage to the upper case and ozone damage to the motor and seals
Res med told me never to use the so clean 2
I spent over $300.00 and all I got is an unusable hazard to one's health
And a non FDA approved equipment.
Hope, so clean steps up to the plate and does the right thing.

Desired outcome: expect a full refund

SoClean - SoClean 2 CPAP Cleaner & Sanitizer

In May 2017 I ordered the SoClean 2 from HomePoint Home Medical Equipment. I had been a CPAP user since 2006 and always found the cleaning process of the mask and tubing to be very time consuming as it was suppose to be done each day. I started using the device and felt safe knowing the "pillows" that fit into each nostril were clean.
In July 2018 I had to have sinus surgery as I had a colonization fungal infection that would not clear up with antibiotics. I continued to use the SoClean.
Since I never completely cleared up the sinus infection my physician had me do a new sleep study and get all new equipment. When I went in to pickup my new equipment I asked about how to hook it up to the SoClean. The representative told me not to use the SoClean as it would not only void any warranty, but could possibly cause sinus infections.
I am requesting my full purchase price refunded as I am now going to have to have sinus surgery again.

Sue McClure [protected]
4932 Royal Dr
Fort Worth, TX 76116

Update by Sue Beth McClure
Jan 18, 2021

Has anyone actually gotten a refund from this company. I have found that this cleaner was not FDA approved and can actually be dangerous because of the oxide.

SoClean - cpap cleaner

So clean was made aware in april, 2020 that use of the machine would void the warranty on resmed machines. They did not pass that information on to the consumer. They refused to take the machine back or refund the $300. In my opinion, the company is dishonest. In fact, emails from the company state that a refund was made, and the machine was returned. That was also not true.

ruined my res med cpap they knew it would and sold me the machine anyway dishonest as all


SoClean - Sanitizing unit

I opened the lid on my SoClean2 to insert my mask for cleaning and the lid would not lock close. The plastic latch molded into the lid was broken. Wrote email to Cust. Svc. and was told they have no replacement parts and the machine would have to be replaced. Out of warranty carries a $199 replacement fee. I paid $300 for the unit new.

👎 BS!

Same problem here. The plastic door latch broke with normal use and there was no option to remedy the situation. Even under warranty, the whole unit would have to be returned. Not sure why they don't use a metal latch held on by a screw and easily replaceable. Now I hold the lid shut with blue painter's tape. I'm not buying a new unit with the same susceptible design. They've known about this problem for years and have not done anything to improve that aspect of the design.

Same problem here latch broke and now I am holding the lid closed with a large mug full of pennies. A really poor design. It is almost as if it were planned in order to sell new machines as a replacement!

Apr 23, 2020

SoClean - Customer service/support non-existent

I have been using a So Clean CPAP cleaning machine for the past two years or so and have generally be happy with the device. However, the pump that feeds the ozone through the water reservoir ha...

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Dec 31, 2019
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
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SoClean - unauthorized credit card charges

Phonedfrom Canada on Dec.30 to order a machine. Called number from website [protected]. spoke to Julie or Judy with the middle name of Lyn. I believe her last name starts with an H. we figured out...

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Dec 04, 2019
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
The company has left an official comment on the complaint.

SoClean - soclean

My machines flashes "change filter" when I remove the mask after the cycle has completed. I put a brand new filter cartridge inside it and a new in line filter to the humidifier tank with the tape "to CPAP" toward the humdiier, as it says it must be installed. But the warning flash continues. I've checked the hose for obstruction and found none. I've checked the In Line filter for water and found it dry. I've checked the filter cartridge and band and found it to be installed correctly, and sealing tight into it's housing. So now what do I do?

Sep 28, 2019

SoClean - price discount with free shipping in 3-5 days

I purchased a Soclean 2 device on Friday 9/27/19, based on your advertisement which stated "Fall savings of $100 off, Soclean 2 plus free shipping, use code FALL, limited time only, Final weekend." In the body of your on-line purchasse document, you also indicated 3 - 5 day free delivery. I needed the unit on or before 10/2/19, so I paid a shipping fee of $19.99. My Order statement came on-line and I reviewed it, and noted that I only got a $50 promotion discount not $100 as advertised - why? And, my delivery time will probably be 3 days or over - why did I have to pay a premium of $19.99 for special shipping if 3-5 days shipping is advertised as free?

Jul 16, 2019

SoClean - soclean

Purchased my first soclean unit about 2 years ago. Within about 6-9 months I bought a second one. Shortly after the first one failed, I called the company, went throuigh a rather bogus check list and they agreed =my unit was bad and sent a form (label) to process. the fee to ship was about $35. I got a replacement witin about 3 weeks (new unit). Soon after this original unit went bad, the second unit failed. That too they went through the bogus check list and agreed to replace. This too cost about $35 and took a few weeks to complete. On both units, I was informed that the replacement units I received we reissued a new 1-year warranty.

Within the last year, both units failed within a few months of each other and currently dont work. When I called about the first unit failing again (around March of 2018), I was confronted with another bogus process. We they asked is my light on, I said yes. They asked is the fan (motor) running, I said yes (same as previous experiences). I explained abo9ut the smell being not normal as usual as well. But this time, they said my unit was working fine. I expalined this was the exact failure as the previous units and they refused to service the unit. I asked if they could look at the unit if I send it in. the response is they will not accept any unit without a claim number. I asked for the claim number aqnd they refused. I was dead in the water. So I contunued to use the device since they verified in their own way it was working but eventually got extremely sick, lost almost a months worth of work and was under a doctors care. Once I stopped using the machine, and switched to the other one I had, my illness slowely recoved. In the Summar of 2018 the second unit failed just like the others. I was refused service. Both units were under the updated warranty when I tried to get them serviced. I feel totally ripped off by this bogus company. I am over $700 for two units plus about $100 in extra filters and $70 plus dollars in shipping costs. I ended up buying Respify units and have work great with no failures.

SoClean - customer service / refund

Ordered so clean 2 on 12/29/2018 for mom after not receiving unit a week later I check my account it showed no order I called to complain after 2hrs on hold I called the credit card company to stop payment and canceled order because my brother got her one on01/11/19 I received a package from soclean I called soclean and got an rma# 33115 and sent the package back with out opening it they received it on 01/18/19 on 02/08/2019 citi bank sent me a form confirming that soclean sent the unit to me I said yes but sent it back and that they already received it I have called customer service 6 or 7 times about the refund I was told today 03/13/19 that I would have to wait until april 14 2019 for an answer why? You have the unit you tested the unit even tho I never used it or opened the box

Sep 01, 2017

SoClean - I want a refund, not the item

Who can give me a prompt explanation why you sent back the machine I wanted to return? I sent it because it was out of work and absolutely useless. I attached explanations along with the machine and...

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