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S Sep 04, 2018

Hi there I am not sure whether should I be writing here as I am really really pissed off with the service Singtel is providing. Its been since last year that we are not receiving our bills on monthly basis and whenever I tried calling the Customer Service they would say its been sent out.

So, what happen that whenever we don't receive the bills my dad would use the previous bill to make payment as we need to use the account number. This went on and off every time when we don't receive the bills.

Now, I receive many emails and text msgs to say that there is so much of money outstanding which I honestly feel its not right. I went down to the Comcenter handed over all my bills and receipts of my payments in early Aug and its been 1month nobody got back to us.

I received an automated call awhile ago that if the outstanding are not settled by Saturday our lines will be terminated, this is really the worst service and ridiculous Customer Service I ever encounter.

I would say that we are not responsible for the outstanding amount where we have been paying every month with or without your bill.

I am expecting a call or reply regarding this ASAP and please give some urgency on this matter, if its fails then I would post out in media to share my frustration. Its not a Threat but as a customer I don't deserve such treatment.

Mdm Suppiah Jalachimi

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