Singtelordered note 8 but delivered s8


Date 15th sept 17
Inv date : 2017-09-14
Direct sales

Ordered through phone to deliver note 8, a phone that is with a stylus. I was driving when the lady from singtel called to confirm my order, I just mentioned I need one with a pen. Delivered s8, I called on the 15th sept itself to report the wrong order. Singtel dragged my case for investigation for more than 2 weeks before giving me the answer that it couldn't be changed. Under lemon law, I was able to change within 2 weeks even if it was a wrong communication. What kind of service is singtel providing?
Obviously not using a proper job calling me at wee hours and expect me to pick up my calls.

I am a singtel user for more than 10 years and never fail to pay my bills. I am holding a high plan for many years.

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