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I received a call from John Anav stating he was from AT&T my current provider, and was offering a 35% discount on my phone service to keep me with AT&T. I asked him a few times if he was really from AT&T when I heard him say Silv communications. When I asked what it was, he said that was the name of the discount, but that it is AT&T. I literally said well I want to make sure I'm not getting scammed, and he assured me he was from AT&T. The he told me I had to use "yes" or "no" when answering questions, and read about 3 of them very quickly. I kept interrupting him asking him to repeat what he said slowly. He finally did after 3 tries. He then gave me a phone number for customer service, which I again had to ask him to repeat slowly. He also gave me an address. While I was on the phone I ran a search on Silv communications to see if it was a scam... I didn't find anything of merit. Then after about an hour later, I typed in the phone number he gave me at the end and found this site. I knew it! So I called the number and spoke to "Karen" who told me it hadn't gone through yet, and she would cancel it when it comes up for the sale. I told her John Anav lied to me blatantly, and she said the people who call are telemarketers and she doesn't know what they say. She gave me a confirmation number of our call, so I will have to check back in another day or so to make sure nothing was charged to me. I hate scammers!


  • Ho
    Homer Mar 05, 2009

    Once again there are companies that are out to fraud you. I received my Qwest bill with a USBI attached indicating that I owe Silv Communications.

    Early February 2009 I received several calls telling me they were from Qwest. The first two calls it sounded like they were Phishing so I told them so. I let my guard down on the third call and thought the caller was from Qwest...which he indicated several times that he was.

    About a week after I spoke with the so called Silv employee I called Qwest regarding some questions about my account. Thats when I was asked If I knew I had changed to another local and long distance provider. I indicated that I did not. I was told by Qwest that this fraud has been going on for some time and they could not do anything but give me a number to Pic Freeze my phone numbers.

    I will not be fooled again...I spoke with Mike Davis (if that is his name ) the Head of Customer Service and he said that the recording indicates I agreed with all terms. One thing that was missing was the fact that this telemarketer did say he was from Qwest.

    It is time that our government steps up and makes some changes so that these companies cannot get away with the fradulent activities. Another avenue would be a class action suit...but we all know that this company would not be around for that.

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  • Be
    Bea Mar 27, 2009

    The same thing happened to me but they said one of my employees agreed to the plan. They refuse to credit me back. Verizon is the one who alerted me to this scam.

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  • Si
    silvscam Jul 14, 2009

    Unfortunately it took me a few months to notice the fraud. I have my bank account automatically set up to pay Verizon for our phone bill. We don't have long distance so it is the same amount every month. Then I got a notice saying I was $160 past due. Curious, I checked out my phone bill and had the mysterious USBI charges from SIlv Communications. One for a business line and another for an additional business line. Um...I don't have a business. The woman on the phone was fairly helpful until I asked her to credit me with the entire amount (jan - may charges) She told me "by law we can only refund 3 months worth". WHAT!? Knowledgeable enough to know that kind of law does not exist, I told her so and said legal action will be taken if the full amount is not credited. Also helps my husband is a lawyer with the federal government. Then she needed proof I had been charged for those months because their systems only keep up to 3 months of billing detail. WHat kind of company purges their billing records after 3 months???? This is so obviously fraud it's unbelievable. All you have to do is call them out and be forceful that you are aware this is complete fraud and a scam and they will refund your money.

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  • Sl
    sleeplessscammers Feb 06, 2010

    I'm sorry for what happened to you with you and your business. I had a friend that worked there for like 6 months and they would tell me everyday how bad she felt but needed the money. Look I want to make this easy for you all. The man's name behind this ABI KHANNA. He is located out of 7033 Sunset Blvd. swt 210. Los Angeles, Ca. He has like 5 or 6 people that do this slamming. Calling and posing as a employee of phone company. He treats people horribly and has no respect for law/employees. Anyways the name of the business that's slamming/verifications is Khanna Communications. Hell all you have to do is file a complaint with FCC let them now the info and tell them alls they have to do is show up and investigate and pull the tapes. The only thing is, is that tape will only have the verifications on them, obviously not the beginning of the conversation saying there calling from the local company and discounts and so forth. Well since they are doing verifications I guess the FCC could see that there are no calls being transferred to do verifications just by being there via inspection. This is horrible and I'm tired of scammers getting rich while I sit here jobless. Please someone do something about this cause its past the point of forgiving. I know I'm dropping a bomb but someone has to do it. Hope this helps

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  • Ed
    Eddie M Feb 09, 2010

    Same thing happened to me. Said they were att&t. then I ask the rep to confirm twice more that they were not a third party and they assured me they were from att&t. They caimed all att&t business lines were being reduced due to a better att&t package and I agreed. When they transferred the line to another person to verify my agreement it was very vague and fast and I was not allowed to question the confirmation rep as she stated she could not answer any questions. If your phone company is a good provider they should credit you but they cant remove silv you must call and do it. Dont have anything to do with silv or USBI because all USBI does is represent these fraudulent companies. I even called USBI to tell them silv is commiting fraud and they said that was my opinion. I dont know about you but if I ever see a USBI page in my bill again Im quitting that service.
    Eddie M. CA.

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  • Ba
    BADMASH Jul 14, 2010

    You are jobless because you are lazy. Stop blaming hard working people for your misfortunes. I have worked for Khanna Communications and they are a third party verification company. My Abi Khanna is a fair boss and has had the same people working for him since he started his business. There are some who get comfortable and have been fired for misrepresenting themselves. Sounds like your friend fits in that catogery.
    Stop hating, get off your butt and get a job.

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  • Io
    iowagoldiger Jul 19, 2010

    Stop complaining and get a life

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  • Gp
    gpietroinc Jun 17, 2016
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    My experience was a good one. When I called to find out who authorized the service, I was given the information regarding my employee. When I discussed it with the person in my office who authorized it, they (My employee) had made the decision because they thought it was a better value for me. It got me out of a bad situation and into monthly plan with unlimited calling instead of per minute. They knew that it was a company different from my current long distance one and since there was no contract or cancellation fees, they thought they would try it. I was very happy with my employees initiative just wish they would have told me they had done it so I would not have had to call anyone to find out.

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