Shopping EssentialsDebit card fraud!


Shopping Essentials charged my debit account $14.95 each month from february 2007 to october 2007. These charges were totally unauthorized. It's fraud!!!


  • St
    Stanley Good Nov 05, 2007

    I agree! We had multiple charges from the same company. We were not aware of using any such company. Our credit card is disputing it. Please beware!!!

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  • Me
    Me Too Nov 09, 2007

    I purchased clothing from and on their homepage it said that I would get $20 off my order if I tried Shopping Essentials. After I checked out a page came up asking me to claim my $20 so I clicked the button and no I did not get $20 off of my order and I wasn't aware that I was enrolling in anything. There's nothing indicating that I would be billed monthly. I thought it was a rebate. It's a total scam. I've canceled my membership through their site and received an email with my cancellation number. We'll see if it was really canceled next month when I get my credit card statement.

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  • Sh
    Sherri Irizarry Nov 13, 2007

    My information was given to them by Vista Print. I ordered invitations online. Not only was I getting charged from Shopping Essentials, Vista Print was also charging my account. There was a total of $90.00 debited to my account without authorization. I was also told I was getting some sort of rebate. Be careful what you click!

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  • Ei
    Eileen P Nov 15, 2007

    I am in the same boat with charges from this company. My credit card company is disputing the charges as they were never authorized by me. After hours of arguing with their customer service people and being hung up on numerous times supposedly I will be receiving a credit and my "membership" will be cancelled. I did some research and found out that their company is headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska. I plan on contacting the district attorney there to let him/her know about this scam along with the any consumer affairs offices in the state of Nebraska. These fraudulent business practices are criminal.

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  • Gr
    Grace Nov 30, 2007

    The same thing happened to me but I never clicked on a thing. I simply ordered address labels and paid with my debit card. Now I am being charged 14.95 every month. I went back to VistaPrint to try to order again and see where I agreed to this charge and was unable to find it. This is completely fraudulent! SOMEONE shut this company down. Sad thing is I liked the labels and would have re-ordered, but for sure they have lost my business.

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  • Le
    Lester Wibbenmeyer Dec 05, 2007

    I have received the same charges and also from another place called Passport of fun. I did not authorize these charges and am going to contact my bank to have them stopped. Also I will contact the BBB and my attorney general of my state. This has to stop...

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  • Mi
    MICHAEL A. MEYER Dec 05, 2007



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  • Ch
    Chyrel Moore Jan 05, 2008

    The same thing happened to me. I was charged $9.95 and I didn't agree to these charges. I don't even know who they are and how they got my credit card information. I called and asked them to cancel, they stated they needed a membership number which I did not have. The operator that I spoke to stated she didn't have my information in the system and she had to get her supervisor to assist her in locating my information. They stated that in two days there will be a refund, we will see. I also disputed the charge with the bank. This is so scary. I am very concerned on how they retrieved my information. I think that I will try contacting the Better Business Bureau to see what can be done.

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  • Ka
    Kate Lynch Jan 06, 2008

    File complaints with the Better Business Bureau! And complain to the online company you legitimately ordered something from! The more of us that do, then something will happen. I filed a complaint with the BBB in Easthern Massachusetts against the online marketer for supporting deceptive marketing practices. I ordered something from (Potpourri Group, aka Catalog Favorites) and Shopping Essentials was embedded in their order form. I had no idea that I had signed up for a shopping club. I thought it was a coupon or discount for a future purchase. Luckily I saved the email message, although I hadn't read it when I received it. If I had, I would have seen that this company insists that they have an "electronic signature" because I included my zip code in the "application." If you go to the BBB's site in Nebraska and look up "Vertrue Inc." which is the parent company for Shopping Essentials, you will learn as I did that this company has had more than 2,000 complaints filed with the BBB in Nebraska - This is what's in their report: Based on BBB files, this company has an unsatisfactory record of complaints concerning unauthorized charges to consumer's credit cards. Complaints reported to the Bureau primarily involve claims of unauthorized charges by the Company's affiliates. In such cases, customers reported no recollection of having agreed to the programs that were billed to their credit card, debit card or bank account. In some of the cases, consumers reported being charged for two or three years.They have an unsatisfactory rating with the BBB.

    COMPLAIN to the Nebraska BBB AND to the BBB in the home state for the company that is "in partnership" with this company. You have to file complaints in the state where the company is doing business. I sent an email message to customer service at both Catalog Favorites, where I encountered Shopping Essentials, and to Shopping Essentials before filing a complaint. I also intend to file a complaint with the Nebraska BBB.

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  • Be
    Betty L. Lillard Jan 09, 2008

    A 19.95 charge was debited against my checking account without my permission or knowledge which caused a $35.00 overdraft on my account. I was told when I received a phone call from this company I believe in September that information pertinent to the company policies and etc. would be mailed. The next time I hear anything from them is the $19.95 debit from my account. What I would really like to know is how they were able to get my Routing number and my Checking information.

    Betty L. Lilllard.

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  • La
    Lauren Jan 10, 2008

    The same thing just happened to me. And I want to take action. But nothing will come of it unless I can creat enough of an uprise to get their attention. Would you like to help me?


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  • Ha
    Harry Jan 10, 2008

    I only wish that I had gone to this site first. This happened to me too. I filled out the form, and for $1.00-to get the freebies. Then I did not look at my statement for a while, and there it is:un-authorized charges. I am in the process of filing with my bank. When I spoke to them( shop. essentials) , they say wont reverse the charges (first 2months). They say that if you dont cancel, they automatically have a right to charge. One should read carefully all matters they provide--to me that is deceptive. I will do what I can, but for now I lose $29.95 + 29.95, they are crediting me for another 29.95 cause I officially cancelled.

    If it is free, it will cost you. Remember that.
    Even if you get it back, you lose alot of time to straighten it out.

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  • Ka
    Kate Lynch Jan 10, 2008

    You guys need to complain to the Better Business Bureau. That's what they are for. I went to my credit union today and brought them copies of the Nebraska BBB report on this company and a copy of my own complaint. Your bank or credit union will refuse this company's charges if you take the steps you need to take and that's: 1) cancel your "membership" with Shopping Essentials online. 2) Send an email message or call and leave a message asking for a refund. My email messages to their customer service bounced so I just went to the next step: 3) File a complaint with the Nebraska BBB - 4) Call the fraud division of your credit card company and ask them what steps they will take. Be sure to document everything in writing. If you used your debit card or bank account, GO to the bank or credit union and talk to them. 5) Make copies of these board postings and the complaint file on Nebraska BBB's web site (my credit union is using that and my BBB complaint). 6) Complain to the BBB about the catalog company that carried Shopping Essentials on their Web site. They are supporting deceptive marketing practices. If you have complained to Shopping Essentials and got nowhere, you need to take the next step. If you don't complain to the right people -- your bank and the BBB, there will be no documentation for a state attorney general to take on. These companies get away with this stuff because they figure that most people won't bother to do anything about a $10 or so fraudulent charge.

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  • Ja
    Jane Lind Jan 17, 2008

    I just discovered today that I had been charged by Shopping Essentials for three months. Thought the charge was for something my husband had ordered. No, this was a charge for a certificate bought last November. I was charged Nov, Dec & Jan at $14.95 each.
    Have filed a dispute with my credit card company and cancelled my account with S.E.
    I will never buy from again and have notified everyone in my address book.
    Also, was sent a gift certificate by son to in the amount of $125 only to find that I could use only $25 at a time and nothing in the catalog for less than $75-100. That is another scam!

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  • Ka
    Kathleen DiMascio Jan 18, 2008

    I am currently on hold now...........taking forever of course, wondering where and how (obviously a purchase I made) they debited my account for 19.95 ..........I have never heard of this company and called my bank because I noticed this amount debited and I didn't spend that amount anywhere. I hve been told that I got through Vitacost which is funny because I didn't even buy through Vitacost..........yes, on their website but didn't even buy................gotta watch everything we do more closely I guess. I was told that I will be refunded in two business days and they will cancel my "membership"..........yes, I will absolutely make sure it is credited too.

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  • Bo
    bobby scott Jan 18, 2008

    This company also stole my credit card information when I orderd vitiamins from They have made a charge of 14.95 a month for the last seven months before I found out about it. We as consumers should be able to press charges against this company for theift and sue them as well. We need a lawer. class action law suit.

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  • Jo
    Joe LaMay Jan 27, 2008

    I also have been billed for $9.95 for 3 months. I purchased an item from the Favorites Catalog, and clicked on the $20 refund offer. I have never received a refund or any mail from Shopping Essentials. AND - I also was not aware that clicking on the refund offer signed me up with Shopping Essentials. They do not make it plain - it's a SCAM. I canceled my "membership" and they are supposedly crediting my last month's billing - but refused to credit any other month. They were polite with me till I asked for the total amount - then they passed me onto the supervisor who speaks in a foreign accent that is barely understandable. I then called the Favorites Catalog and had them remove my name from their mailing list and told them that because of their affiliation with Shopping Essentials they would receive no more business from me.

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  • Ji
    Jim H Jan 29, 2008

    Young Explorers pass on my credit info to shopping essentials. As soon as I saw they wanted to charge me something and wanted my CC i canceled out.

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  • Valerie Jan 31, 2008

    Last week I found that I have been charged twice in a month by Shopping Essentials $14.95. I have never heard of this company and have not ever purchased service or merchandise from them. I have asked my bank to give me information about how to contact them as I have been unable to find any way to call them and 'read them the riot-act' for stealing from my account.

    I have never approved of them taking money from my bank account and want to know how they appropriated my financial information. I did not give it to them.

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  • Valerie Feb 01, 2008

    About three months ago I noticed a fraudulent charge on my credit card from SHOPPING ESSENTIALS for 14.95. So I got a new credit card and filed a claim against the charge. Now I noticed a fraudulent charge from VISTA PRINT on my new credit card. How do they get your info this easy?

    ATTN: Lawyers email me because I'm sick of them trying to get over and using private information to benefit themselves. Let's do something to stop it from happening again.

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  • Ja
    Jamie E Feb 01, 2008

    The same thind happened to me this morning. We noticed that AP9 Shopping Essentials and Vista Print Rewards have been taken 14.95 from us each every month. I ordered business cards from vistapirnt 2 years ago, but NOTHING since. And who the H is AP9 Shopping Essentials??? We contacted both and they said they would cancel the membership and refund our money within 2 business days. We also contacted our bank to change debit crads. Who are these people and why havent they been shut down? We called our news station and let them know of the situation. We are also calling the BBB. How frusterating! FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD!

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  • Su
    Susan M. Gagnon Feb 25, 2008

    I have just gotten off the phone with Shopping Essentials. I have a CC I use only for a small ebay business and unfortunately was not in the habit of scrutinizing the statement each month. I set them aside and go over them at tax time. I was checking them over and noticed monthly fees from SE, a company I had never heard of. I pulled out last years' as well and the charges go all the way back to mid 2006. I called my Visa company (through Amazon) and requested refunds and they put me through to Shopping Essentials, where after speaking to no less than 3 individuals I was told I could not be reimbursed. I never signed up for this. I never used it. I don't even know what the hell it is. My charges are only a bit more than 200.00 in total but if my CC company cannot get this money back then they will be losing a customer. Since they were able to connect me to SE by simply putting me on hold and knew exactly what the charges were as soon as I mentioned the name, I assume they are affiliated, though SE assures me they are not.

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  • Li
    Linda Slaikeu Mar 15, 2008

    I am very upset because AP9 Shopping Essential has taken 19.95 from my account monthly for almost a year! I did not authorize this and I do not want anything they are offering. What a rip off! When I finally realized that this was not a regular business outfit, I called their company and the rep kept trying to get me to view more materials from their company even though I repeatedly said that I wanted my money back and a cancellation. What can be done about this?

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  • Di
    Diane Mar 20, 2008

    I was just charged $86.14 on the 19th of March and I never signed up for anything, nor ever heard of these people and sure as heck didn't give out ANY information, so I'm totally stumped as to how they managed to take money out of my account. The account is closed, now, but will I ever see my money back? That's the difference between being able to pay my rent or not and I'm just livid. How do these people get away with this stuff? I have always preferred to pay for things online, as opposed to, by I've been ripped off by phone...but in this case, I have given nobody, for any reason, any information. I don't know what to do????

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  • Sh
    Shelly Apr 03, 2008

    I totally agree. I was checking my bank statement & noticed a charge for $19.95 from Shopping Essentials. I never authorized this charge ever & I will definitely be contacting my bank first thing tomorrow to dispute this withdrawal. The more I read about this company the angrier I am becoming!! I'm not even sure where they received any of my information!!

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  • Nh
    nhoefs Apr 06, 2008

    I got charged $19.95 from At home rewards and Shopping Essentials. I've never heard of these companies before. I ordered a 3-month subscription to out of curiosity, and these charges appeared on my bank statement shortly after that. How can these companies get away with this? It's complete fraud!! Hopefully I can get this settled before any more charges appear. But why should I have to waste my time dealing with scam artists? I have many other more important things to do with my time.

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  • Su
    Susan Apr 11, 2008

    Just found our "Shopping Essentials" charges as I was auditing the card after our secretary embezzled $18, 000 from our company. I explained this when I phoned and asked only that they tell me the purpose of the company, AND THEY WOULDN'T~ finally got a supervisor and as I was talking, I googled the company and saw the ripoff postings.

    "Oh, my God, you guys are one of those rip-off companies - I can see this on the internet, and it looks like we'll have to look into THIS as well!"

    "How much would you like me to refund?" she asked - where BEFORE, she wouldn't tell me anything because I wasn't the "account holder."

    I added it up while she was on the phone: $243.30 and she said it'll be refunded to our next bill.

    The whole matter was over in 5 minutes - threaten them, and WATCH THEM REFUND YOUR MONEY!! Don't settle for less than every wretched penny!

    Good luck, all!~

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  • Am
    Amy Apr 22, 2008

    I had the same thing happen to me. They said it was when I got a gift certificate from I never signed up for any club and cancelled the "membership" after getting very angry on the phone when they kept saying I should check out the club to see what benefits it offers. Ummmm no thanks, cancel me IMMEDIATELY.

    I called my credit card company to dispute the charge but they could only dispute the last month (I didn't notice until the second month uughhhh)

    Why is this company still allowed to do this after so many complaints????

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  • Vi
    Vicki Apr 23, 2008

    WOW - couldn't figure out what the charge was the first month and thought I might have ordered something and it was ran under a different name. The next month I asked my husband - he said he did not order anything. I tried to call the number and it wanted personal information to continue. I tried to get an operator with not luck. I filed a fraud complaint with my credit card company and googled to see if I could find the source. Nothing rang a bell. After canceling my credit card and having the new one for less than three weeks they had somehow linked to my new credit card and charged another month. I COULD NOT BELIEVE IT. I have again had to file a fraud complaint and cancel my credit card. When I googled again I noticed and I have ordered certificates from them, in the past, but never would have signed up for a club. What a rip off.

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  • To
    Toya Apr 23, 2008

    I too was charge from both companys Vistaprintrewards and SHOPPINGESSENTIALS. I call the same day to cancel when I saw the $14.95 charges from both companys on my account. I also cancel my debit card, just to be on the safe side. I had to get them to cancel my card and requested a new card. I don't want to get any more "suppose to have" register for some crap that I have never use nor knew anything about.

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  • We
    Wes Apr 23, 2008

    For anyone interested I had Shopping Essentials do the same thing to me for the last two years. I tried to cancel numerous times and for a month or two the charges would stop and then they all of sudden they would appear again. Anyway, I wanted to give everyone a heads up on how I handled it. After they supposedly canceled it for the 3rd time, I went to my bank and had my card canceled and reported them to fraud. Since this was really eating at me I took it a step further and reported the company to the Better Business Bureau. I encourage anyone who really wants to get their money back to take this approach. Less than two weeks after filing the complaint, not only did the company reimburse me for the last enrollment fee, but the entire money they had removed from my account over the past two years. Its a really simple process of going here and filing a complaint.

    Ultimately the company name is Vertrue, Inc. and they are based out of Omaha, NE so the complaint should be filed with that state.

    I hope this helps, because I agree with you this has to stop. They are defrauding the public and hoping either people aren't looking at their statements or are too lax to do anything about it. Good Luck!

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  • Li
    Lisa Apr 28, 2008

    vista print and AP9 Shopping Essentails work hand in hand, I do believe. They both took money from my account also. Vista Prints took out for a rewards program. which was unauthorized and I had no idea who Shopping Essentails were either. But they wanted by card number again. I am on the phone now with the fraud department at my bank.

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  • Vi
    V. Iuppa Apr 30, 2008

    I, too was scammed by this company!! I unknowingly was charged $14.95 a month, beginning in April of 2007!! When I discovered the mysterious charge on my credit card, I phoned to find out what it was for. They told me "shopping essentials". BUNK! I never signed up for anything like that! I told them to refund the charges, and the girl told me she could only remove this month's charge.

    I pressed her, and she referred me to a "manager", who promised to clear all credit charges. I also received an email to that affect.
    My credit of $182.40 will be back in my account within the month.

    If you are scammed by this company, call the number on your VISA bill, and INSIST on their removing all charges! Don't settle for less!

    BEWARE of "shopping essentials" and any company who deals with them . . . in my case, it was "'!

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  • Mi
    Micah Adkins May 01, 2008

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  • Ru
    ruth May 09, 2008

    it is happening to me. i don't know what to do ! i have a debit card, i don't know how they got info, who gave them, my info, or permission to charge 19.95 on my card, i am in the same boat as every one else!

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  • Au
    Aubrey May 20, 2008

    I also was sent an email about this =when I ordered vitamins from VitaCost. I will be emailing them shortly. I simply called 888-999-0564 to cancel my membership. You'll need your "member number". I am hoping that there will not be a charge for this...

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  • Je
    Jeff McBride May 20, 2008

    I am yet another one scammed by shopping essentials and When I talked to them (in april), I demanded they return my money and that I did not authorize this charge and that it needed to be refunded I thought that was it... I forgot about it until the 15th of may when I got another charge! I called again and got a little angrier this time. The "supervisor" hem hawwed around and kept asking me what I wanted her to do. I said "refund these 2 charges!" it took some doing but they said they would refund them and that the credit would be there in 2 days. Finally today I went and checked my bank statement and saw that 1 of them was refunded but not the other, then I realized there was actually 3 charges from them! One of them was for march and I completely missed that one! i called back and demanded that they refund all the money they had charged me or i would seek the services of an attorney and sue them. the "supervisor" said all money would be refunded in 2 days. We'll see. I hope I do not have to cancel my debit card and get a new one as I have other things that auto pay from that card... make sure you guys spread the word not to use:,,, and any other website affiliated with this deceitful company!

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  • Jj
    JJ Jun 04, 2008 did the same to me. DO NOT use them. I called the 800# for Shopping Essentials to cancel. We'll see if it works. I also called told them I would never use them again!!!
    Buyer Beware.

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  • Sa
    Santana Jun 08, 2008

    I too fell victim to Shopping Essentials. There was an unauthorized charge of 14.95 on my account. I know about scams and frauds and previously worked as a fraud investigator. I thought I was being smart I never order anything from the internet or t.v. I know that my personal information is only mine and I chose never to share it. Some of the research I have done I've read that shopping essentiasl get people's personal bank information from vista print ...which is a business card compamy...and a few other companies. I'm not sure if its an internal situation or it could be someone just operating in their own homes tapping into people's computers and finding out there personal info. When I researched fraudulent companies I was amazed to see how many people fell victim to Shopping Essentials. Unfortunately, most people can't avoid this just watch your bank account closely fro unauthorized charges or anything that doesn't appear to be from you consent. Never sumit your bank account or personal info online, or anything for that matter.

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  • Jo
    Jonathan Jun 23, 2008

    Why is my credit card being charged by Shopping Essentials? I found this site when researching lawyers for help:

    I saw this link from another posting - I don't know if they can help me, but it's worth a shot!

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