Shoppers Drug Martbeauty department

Ro Oct 01, 2019 ON

On saturday afternoon I was being ignored with no other customers in the beauty dept and there was the manager Doris (she said she was manager) She ignored me for approximately 5 minutes while she was on the phone and she seemed upset so I let it go. But at one point I said excuse me but I would like to be served. She angrily turned off her phone and proceeded to help me with some creams but she was very distant and not helpful. I asked if there was any one else who could help and rudely said "NO"
I am customer who spends approximately $500 a month in that shoppers store and I will from now on take my business to the stouffville main street store
I really think she should be reprimanded and if she is the manager she should lose her title. For convenience the 10th line store is better for me but until she is still there I will take my business to main street
The managers name was Doris and she seemed to be oriental

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