Resolved Shipito / Shipito.comcredit card fraud!!! stay away from shipito!!!

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Shipito are thieves and criminal, pure and simple. Avoid them at all cost!!! in torrance, california enticed my fiancée into a monthly membership for $25 and then added an assisted purchase service for which she paid separately $8.50 (Plus cost of purchase, sales tax, shipping) and on top of that, they charged 10% commission from the purchase cost, but that wasn't enough... These shipito scamers charged another 5% pretending to be visa fees.

When she had to order more items, they kept charging her card for every item they received. She called and cancelled the membership and even paid for an additional month that she didn't use due to their questionable calculations.

Despite this, she continued to be billed $25 a month because of the credit card information that the shipito scammers got from her membership during registration, which did not cover any assisted purchases. When challenged on these fraudulent charges, the individual introduced as the senior manager explained that the membership was just like buying a car. If you decide to keep it in the garage, you still have to pay for it.

When I explained that according to my own understanding of california and federal law, shipito has a right to claim money they feel they may be owed but do not have the right to abuse credit card information or make charges against an account which the owner of that account has clearly stated they do not authorize. Since my fiancee cancelled by email, and has confirmation of the cancellation and since shipito confirms that the cancellation was due to her stopping the service, they are wrong on two accounts. Firstly, they are charging without authorization citing a membership agreement they have confirmed is closed and secondly as the car analogy is ridiculous since a car is a physical item you own and shipito is claiming that they should still be paid for existing even though there is no way they could ever provide the services they want to charge for.

One of their useless staff ended our conversation saying that given the economy, they couldn't afford to let anybody cancel their membership and so, by the direction of his boss, whom handles these issues.

I tried to contact them by email about this problems several times with no response. When pressed for the details, they kept sending me to their faq page.. Their flustered explanation was to say that the agreement would be in force as long as shipito decided it was in force, an answer I found rather extraordinary.

I told them that I didn't think that the california or federal courts would not be sympathetic to that interpretation, to which they outright scoffed and would continue to charge whatever they thought was a proper fee. has gone beyond mere predatory contract practices and is engaging in outright criminal activity. Do not trust these people with your credit card information as they have proven that they will take credit card info from one agreement and use it to charge for another one. Further, the only cancellation policy they can clearly define is not even existing.

On a personal note, the most annoying aspect of this is that these people arrogantly show you that they will continue to submit credit card charges for which they know they do not have legal authorization to charge (If by no other means in that they themselves confirmed the original membership cancellation) for services they fully admit they are incapable of providing in any reasonable manner.

Shipito are thieves and criminal, pure and simple. Avoid them at all cost!!!


  • Why don't you just cancel the credit card and get a new one issued by the bank?

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  • Ea
    eastbiz Feb 14, 2010

    I am sorry, but this must be total lie. I am CEO of Shipito. We don't save credit card numbers. If someone doesn't go to our website and submits new payment we don't even have an option to charge someones credit card.

    I think this had to be written by someone trying to damage our company. I wish there is place to report this.

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  • Na
    Natalia Green Apr 25, 2017
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    @eastbiz You are CEO? so here's my experience and i can garantee this is HAPPENING. Beware and do not trust. SHIPITO STOLE a package of mine worth 700 dollars plus all i payed for shipping!
    After 3 months (now it's 5!!!) they simply could not give me an answer about what happened to my item!! They had the paypal invoice of what i payed for it (700 dollars they even photographed it for me!!!) shipping was also insured. After "reimbursing" me for 20 ridiculous dollars into THEIR shipito account, as a foolish attempt to make me "shut up", they made my shipito account INACTIVE saying i am "fraudulent" when i told them 20 dollars were not enough at all!!! This company is a SCAM, i am a serious musician who buy gear online since 2004 and this never happened to me!!! Every private seller on ebay who shipped directly to me had his item normally delivered! Shipito STOLE it finding excuses for 3 months and when i started to get really angry and started "fighting" for my rights, wanting a solution from them, they simply closed my account to get rid of the problem!
    SHIPITO IS A SCAM! Please people let's be united to sue them and have our money back!!! I will do whatever it takes to make them pay for their robbery and unprofessional behaviour!! This cannot be allowed by us! It's time to STOP them for good!
    If you, like many other people i read around and me, are being stolen by this company, get in touch and let's make them PAY!

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  • Ch
    Chris Eilers Feb 14, 2010

    I have dealt with Shipito for some months and key features of the complainant’s story don’t match my own experience or that of other Shipito clients. It’s easy to check this for yourself. Shipito has an open online discussion forum that includes negative comments as well as positive comments.

    If you read through the forum postings, you will see that both the forum moderator and Shipito’s CEO are responsive to customer concerns, complaints and suggestions, and indicate an ongoing interest in making a good company better.

    In summary, and on the basis of my experience, Shipito is an upfront company providing a professional service, and I have no hesitation in recommending it to others.

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  • To
    tomo Feb 15, 2010

    I'm also Shipito member and every issue I had was disscused very briefly and correctly by company's CEO himself so these acussations you're writing are bunch of lies cause CEO and entire Shipito team would not allow to happen.

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  • Ro
    RobertUno Feb 15, 2010

    Watch your bank accounts! I was debited for a Membership fee for 6 months and did not authorize the transactions at all.
    I have "cancelled" the so-called memebership by sending them an email and requested a credit, but was told that I would receive an email confirmation and a refund and I never did.

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  • Vs
    VSP Feb 16, 2010

    Another shipito customer here... I wouldn't say that customer service is perfect at this company, but it gets the work done. I had several issues with them, but they were mostly related to quality of service, not to billing and were eventually resolved.

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  • To
    tomo Feb 16, 2010

    RobertUno, why are you complaining?

    1. $50 per year or you can pay $10 per month (no contract required)
    2. $25 per month (has to be paid for 6 months in advance) and only $2.50 per package mail out fee

    so you had to be charged for 6 months in advance, example at my place when you want to prolong contract with cell phone company for a year, and after 4 months you want to cancel that deal, you can, but have to pay other 8 of 12 months

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  • Mo
    morasheed Mar 10, 2010

    I started using Shipito on the 19th last month and according to my experience this is a total lie and this guy doesn't know what he's talking about. Shipito is the fastest for the price.

    My experience:

    I bought a Samsung 2233RZ Monitor from Amazon to Shipito which was delivered in 4 days through FedEx Standard. Then from Shipito to Maldives in 6 days through USPS Express International, which is pretty fast compared to my other items bought through eBay directly to Maldives.

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  • Br
    brainwood Mar 15, 2010

    I have never had a money related issue with shipito and I've done a few thousand dollars worth of business with them. I love their service - it makes my life much easier. I'm in Australia and their service has been the best I've tried.

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  • Sh
    shipitoSUX! Jun 22, 2010


    I have had problems with this company as well. They hold your money and your boxes and wont send them to you because of "spending limit" or some BS. THIS IS AFTER THEY HAVE YOUR MONEY! Its not like before you try to give them money they say "o dont give us money cause we cant use it for 2 weeks" They simply take your money and then wont send you your packages. DON'T USE SHIPITO!

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  • Pe
    Peterwolff Jul 10, 2010

    This guy writing above me under the nick "shipitosux" obviously is just a scammer trying to take customers to his own business... what a freakin looser.

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  • Ti
    Tio Bintang Jul 26, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer




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  • dottssi Aug 18, 2010

    I am Brazilian and this content is not in accordance with my experience with

    It is a serious, honest company and fulfills what it was contracted.

    Virtually I know people of the Shipito who I know that they work hard to supply the best services in a very short stated period!

    Lies, lies and lies… or Mr. DavidMa did not understand, or did not read all terms of the services. (and they are there)

    Sorry my English, I use a Yahoo Translator, but nor therefore it could silence when reading these information.

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  • Ra
    Randomcounts Sep 27, 2010

    I totally disagree with the complaint. So far i have sent items using shipito services and have yet to see any flaw with their services. I usually ship items 2 or 3 times per month and every shipment the items are worth thousands of dollars. Its obvious the real scammer here is he who wrote the complaint. It is most likely fabricated on purpose. He must be a total LOSER

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  • By
    byHolland1980 Oct 13, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    SHIPITO ??
    The BEST Company scams in the world. Not only take the items but also take the money too of their members.
    ATTENTION for all
    Do not use their services. ... .. is VERY VERY DANGEROUS !!!


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  • Ta
    Tarun Elankath Oct 16, 2010

    Well..I need to freight forward some items to India, found out about shipitto, did a search for reviews and came across this complaint. I must say I am a little worried even if the negative comments do appear to be somewhat artificial in tone.

    Anyways, I'll give shipitto a try regardless and update my experiences here once it's done.

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  • Lu
    LunaaT Oct 18, 2010

    Yeah look at their replies to me...

    Re: hey to you - 11 min ago
    From: <[email protected]>
    To: lunaatick <[email protected]>..
    Date:Mon, Oct 18, 2010 4:34 pm.

    We don't really care to take your opinions in to consideration. I am very sorry that they are obviously more qualified than you are

    On Mon, Oct 18, 2010 at 4:22 PM, <[email protected]> wrote:


    They will keep coming here... and businesses will be out of balance and shut down, because you guys keep IGNORING the Americans who
    have been here long enough... Government can't barely take care of ALL OF US!!!

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  • Be
    benniecpt Oct 20, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Okay, this is my honest review and I hope that I can provide some insight for someone not to stumble through the frustrating steps I’ve been already.

    Life is full of expenses and there’s simply never a time to really buy what you want. Nevertheless, I got my annual bonus, and I wanted to import stuff from the US, at least for the last year and a half. I have searched many forums, and read about user experiences of other people – all about what and who they suggest to use as a shipping forwarded company.

    After a lot of research, I already decided a year and a half ago, that I’ll use Ship It To, when the time has come to order from the US. So the time has finally arrived, and I decided to order a Nokia N900, Some Otterbox protection for the nokia, two Bluetooth headsets, a Bluetooth mouse and a Bluetooth dongle. Mmmm I think that’s about it. I ordered it on the 15th of October 2010 at

    I did not want to spend a lot of money on, and I’ve selected only items with free shipping and sold by amazon. I chose items sold only by amazon, cause I wanted one single package. Nevertheless. I checked my calendar and the frees hipping option would’ve taken a couple of day just to deliver the items to Ship It To. So I then gave it much though and chose the 2 day air shipping.

    However, just before I placed the order, I opened my Ship It To account. The once-off shipment option had no consolidation and even though I knew I just order items to ship in once single package, I purchased the monthly plan which include consolidation – just for in case I might need it. Ummmm….

    I’m not a person to badmouth others, but I’m really trying to be honest here.

    So, I wanted my items to be shipped to the Memphis warehouse. Cause one has multiple warehouse options in the shipping calculator, before purchase. Nevertheless. From the accounts panel of Ship It To, after signing in, I apparently did not have enough verification status to have the addresses, other than Torrance and I think Hong Kong, available to me. The verification process include sending a signed form by mail to shipito in the US.

    Earlier this year while I was in the US, my sister sent me a christmas and birthday card in November 2009 and I only received it in March 2010. So I will have to wait at least 2 months, at least, for my signed form to arrive in the US, unless I courier it.

    Nevertheless, I had no other option than Torrance, US. Also, the max. spending amount is US$75.00 until you get 100% verified. I uploaded all the verification docs that I have, and apparently I am now “+30%” but that does not apply to increasing the US$75.00 one is allowed to “spend”. I phoned shipito to discuss this and to ask a couple of questions I’d like to know, because this is the first US shipment for me, I have not done it in the past, and I just wanted a peace of mind. I mean, I just spent a couple of hundred dollars on my purchase.

    Sergey, to whom I spoke to, as really unfriendly and he “doesn’t care” and can do “nothing about the situation” – my concern was that I think the shipping costs will be more than 75 dollars. And since I’m only allowed to spend 75 dollars, what will happen to my package if it costs more than 75 dollars to ship with FedEx?

    Sergay was really unhelpful, and told me after 6 minutes and 34 seconds, that I’m wasting his time for keeping him 20 minutes on the phone, etc etc. And honestly, I really kept is short and simple.

    I was really astounded by this response, but I decided that its okay.

    My packages arrived on time at Ship It To. Impressive.

    I phoned my local fedex just to ensure that everything will be in order and how I should proceed to get my package, because we only have two FedEx branches in the country, which is located in the larger towns. I also phoned FedEx’s import and customs agent – to ensure how I should proceed in regards to paying the import taxes, etc.

    So, FedEx – Checked.
    Import Customs – Checked.

    Everything was checked. I’m so afraid that something might go wrong!

    In the meantime, I sent an email to shipito – but with no response after a day.

    I sent 4 emails to Daniel – and no response since.

    I sent 4 emails to Mandi – no response since.

    I phoned shipito – and after being treated as if I am really disturbing them – I decided not to call again.

    Sergay spelled it out last time that if I have a problem, its my problem, not theirs, whatsoever.

    I also tried to load funds to my account – but my card failed. Which is impossible, but the response time was so instant after trying a couple of times, it seems impossible that they’ve actually tried to authorized it.

    So, as Sergay said, I have to do a wire transfer, and in addition to the fees charged at my local bank for wiring a payment to the US, which is more than an arm and a leg, they charge 4.something percent as well as 16 dollars something, for receiving a wire payment – and that’s all my problem.

    So, the 2 packages is now in the warehouse, and through my admin I chose to have them consolidated. The shipping for both packages should have been 120 dollars something, but after having them consolidated to actually pay less for the shipment, I now own shipito 192.52 dollars.

    I emailed shipito just to get a confirmation in regards to this, but no response.

    I emailed and asked them to please please just respond – but no response, since.

    So, I don’t like to give bad scores. Honestly, I don’t know what to score them. At some stage I though of just forgetting a package and if it arrives some day, be happy, if not, forget about it. But then I have to remind myself that I cant just give up, and that I’m paying shipito a lot of money, for providing a service.

    So, to score them, I’ll rather do this – to get my score.

    1) Living up to their promises : 2/10 – I don’t know why I score them 2, cause it should be 0.
    2) Responding to a question – mmmm, do I really have to score them 0? Yes. 0/10
    3) Customer support and providing polite support - … 0/10? Should I really be this harsh. No, I’m just being honest.
    4) Well there must be a good point… Okay, consolidation service, 10/10. But no, my packages now cost far more after the consolidation. So it cant be 10/10. Okay, 3/10
    5) Okay, advertising a good product, even thou not living up to their promise, lets give them 5/10

    Just a note – for some reason I have a lot of invoices in my account stating NOT PAID and I phones them in regards to this, and the lady said I should just wait until they disappear by themselves.
    I’m really really sad. Really. This is not just disappointing. The thing that really upsets me the most, is that I don’t get any response from Ship It To, not at all. And when calling them, they are really really impatient and rude.
    I’m so so so sad. Not because that I wont receive my package in the projected 7 days (that’s why I paid Amazon far more for shipping, to have it delivered at shipito in 2 days time) and not because, well, yeah, not because I can only “spend” 75 dollars in my account.

    I’m so sad, I feel like just forget about the package, totally. I’m sad because I feel like being mislead and now that I’ve paid them and now that the package is in their warehouse – I simply cant get a way communicating with them.
    I’m really disappointed. Really.

    My average score based on my single scores above : 10%

    I am so so so sad, and so disappointed. I feel like being ripped of.

    And I know the costs just to get it here in Namibia, is about to cost me far more than what I paid for my items.

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  • Be
    benniecpt Oct 22, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This is benniecpt.

    I would just like to post an update;

    The world are full of scammers.

    I've been a victim two or 3 times - not with large amounts, but my money (as like everyone else's) is really hard earned.

    This was my first (still is) international shipment.

    I was anxious and started getting worried when I did not get a reply.

    I would just say that I totally over-reacted, and its 2 days after - and I have received the best possible service one can ask for.

    I still have to do the wire transfer, since I cannot do paypal or cc right now - due to security reasons, and being from an african countr, I guess this is just security procedures.

    I would specially like to congratulate Sergay and Lindsey on providing professional and friendly support instantly and resolved matters instantly.

    Due to my worries that I could have been ripped of again, we set of on totally the wrong foot.

    Shipito is probably the best service (I've spoken to many people for advice) and I really want to say thank you for what you have done for me so far.

    Apologies from over-reacting a bit.

    You are the best, I could not have asked for a better shipping forwarder company.


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  • Ea
    eastbiz Nov 01, 2010

    I am the CEO of Shipito. If you want to get a real idea about our service and read true reviews please visit our forums at

    Complaintsboard is great for all kinds of complains from people who didn't even try our service and then write something about us. Like the original complain which is a lie. We don't charge customers unless they click and fill out credit card info on their account with each payment they want to send. We don't save credit card information.

    We are an equal opportunity employer. We hire people of all races and nationalities. The most important is to see who is the most qualified for the job.

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  • Sa
    sad customer ( Nov 25, 2010

    I've been using Shipito service for more than a year. At the beginning everything was good, but time passes and thier service becomes worse and worse. Their employees are rude, on every fair complaint John answers "We hire only the best people" and that's all, and you can't recieve an adequate answer from him. And prices also are higher now. So now I'm looking for another forwarder.

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  • Le
    Lebo Dec 18, 2010

    Here's an email I just sent to DO NOT USE THEM!!! They are the biggest waste of your time!!!

    Good day,

    I am arranging a package pick up from your storage facility for a package that I have been trying to attain for the last month. I am disgusted with your company's policies and way of offering service. I have tried absolutely everything to try and improve my credibility rating on my account, and still I have not succeeded (I only have 71%). I've spent money fast mailing documents, I've uploaded bills, accounts, supporting documentation, just to get approved...and nothing!!!

    As my final request... I would like to arrange that my parcel be giving to the company coming to collect it. They are much smaller company but they atleast have their store straight!!!

    Then I would like to close my account with ... FOR GOOD!!!

    I use another company called, and they have never giving me the run around like this extremely pathetic company called "". I literally have been struggling to get one parcel from you guys for the last month, which has put my business in major jeopardy. is a [censor]ing useless company (to put it bluntly).

    I have emails pleading with your guys to assist, but all I get is literally flat responses, with no need to assist with urgency. We are clients from outside the US, and because we are based so far away we give companies like business, but as I can see you really do not value your customers!!! You could careless about how we get our packages... you just require us to fork out money... for every little request...

    So please to conclude all of this, I am arrange a company to come collect my package from your warehouse on monday, and I want my account closed. I will personally be emailing the owner of this company to tell them about the pathetic ways runs its business. To top it off, you don't even have a LIVE chat on your website (obviously to not deal with all your client complaints... evidently you have quite alot!!!) In order to get a response, we have to email, then wait for a few hours to get a response... pathetic!!!

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  • Re
    Rebecca.Willson_Ukraine Jan 14, 2011

    Shipito is a total rip off!!!

    Should be checked by FBI or IRS for sure.

    They actually do not allow their users to have a sender's copy of their Custom Declarations. What???? Why??? The CEO is as dirty as he can be, all sugar and spice in a forum, and dirty in his private messages where he shows his real "face", the company stinks. Go to and see how people beg to get any of those documents that actually belong to them. If your package is damaged then you are out of luck as you can not even file a claim with USPS as you do not have your CP72 forms (Customs Declaration). And John (or what is his real name) is rude, as rude as you can be.

    If you (pardon my 'french') do not lick his a** online on his forum and ask him simple customer support questions, he gives you some kind of minus karma, LOL, are we in a kinder-garden? LMAO . I got lucky that he had no way to get my money, otherwise I am 100% agree with the Complaint - he would have tried to get it.

    Horrible experience.


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  • Je
    Jen87 Jan 21, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    These comments sound like a bit of a scam to me! Interesting that they mention one of Shipito's main competitors!

    I've been using Shipito for the last six months after spending several weeks researching and asking friends etc. I've now shipped 14 items through Shipito, including cheap magazines from ($12 a year for Smart Company vs $15 an issue in Australia!) plus items from Amazon and Zappos.
    I've been nothing but impressed with their excellent service. A friend who had been using Shipito for a while gave me a promo link: I've been keeping a look out for better services, and so far Shipito is the best I've come across.

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  • Fa
    fanhunt Feb 24, 2011

    shipito say me fraud credit card !!! that my card i have send document and all id and they blocked my all parcel !!! i déposit a complaint with my french fédéral police !! they are a big scam warning !!! i have loose 3000$ of marchandise they have blocked my shipito account very unacceptable, the internationnal custommer service help me for Get back my all parcel ... very bad expérience for me !! this message is for you director shipito contact me urry up because the french juridiction isn't funny !!! my box 44329 !

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  • Al
    AlexanderMM Mar 01, 2011

    I’ve just had a useless and a very frustrating experience with shipito. I live in Russia and have my 14 year old kid in Swiss boarding school. I was trying to buy a soccer shoes for my son and have them mailed to him to Swiss. I opened an account with shipito and I put in the account the address of my son. Initial payment was made by my credit card. They told me by an e-mail that my account was activated and I can use it. There was not a word in the e-mail that I did something wrong.
    I bought the shoes and my package arrived to shipito. I’ve paid a postage fee for its delivery to Swiss. Nothing seemed to be wrong. Then in 5 days I noticed that my package is still in spipito warehouse. I sent them an inquiry and they answered that they didn’t allowed a 3rd party payment because they are afraid of fraud. They also told me that to do something with my package I now need to send them copies of 2 of my different IDs, copies of my bills plus to fill out some forms. The problem is I am afraid of frauds as well. There are many ways dishonest person can make a fraud using your personal information such as IDs copies, bills. For example I know a story when a swindler got a big credit in a bank using stolen copies of IDs and some bribes. I am absolutely sure it is not safe to upload such info. So I refused.
    The end of the story? Well, this is the last e-mail from spipito:
    Hello Alexander,
    We can refund you the amount on your payment method. You can have the package trashed for free. If you have any concerns please feel free to contact us.
    Eastbiz Corporation
    [email protected]
    Phone: 310-212-7143

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  • Vo
    VoZs Mar 05, 2011

    Hey Eastbiz, ignore all these complaints, if you think about it, and look at their other posts, they either have none or they have one at another company that does similliar services as you, where they just copy paste what they said here.
    An example of this is Benniecpt
    Sorry that I reply to a 124 days old post, but I just cant ignore this.
    Ive seen it on yahoo answers aswell, and all of them recommended myUS.
    I think MyUS is making false complaints about you to get customers, and it seems to be working.
    We must do something about this!

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  • Vo
    VoZs Mar 05, 2011

    All of these people complaining about your company is nothing but liars that want to attract the customers to their own company.
    For proof, see for example Benniecpt 's posts.
    He has the same complaint as he did here copy and pasted to another shipping company called "Viadress" or something.
    They are simply trying to get customers by badmouthing you.
    I am pretty sure that it is MyUS, because I have seen several other posts on other websites saying that you are scammers, for on example yahoo answers website, where a person asks if shipito is a reliable company, and a guy answers and says that MyUS is much better and blablabla lies.

    sorry for responding to an old thread but I simply could not let this slide.

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  • Vo
    VoZs Mar 05, 2011

    Sorry for double post, I made an account just for saying this, and I didnt know that my comment was typed so I just typed it again.

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  • Va
    VahVoom Apr 12, 2011


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  • Va
    VahVoom Apr 12, 2011


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  • Lu
    Luke2 May 13, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Agree. I had a similar experience when I tried to open an account at Shipto.
    This company tries to trap and defraud uses of money. If you found that you had registered a wrong address or even wish to change your address as you moved, Shipito never allow you to correct your address and suspend your account other than normal one, but never agree to refund money you paid for unusable (suspended) account services. If you had happened to pay through Paypal, you can file claim against Shipito for refund. However, soon after you get refund, Shipito will report you have committed fraud by chargeback on the ground that conditions of Shipto set forth that it never allows uses to change their address with a view to avoiding fraud and your filing claim with Paypal is a fraud!! If you paid by your credit card, Shipito will never agree to refund even if your account is suspended. However, Shipito's argument that they do not allow registered address to be changed in order to prevent frauds is obviously out of the mark and will never be granted, because it can anytime confirm whether the registered address is false or not by referring to a copy of the user's utility bill which bears his address on it. It took me much time to resolving the trouble with Shpito, which was also frustrating and energy consuming. Totally waste of time! In addition, if you send complaints to representatives to the company, they will try to blackmail you with treat of taking legal action against you!!
    If you think of an account at a freight/mail forwarder, I would strongly recommend that you consider other service providers before you waste much time with this company unless too much time and energy... From my experience, MyUS is much safer.

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  • Zl
    zloi May 17, 2011

    Also was scamed by
    Stay away from this artists.
    You can find better company, who do same job for you, and who never try scam you.

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  • Agree. Shipito is a total scam. They refuse to issue any refunds for services that are not rendered. So to get your money back, do not even try to deal with shipito (waste of time) contact your credit card company and file a dispute. Mention the magic sentence "service not rendered" or "service/product" not as advertised. This way ShipiTo will also have to pay a chargeback fee and the more customers do it this way the higher their chargeback rate will be. It's what they deserve for their non-ethic/illegal behavior.

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  • Vs
    V S Cordero Nov 18, 2011

    Agree that Shipito shows wanton disregard for:
    a) clear documentation
    b) good business practices and
    c) customer service

    I'm not recommending ANY forwarder, nor plan to use any after this experience, so claims that I am 'an agent of the competition' do not apply.

    I thought to use their one-off package service and prepaid an $8.50 deposit. After paying, the options I wanted (and was led to believe were possible) were not available, requiring a more expensive commitment. Their idea of refunding the 'deposit' is to retain about $5 of the $8 deposit to cover 'bank costs' (on a paypal refund? really?).

    You can point out (and document) that their haphazard site verbiage is misleading/contradictory and they will deny it to the end. I demanded the full amount and quoted the misleading text. After insisting the terms were clear, they subsequently updated the relevant page (obfuscating it even more). Copies on file.

    I asked them if their reputation was worth the 8 bucks and they issued a full refund.
    They added that I have been blocked from their site, so any claims that 'you can check for honest reviews on our forums' (moderated by them?) is laughable.

    Well, I assured Shipito I would make my opinion known (and since the 'CEO' apparently reads this site, so much the better :) It's worth the effort to shed light on people who seem unacquainted with the meaning of "earning an honest living."

    Thanks for reading!

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  • Tb
    TBBBB Dec 15, 2012

    - you get what you pay for
    -they claim consolidation saves money when, in fact, they charge random money per package to consolidate items and add a processing fee nullifying any opportunity to save money on small items
    -although their shipping rates are market competitive on the surface, they use deceptive tactics with surcharges and processing fees making the final price a complete RIP OFF! For example, when packaging using consolidation they will always in all cases use an over-sized shipping material to incur a higher shipping fee, regardless of the request, not just from my experience but many others that use their service.
    - their claims process and insurance are a scam, although I have not personally gone through the process my family member has, they do not honor any claim via USPS because they do not carry ownership of the parcel ie. They are not even recognized as an authorized postal facility by USPS postal service, having them handle your mail is like having your mail handed off to the local homeless shelter for sorting, and if stolen user beware.
    - after giving them my identity, I have had 4 credit card applications that I didn't process !!! Using the identification provided to them, they do not security store any of the ids provided to them and ask for high-resolution digital copies, which can easily be used for wrong doing, its best to never give anything beyond the Form 1583 United States Postal Service®. Application for Delivery of Mail Through Agent, they require 65% authentication to deliver letters and only give the required 1583 form 40% authentication, making them a great front for off-shoring fraud willing or unwillingly. although I cannot prove the theft was rooted from this organization, I have not had the number of cases I have on my credit report till I started using this service.
    - I am still a customer of theirs and will continue to use their service till year end, then I am done with mail forwarding and will seek a more secure solution.
    - they have little to no customer service it takes 3-4 attempts over email then a phone call to get any resolution to even the most basic questions, their reviews almost anything positive about the company is manufactured by their own employees to provide the perception of reputability.

    I would not recommend these people even to thieves

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  • Sy
    SylviaCarter Mar 18, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Everyone needs to trust the shipping company that they choose. I trust Prompt Logistics. They ship items that are too big for UPS and they ship it with care. The always give you the freight cost and freight rate before you send everything out.You can even request a free quote online. Just visit

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  • La
    lamoudi Jul 28, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hi i am a member of shipito since October 30, 2010 but i didnt use they service because a lot of member complaine and i found a lot of sacm subject tlking bad of they service but now i confirme it

    so i start using they service in April 20, 2013 so i consolidate all my item in one package and was ready to shipped but then one of they support told me that i muste sent a request to move an item ( so they can charge more)

    the item that i asked to remove it is

    Wella Professionals EXTRA VOLUME Stying Mousse, 1.6

    read what they did told me

    Mail out request for package H1287-Y has been cancelled because the
    package contains pressurized cans (hair mousse). Pressurized cans cannot
    be shipped internationally via any carrier. Please place a special
    request to have the items removed. Thank you.

    i contact the seller of the wella professionals he tell me that there is no problem he can shippe this
    item to algeria va usps or dhl or fedex
    and i got tow month ago hairspray for ebay seller form usa

    why did u le to me shipito

    any way when i started posting my complain her in the forum they hold my account
    i got the same message for all shipito support that send me the same answer
    Sofia Benitez, Phi Tran, Jon Gonzales, Jessica Quevedo, Julie Tran



    I have reviewed the account and you will need 2nd ID and 1583 for... before the hold is removed. As previously discussed a notarized 1583 form is required.


    i sent them the seconde id of the paypal account holder but look what they reply to me

    Julie Tran replied:


    According to our records, you’ve tried to upload a fake ID in which now you must fully verify your account. Please get the 1583 form notarized by a judge or lawyer and mail it to our office

    the notarized form was sent 10 weeka go but they still claim tht they didnt recive it funy now
    what do u think now
    how is worng now
    i have 24 item in they warehouse since may they charge me
    Mailout fee: $57.50
    Repacking fee: $46.00
    Special requests: $40.50
    they now that i cant made a wire transfer because i live in algera and that if i sent aonther the notarized form thatit take onther 2 month
    so now if they cant suck money from me they will take my package
    i didnt join shipito becaus seller cant shippe to algeria (all my item that are in they warehouse can be shipped to my country)
    i joined this service so i can consolidat them all and get it fast
    they made me loste my money my time

    If you notice, there is an auction page on their website which is selling all the goods that I suspect they stole from people, using the same method. Apparently the terms and conditions are designed to force the client to give up and they retain their money and parcel. They benefit from keeping your parcel as they charge you a monthly fee for keeping them.

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  • Ol
    Oleksii Oleksiiv Apr 19, 2014

    scam company, hadn't able get my package from them and lost 600 USD

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  • Ju
    Juan GM Jun 10, 2014

    I have used shipito for 3 years now resending packages from Torrance to Stockholm. I really don't understand the scam claims presented here. The biggest issue I have had was a wrongful billing and it took me 3 days to get a refund without nagging or fighting. Just a simple mail explaining the problem. My experience is that they are fast reliable and professional.

    Br Juan

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