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I ordered a Birthday fruit bots LOL for my good friends birth on Nov 2nd @ 1000. 1st it never showed up. The company changed the time 2 times and still nothing. It wasn't until I placed my 3rd call at 5:42pm. I was told only after, I called in at 5:42pm that some of the fruit had ran out. I I feel disrespected, that I was not notified I am also that place an order for 10 AM in the morning and still nothing all day. Then he tried to offer me a $20 gift certificate for deliveries only, . Are you freaking kidding me? I was getting notified all day saying that delivery was on its way. I am very disappointed. I will never use Shari's Berry again. I will tell all my friends not to use this company. You guys don't really care unless it's beneficial to your company. I mad that I ruined my best friend's Birthday it was supposed to brighten up her day. I am very angry! (Say this in all caps, cause I'm yelling at you) *I just wanted my friend to have a beautiful day, today. She truly is a great friend and sometimes she is overlooked, underestimated and some times under appreciated. She really deserves to feel Special today and everyday. Today was suppose to be hers! Some times life as we all know can drag us a few miles! She means something to ME! YOU RUINED that! She waited all DAMN! Day at home waiting for your company to get your [censored] together. ALL DAY!

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