Shari's Berries / Berries.commother’s day gift

V May 14, 2019

I ordered my Mother's Day gift almost two weeks ahead of time and even though I paid a basics delivery fee as well as an extra guaranteed delivery fee of $15, my gift was still delivered two days late. Though the products are shipped with ice packs, since it took two extra days for them to arrive the chocolate strawberries were no longer in great condition. When spending money on a high quality product as well as having to pay additional fees to arrive the product on the scheduled time, you'd hope you'd receive what you payed for, but unfortunately I did not. I use Shari's berries every mother's day and haven't had any issues until now. It wouldn't have been as big of an issue but my mother didn't receive her gift in time for mother's day and even when she did they weren't as great as usual. I will continue to order Shari's berries in the future but I hope for better service.

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