Sharaf dg / unauthorized credit card charges

Order #EG10289, Date of incident was 11/5/2019
i went to Sharaf Dg the big store at mall of Egypt to bring LG Split Air Conditioner 3 Ton S4-Q24KE3A2, and i was at the store and i did the transaction online as to be paid on 12 installment without any interest. I did the transaction by the assistance of one of the staff of Sharaf Dg and he goes with me step by step and i did it.
On 21/5/2019, i called the national bank of Egypt to confirm that the transaction was on 12 installment and here was the problem, the bank told me that the transaction with amount 14300 LE was taken from my credit card full deduction and not installment and it will be due on 25, i was shocked. Imagine if i didn't call the bank, i will be at jail because of your error . i went to the store they told me 3 scenarios, the first one that it will be refunded back and make it once more, the other one that don't worry it will be solved next day, the third one we can't cancel the transaction.
I went home don't understand anything, and on the next day there was nothing new and my due date is so close. The store manger told me that the error was at Sharaf Dg system also they postponed to me to deliver the product even your money is with you and i took a vacation to deliver the product. Sharaf Dg didn't care about customer time and worries just its money and this is not accepted from your store.
I was before at Careffour and when i had a poblem, they refunded me Voucher with 500 also gave me electric kettle. At Sharaf the only solution which i chosed is to be paid ti the bank the commission and i will deal with the bank directly . That is very simple to you to waste the customer time and trust. I had told to all my friends not to dael with you anymore also there is no refund from your side for the customer stratification.

May 23, 2019

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