Shane Co.Fraud and cheating

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My diamond fell out of my wedding ring. Went to Shane Company to replace it with the 'lifetime' warrenty. They would not replace it! We had it in 7-9 months ago to have the tips fixed. They said that they had no record of this. In the 10 yrs that I had the ring, we brought it into the Shane co. at least 10 times to be cleaned and twice, repaired. The first few times, they would give me a card. Later on, they would just tell me that it is on record that I came in and that I don't need a card to state I was in.

I believe the ring is a very poor quality ring in the first place. For the amount of money we spent on it, it sure broke a lot.

The lady that we dealt with today was VERY rude. Every time we tried to talk and explain what happened, she cut us off. I told her to go in the back and look up our report. She left with out writing our names down. My last name is a very difficult one to remember how to spell.

When she came back she of course stated that there is NO record of our visits. And that she can't help us. At that point, I was very upset. This is my wedding ring! I didn't even think of asking her how to spell our name.

I just can't believe it. They claim in all of their commercials that they are the best in warrenty and that they are with us for the lifetime. Today proved that is a bunch of lies. They wanted us out of there fast! No help, Rude service, horrible place to buy anything important for you or your loved ones.

The service today was so rude and the lady was so emotionless and stern, I left there feeling worse then I did when I noticed the diamond fell out of my ring!

so sad...


  • Mo
    moon88 Mar 16, 2009

    WOW, I really thought that this only happened to me...Shane Co's "Lifetime Warranty" is a BIG LIE to get you to buy from them. It's sad because they're suppose to be "OUR FRIENDS IN THE DIAMOND BUSINESS" according to their commercial.

    About a year and half ago the diamond on my ring chipped so we brought it back to Shane to get it replaced because according to the warranty and the website info, Shane Co should replace the diamond. We were told that they will not replace it bec it did not fit the warranty and was told that we can upgrade to a bigger diamond or another diamond just as long as we paid a dollar more. So my husband decided to get me a bigger diamond, which was the biggest mistake ever! Since this was a bigger diamond, Shane Co should have cast me a new ring and would have had to change the prongs to accomodate the bigger diamond.

    About 4 weeks ago on a Saturday morning, I went to put on my ring and found that the diamond and the prongs are missing. The prongs were still attached to the diamond since the whole thing broke off. We drove 45 miles to the only store they have where I lived that saturday morning. I had all my documents from the purchased and I always took my ring to get it inspected as they suggested. The last time I took it to get inspected I was also told the same thing, that I did not have to bring my paperwork. When we arrived the store manager was not there so we spoke to an office manager who told us that they have never seen a situation like mine where the prongs and the diamond broke off. She also said that the assistant manager said the same thing. At that time she offered us a replacement and they would go half way. I did not take that offer because this was not any of my fault, it was poor workmanship on Shane Co's part. So she told me that she will have the manager look at the ring on Monday morning and will give us a call ASAP. On monday afternoon we had to follow up bec we did not get a call, again we were told that they would call us back which they did but this time according to the Store Manager they will not replace the diamond because it was not a "Manufacturer's Defect." At this point I was very upset and disappointed that they could say that.

    On Tuesday we went to the store to talk to the Store Manager but it didn't do us any good because she was very firm in saying that it was not a manufacturer's defect. She said the cause of this was due to a "force, " I asked her to examine my fingers and hands because if it was a force I should have felt it and they could see that my hand was fine, no scratches, bruises, etc...She then go on to tell me that it doesn't have to be a strong force, it could be a "tap" that I wouldn't have felt. That was the lamest excuse ever! So we asked her about the "lifetime warranty" she pretty much said that they don't cover "loss diamond." She also had said to us that they consider everyday wear and tear "abuse, " who in their right mind would say that everyday wear and tear is abuse! She then told me that she would like to take care of me bec they value me as a customer so they will sell me a replacement diamond at their cost! She gave me the amount of "their cost." She must think people are dumb because there's no way that, that was "their cost." I was very firm to also say that they need to replace it because it was a defect that cause this, it was definitely poor workmanship which by the way they also supposedly guarantee. I wanted detailed answer so we started asking her for details, she must have gotten overwhelmed by our questions because she could not answer us. So all of a sudden she stood up and said "obviously this conversation is getting intense, " then walked away!!! I was stunned, the whole thing happened so fast that I did not have time to react! She should be fired for treating people that way and she definitely should not be a manager if she can't handle it.

    As soon as I left the store I went to get 2nd and 3rd opinion from other well known jeweler. Without telling them what had happened, one of them told me that the first mistake was the way they set the diamond and that there was not enought material to hold it together. The 3rd jeweler told me that there were bubbles and holes in the area were it connected which indicate that it was definitely a defect and poor workmanship.

    I encourage you to go through your Attorney General, BBB and depending on the amount I was told that you could go to Small Claims Court. In addition to the Attorney General, I have seeked legal advice and will if I have to seek the help of our local media. I was told that if there were more than 10 people who were not granted the "Lifetime Warranty" that it may warrant a Class Action Law Suit. A lot of people don't pursue it because it does cause a lot of money to go after a big company. Even if we don't get my diamond replace, I will make sure that I write and tell everyone that I can reach out to about how Shane Co treats their customers and their bogus claim of Lifetime Warranty!

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  • jamesisajeweler Apr 02, 2009

    Hello to you i'm James The Jeweler in Atlanta, Ga and i also have my own jewelry group here under "JEWELRY & WATCHES" i was reading your complaint here and i'm so DISAPPOINTED WITH YOUR EXPERIENCE WITH THIS "SHADY" JEWELRY COMPANY. I don't know if you know this but the Shane Co. is currently going into BANKRUPTCY and they've closed several of their stores here in the Atlanta area.

    Another thing i'm going to tell you and anyone else here is to NEVER BUY A WARRANTY OF YOUR JEWELRY PURCHASES THEY'RE A WASTE OF YOUR MONEY. I don't offer WARRANTIES because i don't sell DEFECTIVE JEWELRY nor do i promote or sell POOR QUALITY JEWELRY. IF an item of jewelry i sell is DEFECTIVE I WILL FIX THE PROBLEM but all jewelry will have the cause to break, get nicks and scratches, but at NO TIME SHOULD A DIAMOND CONTINUE FALLING OUT OF AN ENGAGEMENT RING OVER A PERIOD OF TIME.

    Let me give you some advice on your setting when it comes to your solitaire diamond, ALWAYS SET YOUR SOLITAIRE DIAMOND in a PALLADIUM or PLATINUM SETTING because both of the precious metals are much more DURABLE THAN GOLD WILL EVER BE. I don't know why the Shane Co. didn't offer this information to you when you first starting having problems with losing your diamond? I alway inform my customers who buy engagement rings that it doesn't matter if you want white or yellow gold, BUT LET THE SOLITAIRE DIAMOND BE SET IN A PALLADIUM OR PLATINUM SETTING FOR THE WEAR AND TEAR OF THE RING.

    If you'd like my jewelry services feel free to contact me here or at my contacts below:

    James The Jeweler's Email Address: [email protected]

    Phone: 404-447-5459

    James The Jeweler's Jewelry Blog:

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  • Je
    jerry Apr 10, 2009

    i was woking in the SHANE CO that for me is SHAME cO, their corporate buyers understand nothing about quality control, they ordering the rings from poorest ccountries like India, China, Thailand where workmanship is cheap but you get for what you pay for ...
    their diamonds are bought with high grade gemological GIA certificate than thei sending the stones to other Gemological institution where u can pay to get the quality you asking for, and in the end you buy a Diamond that is nota real quality as it should be, the settings of the small stones are falling because in the country their send too the setter are paid 100$/months ... so what can u get for this price
    if u check your gold, the kt WILL NOT MEET THE REAL 14K OR 18K STANDART...
    their platinum is mixedwith lead metal !!!

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  • Ro
    Robert Griffin Oct 19, 2018

    @jerry I dont reply to comments but... if someone is payed $100 a month in a $25 or even $75 a month country then they are high payed. If you think that $3000+ defines normal quality then you are naive. You abviously dont know what constitutes quality.

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  • Wa
    walter Apr 13, 2009


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  • Pu
    purplemonkey May 03, 2009

    I don't understand if Shane co is as bad as everyone stated why does their report from the BBB displayed a A+? I bought my wedding set from Shane co and has yet experience a similiar incident. I mean experiences such as these is a given no matter where or what you buy whether if it's a car, home, computer...whatever.

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  • Fr
    Fred the III Aug 16, 2011

    Shame on you Shane Co for selling crappy quality jewelry at high prices ripping off dumb people.
    Shame on you people for buying jewelry, do you really need a piece of metal and a rock to make you feel like your worth something.

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  • Ro
    Robert Griffin Oct 19, 2018

    @Fred the III Dump people are the only ones you can rip off.

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  • Jo
    Joseph White Nov 27, 2015

    Thank for input. Will look elsewhere...

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  • An
    Anonymous4375 May 10, 2016

    Have had two missing small diamonds on my wife's ring over the years, and one from my mom's many years ago. Shane CO replaced all 3 with no problem. Main issue is you have all failed to bring the ring in for the 6 month "cleanings" to keep warranty going. If it's been over six months then they don't actually have to cover it. At times I've had other family members who brought theirs in and still had it taken care of. Always read the details of everything where you purchase a product with a warranty.

    For things just falling apart I definitely understand your frustration though.

    These are at least my experiences with the various stores in the Seattle, Wa area.

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  • 85
    8585lc Dec 15, 2016

    In 2013 the same thing happened to me.the diamond fell out of my ring and they blamed me. I escalated the complaint through management And I was asked to never set foot back in the store. No have not only been insults red but I am devastated because I do not have a ring. And yes I'm still emotional about it three years later.

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  • Me
    Melanie Cole Nov 17, 2017

    I just bought a ring from Shane Company less than a month ago. It is a ring with one big diamond and then a lot of little tiny diamonds around the band. I paid over $4, 700 for this ring. I have now had 4 of the small diamonds fall out of it. Four!!! What in the world? I called to see if I needed to make an appointment or what and when I explained the situation the girl asked me if I was sleeping with it or showering with it. What the hell difference does that make? I actually do take it off at bedtime and don't put it back on until after I get out of the shower in the morning, but should that honestly matter? If so, then why don't they give you those instructions when you buy the ring? Probably because it makes it sound like their product is cheap and can't withstand sleeping with it on or showering with it on. This is ludicrous!! I am going in tomorrow to "get it fixed" apparently. I am super nervous after reading some of these posts and wondering how I am going to be treated. I will write another post when I am done and let you know how it turns out. Either way, I am not impressed with the quality of this ring. If 4 diamonds have already fallen out in less than a month, what is this ring going to look like in 5-10-15 years from now? I planned on having this ring forever! Shane Company better not burn me!!

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  • Ro
    Robert Griffin Oct 19, 2018

    @Melanie Cole Sooo... about that review post on shane co.?

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