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Hello seven team, thanks for taking the time to whip through this comment.

I'm a legally blind transplaint recipient and im just questioning tonights 7 news segment titled what to look out for in your food, highlighting poisions on the add and what we should look out for!

Should it not be to bring up the fact that our rights are being breeched with this foods. And there ingredients that shouldn't be there in the first place? Why do we have a food and drug admin board and accusations..

Im sure the individual reading this would agree, we should have trust that our government will feed us what is safe..

You couldn't sell a rotten burger or chicken in a take away shop because its dangerouse and cost lives, the same as awful ingredients used in food such as bone char, silica, and many other poisions and micro plastics..

Freezer foods are yet to go plastic free a.K. A imported.

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