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Complaints & Reviews

Resolved v8 supercars

why can channel 7 keep the rights to the V8 supercars when the station is unreliable. first alot of the races get split in half by an afl game because they conflict and afl always come first which is a joke considering they took the afl rights from channel 10 and then done the same with the supercars only to then stuff the viewers around! The reception in my area is bad enough when trying to watch the races on 7 and then to find todays races are on 7mate of which we cant even get reception here! If they cant keep the v8s on one channel at the time of the race then give them back to channel 10. Its getting beyond a joke!

Resolved bad reception

We are supposed to be going to digital tv however you cannot get through one complete show on channel 7 without it having a bad signal. We have a new tv and therefore no need for a top box but find ourselves putting it back to analogue to watch a show. Unfortunately that means we don't get 7 mate which has some great shows. I love watching Australias Got talent and find it very frustrating to be having this problem every week.

  • Ja
    jazz 55 Jan 27, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    the tennis on 7 is useless - keeps stopping and breaking up. I live in Noosa, Qld and had visitors from NSW, one lot from the Central Coast and the other from the North Shore, NSW, both were complaining about the 7 reception. What is happening since the analogue finished? How is it, that both States are having trouble with reception, is Channel 7 going to do something about it?

    0 Votes

Resolved weather reporter

Channel 7 Weather with Natalia Cooper, Can someone please stop her smacking when she talks. After every sentence she smacks . Very Very irritating. Someone in her position show be able to speak clearly and less arrogantly without Smack ing... please

  • Ka
    Karen Cheeseman Jun 29, 2017
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I just want to say how disappointed we are that the show The Front Bar isn't being shown on Perth TV until 10.30pm when it's advertised last week as being on at the all new time of 8.30pm!
    We don't want to have to watch Channel 9's Footy Show. So maybe it could be shown on one of the many channels of 7.
    Thank you

    0 Votes

Resolved australin open coverage

Chaneel 7 coverage of the aus open is a joke!!! give it to foxtel at least they are live and dont give you updates that we already know. Channel 7 you have ruined the AFL coverage now you are doing the same to tennis.
I will nevver watch another show on 7 again and i am not the only person who feels this way. It makes me so angry as a avid sports fan that we have to put up with channel 7s crap year after after year.

  • Lu
    Lukass Jan 21, 2011

    Can't stand Jim Courier, nobody can enjoi watching the game anymore, not even one point without that ### giving us his golden thoughts. Go back to America puffy boy where you belong!!! Ch7 u can't even find ozy commentators to cover Australian open???????!!!

    -1 Votes
  • Sa
    salvy41 Jan 21, 2012

    Agreed. I'm in NZ and Sky Sports 3 lists the programme as 'Australian Open LIVE' when it is often a match which has already finished or is taking place but the coverage is of the earlier part of the match. It's an insult to viewers who keep up to date with scores on non-televised courts. Why does the coverage end when matches on Rod Laver Arena end? Can we not watch live matches taking place on Hisense and MCA? Ridiculous.

    0 Votes

Resolved excessive coverage

My heart goes out to all those going through the floods at the moment and I am in teras most of the time watching the coverage.
My one sanity from the world is relaxing infront of the tv at night.
Instead all day and night on channel 7 they are having the news coverage not going to normal programming like the other channels.

  • Ge
    Get it Righty Oct 14, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Being an avid Castle fan I look for to Sunday nights watching the episodes usually the current affairs show runs over but as I tape the shows 20 minutes usually just works, however last Sunday the show went over 42 minutes therefore almost half of the show I watch was missed.

    For an organisation the size of channel 7 and scheduling so critical how can you get it so wrong. I am so annoyed that you cannot get something so simple right and leave viewers in the lurch who rely on the integrity and ability to meet a schedule set by yourselves

    Get you act together and when will the show be replayed to catch up on what was missed.

    0 Votes

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Resolved afl

I feel the need to complain about the lack of afl coverage in western australia.
People in perth dont only want to see the eagles & docker games.
The only other games you seem to show in western australia are the bottom of the ladder teams.
Last week you showed the essendon vs hawthorn both teams had only won one game each,
When at the same time sydney & brisbane were playing with sydney on the top of the ladder & brisbane with the chance to move into top spot, how ridiculous. Show us all the games, I don't even care if its delayed but this is an australian sport that all australians should bed able to see & not showing all the games is
Totally un-australian.

  • Ja
    Jac_pies May 14, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Im peeved with channel 7's coverage of AFL in Brisbane... What is the point of paying for the rights to show the AFL games, when your put on stupid movies instead.. Tonight is FIRST vs SECOND, yet i have to have pay tv to view it... its going to be a ripper of a game, but channel 7 seem to believe that all fo Brisbane do not care.. fair enough if you dont broadcast it on 7, what about putting it on your second channel 7 station?
    Channel 7 broadcast games that are bottom of the table, or the brisbane lions. There are more teams in teh competition than the Brisbane lions, and no one wants to see games that are between teams that are on them bottom of the ladder.

    0 Votes
  • Te
    Terry- Cat May 18, 2010

    Why do you bother with AFL when you obviously don't want anyone to view it?
    Top of the table clashes ignored week after week.
    How do you expect to gain any respect as sprots telecaster?

    0 Votes
  • My
    mykey May 21, 2010

    I wish channel 10 would just buy all the football so at least it would be live on oneHD. Channel 7 are a pathetic joke. They broadcast 3 channels but none of them will be showing the football...

    0 Votes
  • Au
    Auzziebond Jul 01, 2011

    Channel 7. What a joke, to have the AFL game advertised all week and then not show it. It is a disgrace. I'm that angry right now it is beyond words. I have organised my friends to come around solely to watch this game as my friends are supporters of the Melbourne Demons and your general lack of AFL coverage prevents them watching their team. No wonder people are turning to pay TV at least they show their games that they have the rights to live. There are three channels that channel 7 currently are using and you do not put the telecast of the AFL on any till 11:30 at night. Instead you show a B grade children's movie. I have to say it again, WHAT A JOKE. I will not be watching any of your programing again. Channel 7 = JOKE

    0 Votes

Resolved inappropriate advertising

Last night I watching " australia's got talent " with my 2 chidren 9 yrs and 7 yrs and we all enjoy this programme.
Why in this family viewing timeslot are there ads for an american sitcom showing a mother trying to burst a condom filled with water in front of her teenage children!
I was then forced to explain to my 7 yr old " what's a condom " !!

  • Mr
    MrRealtor Apr 13, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Sorry but you should know by now what kind of filth is on public TV.

    0 Votes

Resolved afl broadcast

Hi there Channel 7.

I'd like to take issue (I feel like we have this talk every year) about your committment to the AFL. I live in Sydney and love to watch our national game. According to the AFL website - you too share this passion - in fact it (you?) states you 'just love the footy'. I don't believe you. Take this Friday for example. Round 1, season opener between 2 of the clubs with the largest supporter bases in the league (that's Essendon & Geelong in case whoever is reading this is as ignorant about the AFL as your programmers appear to be), and you're not showing the game until 11.30pm - 4 and a half hours AFTER the game is on. Why? Because, you actually love these at least 3 other shows better in Sydney than you 'love' the footy. Better Homes and Gardens, 'Housesitter' and Scrubs are all scheduled to run on channel 7 this Friday while the first Friday night game of the season is playing live in other states. WHY??? I can kind of understand you're regular B&H viewers might get a little upset if you moved it, but at 8.30 you're free and clear! Goldie Hawn (?) movies and US sitcoms rate ahead of the game you 'love' apparently. If you don't want to broadcast the games, give the rights to someone who wants them please! Not happy with you at all Channel 7. I hope this is not a sign of things to come for the rest of the season. Just back yourselves here, keep the people happy and play the footy on Friday nights please - you're paying for it, and you 'love' it too after all.


From an AFL fan (and soon-to-be owner of a crusade to get Channel 7 to show live footy ahead of dodgy American TV reruns on Friday nights.)

  • Pe
    pequeno caracol Jan 25, 2010

    Channel 7 not only stopped telecasting the No 1 womens tennis player against our own Australian who just happens to be No 13 for the news.. a little understandable but they continue to ignore the match or even inform us of the scrore for their current affair programme which was highlighting the colour of the underwear on the tennis players .. underwear! how is that a priority

    0 Votes

Resolved programming

The Seven Network doesn't deserve to have any contract with the AFL while it continues to treat match coverage as a token in NSW.

Showing the NAB games at 1AM in the morning is ridiculous. They're normally aired after some obscure ancient chick flick that I can't believe would pull the audience justified to bump any AFL match into the AM.

If you're going to show a match at 1AM you could at least have the decency to condense the programme down to a couple of hours rather than showing the incredibly long version that ends at 4AM.

Can you really believe forcing loyal viewers to become bleary eyed victims of insomnia is helping your brand. I doubt it because I can tell you right now that I absolutely HATE the Seven Network. You treat AFL fans like crap in this state.

  • Je
    Jennifer Gallagher Jan 25, 2010

    Channel 7 should not be allowed any television rights to sporting events. It's the day before Australia - our national day - an Australian is playing in the Australian Open and Channel 7 think it is better to show crap television shows like TodayTonight (a load of rubbish at best) and Home and Away (not much better). Seriously, I hope the rights to the Australian Open go to Channel 9 or 10 next year, because clearly channel 7 have no idea or respect. If you want the rights to these events then show them!

    0 Votes
  • Wo
    Working Class Man7 Jun 26, 2010

    Channel 7 must think we are idiots!! They keep on pimping out the repeats on shows like Criminal Minds, Ghost Whisperer and so on. When will Channel 7 realise that they are just pissing people off by doing this

    0 Votes
  • Pa
    Paul02 Jul 09, 2011

    Why is channel 7 given the rights to the v8 supercars when there main priority is AFL, I am so fed up with not being able to see it live. I am at a point where I hate AFL and channel 7 for their crap service. Chanel 7 have 5 digital 3 channels playing the same thing and the other 2 playing well just crap what sort of service is this why have so many channels if you are not going to use them to their full potential. As for Tony Cochrane he has sold the v8 fans out, these are the same people who finance his life style. Give the rights back to channel 10 which served v8 fans well and promoted the v8s well over a ten year period and which raised the sport to new levels of popularity within Australia. Cochrane you suck along with channel 7

    0 Votes
  • Bl
    bluewren Dec 02, 2015

    Just want to say love Peter Mitchel and his reporting persona, lovely man BUT the weather boy and girl PLEASE we can live without their
    over the top attempts at making their personalities noticed . We just want the weather report please no competing for the next Logi for personality of the year it is really distracting and annoying. Restrained politeness and just the weather please and a little modesty. You are just irritating we are only interested in the weather please not you. Know your place.

    0 Votes

Resolved irresponsible attitude to tzunami warnings

I am appalled and disgusted at Sunday Sunrise on Sunday 28th February.
I woke up to the leering facile host joking about the fact that there had been an earthquake in Chile that had killed hundreds and a tzunami warning for the entire Pacific Rim, including Australias' East Coast. This was expected to hit the coast within the hour. Said host then joked and jabbered about the swimmers at Bondi being deposited upon the far buildings if the Tzunami hit, then laughed.
My God...You people are the frontline communicators in times like this. Countless thousands of Australians live on the coastline, many elderly at home people. They turn the tv on first. What about your responsibility to inform? Where were the people who could give clear instructions? Where were sensible, responsible people who could instruct these turkeys to stop playing smarty pants and act like they care. Woeful, woeful behaviour. tsk tsk...

  • Ly
    lyn tewantin Jan 28, 2013

    Can you please look into the fact that people are unable to access your signal from Black Mountain, Cooroy. At the present you simply do not exist and I was unable to watch the final games of the Australian Open Tennis. Most of the time there is interference to either the picture or the sound. At the same time other channels are able to be viewed. Has reached the point when many are considering not watching your channel ever again


    0 Votes

Resolved afl coverage

Why channel 7 bothered paying $700 million for the rights to broadcast AFL has me beat. It is a friday night and like alot of people I would like to wind my week down by watching a game of football. But yet again I am stuck with you broadcasting some D grade movie. I would imagine with digital television now and your 5 so called different channel 7's you could put the game on live but no you can't even do that. So much for getting the rights to put AFL in everyones house on a Friday night even when there is no rugby league for it to get thrashed by.

  • Ab
    Abbotts Jul 26, 2009

    Channel 7, your camera angles for the coverage of the AFL are terrible! People watch like to have fluency to the angles, switch from long to closeup to a stadium shot then to a shot of the crowd is not what people watch for. Instead of showing us how many cameras you have set up around the ground during the play of the ball, why not keep your cameras pointing at the ball and the players!

    0 Votes
  • Fi
    fil1978 Sep 04, 2009

    Channel 7. Once again you dissappoint.

    AFL finals footy and you have 'Criminal Minds' on Friday night instead of showing the first final of AFL for 2009 live.

    You pay for the rights and yet you continue to let down your audience interstate with your programming.

    f*ck you.

    0 Votes
  • Au
    aussie girl Sep 05, 2009

    Channel 7, you disapoint me and many other fans of the AFL!!

    It's the AFL finals & you can't even have the footy LIVE!!! Instead you have 'Better Homes & Gardens' on which i am sure can miss out the next few weeks to have the footy LIVE!!! What is wrong with you, the audience wants the footy LIVE especially when it comes to the final times.

    Come on channel 7 pick up your game or give up the rights to have the footy!!!

    You suck when it comes to programming the footy!! Even this Sunday final will be on a delay!!! Afraid you will stuff up on air...who cares...HAVE IT LIVE!!!

    Channel 7 AFL coverage is a disgrace & stupid

    0 Votes
  • Ag
    Aggravated shopper Sep 05, 2009

    The AFL filed bankruptcy and folded there are no AFL games unless you are talking AFL2.

    0 Votes
  • De
    Dennis Joyce Sep 11, 2009

    I agree with the negative comments regarding channel 7 and the AFL matches being delayed at finals time. I am fed up with the free to air channels in Qld treating AFL fans with contempt.
    What is worse is that I understood part ofthe deal between the AFL, the free to air channels and pay TV was that if the free to air channels werent showing a match live the pay TV would show the match live.
    Even though the match tonight is being televised 1 hour late it is not being shown on pay TV til 1130 pm.
    I have just sent an email to the AFL to complain about this disgusting state of affairs.

    0 Votes
  • Gl
    Glenn Mitchell Mar 04, 2010

    The AFL should make decent programming (respectful to fans in all states) a condition of the contract. The Seven network obviously doesn't want this code to be successful in this state. They could argue that they don't get the numbers. I'd say that they'll NEVER get the numbers if they show a three hour coverage that starts at the ridiculous time of 1AM.

    0 Votes
  • Df
    DFWN Mar 23, 2010

    Agree .Opening game of the year 2010 Richmond v Carlton cannot find any free to air TV coverage at all according to AFL website. ( Disclaimer for following tirade if info on website is incorrect, but then again why, if any body with any brains would you get Big Pond to host your website ) Trying to contact AFL direct is impossible. Have they been declared a protective species or what Who will be the first to complain when the review of sports telecasts gives more to pay TV . The commercial stations who pay big money, then dont telecast what they paid for, thats who! Could go on about developing AFL in non AFL states, but I think I am in the wrong forum here. If channel 7 & 10, who have the free to air rights at the moment, were serious about development, ... who am I kidding its all about moneyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    0 Votes
  • Pb
    pbz11 May 04, 2010

    Its the same in WA. Unless you support the budgies or wanchors ofcourse. Last week arguably the biggest game of the round, collingwood/carlton, was not televised on 7 until 1145pm sunday night, while the local derby was telecast both on foxtel and 7. This week, as has happend twice already this season, and will happen several times yet, the pies game will not even be telecast in this state. We are no the only fans that have this problem in WA. The AFL needs to pull their collective finger out and yank the broadcasters 7 and 10 into line and demand that all games be telecast at a reasonable time, if not live. Both broadcasters have numerous digital channels at their desposal and yet they choose to show rubbish/repeats and programming no1 even watches.

    0 Votes
  • Pb
    pbz11 May 04, 2010

    I actually just moved over from Brissy. While I was in qld i found that having foxtel I was able to watch most if not all pies games live or slightly delayed. The coverage in a rugby league state is better than a pure AFL state. That is rediculous.

    0 Votes
  • St
    Steve and Jo Mar 25, 2011

    2011 and once again channel 7 has let down the mass of AFL fans in QLD, with their complete disregard of the highest rating sport in Australia. Its time for the AFL to step in and demand some coverage in the northern states especially with the introduction of the Gold Coast Suns. It may be time for Mr Demetriou to man up to Channel 7 and demand that the Northern states are included in broadcasting.

    0 Votes

Resolved saturday morning television

On a usual Saturday morning my children wake up at 6am and start watching My friends Tigger & Pooh, Handy Manny then Saturday Disney and to my disgust this morning after handy manny had finished we were advised that Saturday Disney's timeslot has been change to 9am due to Sunrise being on. Not sure if you are aware but children do not watch Sunrise, not even i an adult watches sunrise. Saturday morning was the only morning we could wake up and not have to watch news, and watch something fun like saturday disney. For Saturday disney to start at 9am, this does not suit many families, there are dance classes, swimming lessons, little athletics and many more classes parents take there children to on a saturday morning as work comittments do not allow for us to do these during the week. So now unfortunatly my children will have to miss out on their favorite show...Thanks channel 7 you have done it again...I guess we will just have to switch over to the abc or channel 10 as they tend to market for children...not happy!!!

  • Br
    bring back saturday disney Feb 12, 2010

    Why have you put sunrise on a saturday morning!!!
    It is the only day that on channel 7 you don't need to watch it.
    Who wants to watch sunrise everyday of the week.
    Honestly its not the best show - it doesn't cater for everyone
    Change back to making channel 7 for everyone
    Children wake up early NOT at 9 and do not want to sit through hours of boring sunrise.

    1 Votes
  • Su
    Sue Lazarus Feb 13, 2010

    I agree its very poor of Channel Seven to do this. Im sick of Sunrise. I think 6 days is enough without having it on Saturday as well. I am beginning to think its time to switch away to another channel. Seven you dont seem to care about your veiwers verymuch.

    0 Votes

Resolved poor quality australian open tennis comentating

I began watching the Djokovic - Tsonga quarter final match last night as a truely neutral TV spectator, as I...

3 comments Sydney Metro Area TV, Music & Video

Resolved australian open coverage/commentator

I am writing as a foreigner living in australia, about the coverage of channel 7 with the australian open...

Resolved australian open tennis coverage

I would like to complain about Channel Seven's loss of tennis coverage during the Roger Federer game tonight to pause for the News, Today tonight and Home & Away. Yes I can understand pausing for the news however for the other two surely they could wait another week? Also I notice on Seven Two at this time was full house (some twenty years old). Why can't Seven switch their tennis coverage to Seven Two whilst they pause for the news and co so matches can be seen uninterrupted instead of replays of old shows.

Aaron Rambaud

  • In
    In Essence Jan 27, 2010

    I agree!! Absolutely disgraceful! In Perth, channel 7 interrupted the Federer match at 3:30pm (third set) only to take us to …. Hannah Montana! When I called channel 7 to make a complaint I was told by ‘Josh’ …

    “We (channel 7) had broadcasted the match an hour longer than was originally planned. You can see the results on 7 News at 6pm - and we will continue the match at 7:30pm”

    Good one channel 7!! Ruin the anticipation!!! Next thing you know you’ll be telling the kiddies Santa isn’t real.

    0 Votes

Resolved continued poor tennis coverage

Why Channel 7 are we forced to continually watch mediocre programs like today tonight and home and away while the major tennis games are being played?
First, you miss Sam Stosur in her last patriotic around Australia Day. Now we can't watch Federer, but at least we get to learn of some insurance scam by some half-wit. Please give the rights to another station next year. Poor.

  • Ro
    Rob in Adelaide Jan 31, 2010

    I refer to the TV coverage of the Australian Open tennis by Channel 7. As a longtime fan, I have been most unhappy with it and I was not at all surprised to read newspapers reports stating that crowds were up at the tennis but that ratings were down for the 7 coverage.

    What follows are the issues:

    1. During the tournament there were too many times when the tennis was filled with endless and repetitive "hot shots", trivia, etc. These moments, before matches, after matches and between matches, were certainly avoidable, especially in the first week. There were other matches that could have been shown. What happened was an insult to the audience.

    2. The one- network monopoly of the 2010 Australian Open this year meant that the coverage was less than adequate.

    3. The commentary was uncritical and at times inane . When matches were poor, or when players were playing poorly, there was no honest appraisal.

    4. Indeed, there was too much talk. When on TV, it is better to let the images talk. The silence is instructive.

    5. The self-promotional push for future TV programs was irritating in the extreme.To actually have the commentators also "plugging" what's coming up "after the tennis" was commercialism at it's worst.

    6.The lack of LIVE coverage at prime time in Adelaide, S.A. If free-to-air stations such as 7 aren't going to show sport live (and live means across Australia no matter what the time zone) then pay tv should be able to offer it to the public. Then those viewers who wish to pay to watch live sport such as the Australian Open can do so.

    Hope the rights go to Channel Ten in partnership with Fox sports whenever Seven's rights expire.

    0 Votes
  • Vi
    Vidyaranya May 18, 2017

    I want comment on terrible quality of tennis broadcast these days. Pl pl pl pl concentrate on the area of play ..not on the individual players. The camera shot on the court arena is done only after the player tosses the ball from closeup camera shot. This is unnecessary since constant change of cameras...angles etc brings headache. Morever, the movement of the other player can be best appreciated as the server begins to serve. Sometimes the cort area is focused in such away, say at 15 deg angle, even after the rally we never know who has son the point!. The best angle to focus is perhaps 30 deg angle, which is normally done, so that the viewers can appreciate the game fully. Presently its likd auota system whete all shots are accommodated just because they are there. Its desired that 4 seconds before the player serves, the entire court area is focussed. I think its a crime to change the camera shot if the player misses the first serve.. pl continue with the same camera shot for the next serve. Any body listening?

    0 Votes

Resolved tennis

To whom it may concern,

I would love to know what planet the south australian channel seven tv line up bosses live on, who in there right mind would leave the tennis to go to the news deep into a 5th set of a quarter final tennis match. This is the third day in a row you have changed during a game to the news. If somebody wants to watch the news they will go to channel 9, if they want to watch sport which most australians do (As we love sport) they will stay with seven. Does anyone in the management have any commencence, why host the tennis if you cant deliever. Its about as bad as your afl coverage, bloody hell channel seven when will you finally get in touch with what australians want to see, I wonder how many people have the same view I do, I bet lots and lots!!!

Rhett trenwith

  • Aa
    Aaron Rambaud Jan 27, 2010

    Hi Rhett,

    I agree with your comment.

    I posted one similar tonight after they paused for the news whilst Federer was playing. I suggested that they move the coverage over to seven two during this time instead of showing replays of old shows (full house - some twenty years old).

    Aaron Rambaud

    0 Votes
  • Mr
    MR. COMMON SENSE Jan 28, 2010

    G'day Rhett, you have a few that the majority of Austrlians would have. Unfortunately Channel 7 is the rival channel of channel 9. Have you noticed that they have the news at the same time and today tonight at the same time as a current affair. Unfortunately 7 find shows such as home and away and a special of the brangelina split more important than an international sporting event. If they want to broadcast home and away they should make 7 sport a seperate channel and show the tennis on that channel for the remainder of the tournament and use that channel for AFL during the winter

    Regards: MR. COMMON SENSE

    -1 Votes
  • Wo
    woebegone Jan 07, 2011

    I agree. This year is worse than ever. I'm in Victoria and assume it must be the same everywhere. We continually miss the first point after the ads. They advertise the night session as exciting, and then show a delayed version at 10.30! You've got to be joking. Does anybody actually watch those woeful shows?

    0 Votes
  • Tr
    tromppy Jan 17, 2011

    Channel 7 disrespecting the GAME of TENNIS.
    I have fox sports HD, and will be watching tennis mostly on there because the quality is
    10x better. Channel 7 CAN broadcast in HD on their 7mate channel, but chose to run sloppy re-runs and b grade comedies instead.

    To make this decision is RIDICULOUS and infuriating as 7 has the rights to the most popular matches.

    The worst thing is- the difference is unbearable after seeing the quality of HD and knowing 7 CHOOSES not to show the AUSTRALIAN OPEN in HD (for gods sake) is really really really bad. PEOPLE LIKE TO SWAP BACK AND FORTH, and see as much as they can. It is sickening everytime you try to switch back to 7's coverage.

    Channel 7- you are losing respect from viewers, sponsors and advertising as a network in general by not giving people the highest quality possible and especially because it is by choice!

    At every given moment, channel 7 goes to an ad. Whether its to promote one of the sponsors, or something of 7's it is so disgusting and infuriating that EVERY moment they are throwing in ads.
    One of the best things of tennis is the downtime moments, change of ends etc. and great commentary that is possible during these times, for analysis of players etc. 7 doesn't realise this and shows no respect for the game or the players, who have given their time this year to help with fundraising efforts for QLD.

    Not only do channel 7 advertise at the slightest of slight chances for a snippit of advertising- (and I dont know why because they aren't even spending money on HD coverage...)
    These ads are noticeably louder that the coverage. It is not because the Tennis is a fairly quiet program- and there fore the difference is quite noticeable- you actually HAVE TO PHYSICALLY TURN DOWN THE TV FIVE OR SIX levels to make the ADS level. This is noticeable on other channel 7 programs also even the news and evening programming. Some other channels are also having their ads louder. If anything ads should be made to be 5-10% lower level than the television programs to counteract this.

    In conclusion channel 7 and their Australian OPEN tennis broadcast is completely disrespectful to the players, sponsors/advertisers and most importantly 'us' the viewers. I have seen many similar complaints in my research on the web and there is a non straight forward process to even complain to channel 7 directly- nothing directly via internet OR PHONE which is completely rude and convenient for them only.
    I would ask that you pass this e-mail onto channel 7 on my behalf and I hope that before the first day of the Australian open is finished that ALL of these 3 things can be rectified. It is ludicrous that in 2011 these things are even happening to complain about.

    Lauren Trompp

    0 Votes
  • Ih
    ihheoabva May 11, 2011

    Why is it that every time I watch Deal or No Deal there is no TRUE AUSSIE on it.

    0 Votes
  • Go
    GoldOpals Opals May 11, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    By 'true' AUSSIE, do you mean white with no accent?

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Resolved australian open tennis coverage

I would like to complain about the poor coverage of the Sam Stosur vs Serena Williams tennis match on 25th January. Whilst it is inconvenient that the game started right at news time, and the showing of the news is fair enough, but it is unbelievable that Channel 7 would then not go straight back to the tennis at the end of the news. Instead they insisted on showing Today Tonight then Home and Away on the one night of the year that an Australian woman is playing Serena Williams in an may never happen again. Surely as a special occasion, and on the eve of Australia Day, Today Tonight and Home and Away could have been postponed for one night. If previous form has anything to go by, the match will probably be shown after the 7.30 mens match, probably starting at midnight!!!
It is unacceptable that a TV station says it is covering the tennis and then doesn't show live the one game that the whole country wants to watch. Clearly free to air TV cannot be trusted to provide proper sports coverage.
Ironically I have not been able to find a phone number or a mechanism through the Channel 7 web site to lodge this complaint.

  • Ke
    kerrywog Nov 02, 2013

    I am sick of the copious amounts of home shopping shown on your channel...and your not the only many times do we need to know about non stick pans...floor cleaners etc ...seems your trying to be too American...and repeating the same shows or catering for children seems to ignore us older generation...wen "free to view" first arrived you showed great old shows like Buck Rogers, Adam 12 to name a few now on mate just repeats of car races or amazing garages...not everyone is interested in that...AND THE AMOUNT OF COMMMERCIALS ARE RIDICULOUS..YOUR NEW CEO SHOULD TAKE HEED AS IT SEEMED THAT IS WHEN THINGS CHANGED...I am not in the habit of complaining BUT I think you need to do some rethinking about who watches your channel we are sift workers...insomniacs...elderly...I know I no longer watch your morning sow due to the amount of home shopping ads after a 3 minute commercial and 2sconds of Larry and Kylie...I don't think your programming is in touch with the real world, , , , , I love your channels but am getting very fed up with the programming. I know you need to get revenue to keep things viable and make a profit but be fair and respect us all and you do have a separate channel for shopping and why don't you get one for sport who cares about horse racing.,

    Thank you

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  • Si
    Sick of Aussie TV Jan 04, 2014

    Totally agree Australian television is abysmal. Recently my wife and I counted 31 channels in Melbourne about 24 featured home shopping. The networks conned the Government saying there would be improved content going digital. WHAT A LIE. The best thing to emerge out Australia's pathetic network television is our discovery of Youtube. We now watch old movies, TV shows, documentaries when we want to and it's free. Goodbye channel 7 and 9!!!. My advice dump Free to Air, buy a Mac AppleTV and watch everything you want on YouTube.

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Resolved tennis coverage

I really enjoy watching the tennis especially when the aussies are playing.
Today however because of a men's match that lasted just under 4 hours the following woman's match with Samantha Stosur was on for approximately 5 mins before they took it off to play the news. Now I understand the news is important, however surely they can just give major headlines etc and then return to the tennis. I think it is disgusting they plug the match all day and finally it comes on and the viewers are unable to watch it. If you want to have the coverage of tennis then do the right thing and allow viewing of the matches. I am at this point extremely annoyed and hope next year someone like Foxtel pick up the coverage so I can watch uninterupted tennis.

  • Ri
    richwardlaw Jan 25, 2010

    Yes couldn't agree more. I also just rang foxtel to ask why they don't show any aussie open while they show outside courts from wimbledon, us open & french - they told me channel 7 won't allow them the rights to show any matches.

    Early in major tournaments a lot of the best matches are on outside courts as we aren't seeing federer wipe somone 6-1 6-2 6-0!

    What is with that???

    Channel 7 is from now on in my bad books...

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  • Re
    redfrank Jan 25, 2010

    What's even funnier is the today tonight article about wishing good luck to sam stosur and talking at great length about venus williams knickers while sam stosur is actually playing - followed by the breaking news that children may be abducted if you don't keep an eye on them at the shops. they relocate the news/current affairs to outside rod laver to make a big song and dance about how they've got the tennis, then don't actually show any.
    They seem to be using the tennis to advertise the collection of copy-cat home grown programs - airways, something-kitchen-something - and us dramas they show virtually the whole series of in the advert then cut to the next game which is about halfway through, while forcing the commentators to shoehorn in a reference to one of the aforementioned shows instead of commentating. back home the bbc show wimbledon across 2 channels, temporarily canceling some programs to make room and switching channels if the news has to come on. they also have the red button where you can select any match currently taking place - mixed doubles on court 22 - anything. they started this about 5 years ago... seriously what are these clowns at channel 7 doing - it seems like they can't get their head round the fact that sporting events - and especially tennis don't run to a schedule. if they don't want to show tennis don't bid for it. as in the uk, select sports event must be shown on terrestrial tv, but not exclusively, so them not allowing foxtel access simply wouldn't happen.

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  • Sh
    Sheumais Apr 07, 2010

    Chris bath tonight (7-4-10) said that gordon brown went to the queen to ask permission to disolve parliament. they dont ask permission, they tell the queen as a courtesy! remember parliament went to war with the monarchy. the queen is a figure-head only. the people rule! please get your facts right and stop saying things for news effect! she is still queen of australia too, although one would'nt think so, if one believed the things you news channels report. and - we dont ask permission to hold an election either!

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  • El
    Elaine T D Jun 08, 2010

    just want to know if something is wrong with your transmission. I had lost signal this am and still not on this pm. during the recent weather, I have had at sometime the various channels without signal but not for so long.. thanks elaine

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Resolved commercials

DISGUSTED WITH THE ADS!!! Way too many ads during a tennis break. So many I don't bother watching them, instead I switch channels then turn back several minutes later.

  • Jo
    Joe1972 Jan 27, 2010

    Why interrupt major matches for a soapy? If they don't want to broadcast it live, for god sake let soemone else.

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  • Dr
    Drainthecommentatorswamp Jan 26, 2017

    It's not just the nauseating repeat of the same ads over and over -- like the useless snakeoil Blackmores and the incessant gambling app ads -- it's the fact that they actually cut off key points, sometimes nearly an entire game, just so they can get through all the ads. Channel 7 doesn't deserve to host the Australian Open.

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