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I have tried to call their customer service number for months, since Dec 2009 and can never get through. Once in months of trying after hours I got through to an actual person who siad the billing department was closed. I explained to tham that I had been trying for months and if he could have some one call me. That was more than a month ago (today is 2/24/2010). I have still to hear back from them. Its impossible to get through to them if you need to resolve billing issues. Their pricing is not so great and you will have to deal with the lousiest customer service setup ever. I would strongly recommend not doing business with them. Hopefully this advice will help you make a choice...


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    kwaku1331 Apr 07, 2010
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    Completely agree with your complaint. I recently moved into an area that my only choices were sat. TV service or Service Electric. The problems started with the installation, I now have 30 feet of cable just laying in my yard I have to bury because the installer would not run the cable under my house as requested (I live in a brand new mobile home). I have had nothing but issues with the service quality. The internet constantly drops connection, the router is unstable. The TV service constantly has issues, I have recorded video of how the signal just scrambles and gets all jumpy on most of the HD channels and the HD DVR is of the poorest quality I have ever seen. I have called customer service multiple times and they are very rude, and I end up hanging up on them because they just want to transfer you to different departments all the time. One time I was even supposed to have an tech come out to look at my service because the box was not working properly. After telling me it was going to be 4 days until they could send out a tech I unplugged the box for about a half hour plugged it in and it reset itself. I called back a few days later to tell them the tech was no longer needed, just to be told the appointment was never even scheduled. The DVR constantly says it is 100% full when it is actually about 50% full and you have to unplug and plug the box back in, this happens a few times a month. To top it off after my 3 months service at $99 dollars expired my bill jumped to $151 and change a month!!! I came from FIOS which was about $30 a month cheaper after their promotional period expired and the channel line up, internet service and picture quality was FAR SUPERIOR. I have the basic HD package, no premium channels and only a 5 MB internet service (which typically tests at 3.5 MB). I would love to get a group together and approach an attorney about taking on a class action suit to get monies refunded and their fees lowered because of such poor service. I don't know how they justify charging that amount of money for such sub-par service. Anyone that is a service electric customer and feels the same way post a reply here so we can see how many of us there are and maybe get some attention.

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  • Jt
    Jtanner92 Apr 14, 2010

    So get this one...I had one of Service Electric's little motorola cable boxes, but I never used it to watch TV, I only had it hooked up so I could access the Pay Per View channels and order the UFC fights. I used my Tivo as my cable box. Then I upgraded my Tivo, and realized I needed a cablecard to go in the new Tivo. So I called Service Electric and asked for a cable card, went and picked it up, did the install, all was good. A couple days later, I get a a message on my answering machine from a service Electric rep, and she seems irrate. I call them back and ask her what the problem is. She says "We have a big problem, there is a discrepancy on your bill, and this needs to be worked out immediately!!" I was like "mmmkay, whats the problem?" She says "We have you down as you having only 1 TV in your home, but you have one of our cable boxes and one cablecard, that means you have more than 1 TV!!!", I said, "no I dont, I only use the cable box to order the PPV, both things are used on the same TV." she says "Well, you have 2 of our products, something is wrong." Now, why this is a problem is beyond me, because your first cable box is free from them, and I was paying the $2.95 lease a month for the cablecard. She finaly said "Well, you are going to have to give something back if you are still going to claim you only have 1 TV." I said "No problem, I will drop off the cable box tomorrow. I wont be able to pay you guys the extra $45 a month for the Pay Per View UFC fights, but I guess you dont care. I can order them online anyway, they will take my money." And I dropped off the box. Whoever this brainiac was that found this "Discrepancy" just actually cost them money. If FIOS becomes an option here, I would switch in a second.

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  • Oo
    OoO Jun 04, 2010
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    Service Electric in NJ cannot meet an appointment to save them selves. After them missing two appointments I thought I had covered all my bases and asked for the FIRST appointment in the morning - their morning appointments are from 9am - 1pm - go figure. He didn't even make that- at 1:10 I called in and the rep assured me that he would be there from 9 - 1. When I asked what time she thought it was, she said " it's 1:10 but he'll be there soon." So far, I have lost three days of income so this service is getting more and more expensive. Looks like I will be disconnecting soon and going to internet downloads.

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  • So
    sophieo Aug 30, 2011

    Service Electric is the worse. I use to have Blue Ridge and then when I moved into Tamaqua my only choice was Service Electric. You can never get a hold of them after 5 p.m., which makes one have to deal with them during the work day and they are way more expensive for what you get. I am waiting for a technician to come out and one person told me they could not provide me with a time window and my question was, how are you suppose to work. Nothing like taking a whole day off to sit around and wait for them, and hope they show up. I also wish they would upgrade their website and customer service and become more competitive, but why would they have to since they basically have a cable monopoly. Yes, I can get sattelite, but I do not want that. I just wish something would be done about this company.

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  • El
    electricity department Jun 01, 2014

    sir, sorry to bother you . I am a student and inspite of paying the bill i aint having electricity at night time. In this way i am unable to have continue my study and i am facing lots of problems. So i request to you, please look in to the matter. I hope you'll solve my problem. Thanks for conserning me.

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  • As
    AstridK Apr 10, 2015

    I don't live in the area this company operates but currently my mother is staying in a nursing home there. This company has a "Bulletin Board" channel (actually two of them) which cycles ads all day. I wanted to post a biblical passage as one of the ads for my mother but every time I call or send emails to get information on how to do that, no one responds. The info posted in their site is insufficient and even if I attempted to submit a design, no one there will call to me so I don't know how I am supposed to set that up. When I call on the phone, they always send me to a voicemail system. I have so far not been able to get a hold of a human being in weeks of trying to contact someone there. After reading multiple complaints in different sites about the way this company functions (or dysfunctions would be a better word), I'm surprised more people in that area aren't using Direct TV or Dish Network or even Netflix instead of this company and Verizon provides internet service also.

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  • Ba
    babycaby May 07, 2015

    this has to be hands down the worst cable company in the world. my service is in new jersey and they keep charging more and more for less and less. now you need a cable box, not just the cable wire. their customer service is horrible, but what can you expect from a crappy owner! will be switching to either dish or direct tv very soon. i'm paying 96.10/mth. for basic and family (not many channels)

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  • Ju
    just want to watch TV May 13, 2015

    SECV is a joke!!! I have one of their DVRs, and I have had it replaced at least 4 times. Up until the last time, they would just replace it rather than try to figure out what the problem is. So all of my recordings...gone...again! The tech that comes to the house keeps telling me that some of the issues I have are things that the DVR can't do, like rewind past the current show. And he acts like I"m an idiot - it does't do that, period, goodbye!!! It freezes up, when I rewind sometimes it won't STOP rewinding or it won't it rewind at all, or it does and then jumps to live and won't go back any further. Also, it won't record live TV most of the time. I try recording it by using the button on my remote and going to the guide, both of which should work. I have to change the channel, go tp the guide and record it from there; by having to do that, if I am behind in the show I want to record, I lose that part of the show. So the last time after I told them I wanted a discount for faulty equipment, the sent a different repairman and he said it was the wires outside so he replaced them all. That did nothing!!! Unfortunately my landlord won't allow drilling to get a dish, so I'm stuck.

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