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I Sep 05, 2018

I requested air conditioner company 8/7. Took several calls to get the 2nd company they emailed about to come out a week and a half later. Veterans Business services tech said my 31 year old unit had a valve leak and the whole unit needed to be replaced. They took a long time to submit the diagnosis to select home warranty. Select home warranty, then, wanted more information; which that company never responded to. They would not return call to SHW, or myself.
After 2 weeks from my initial call, SHW rep told me to get my own company & sent an email on the process.
On 9/1, right before Labor Day, Hills Air conditioning came out and while speaking to the SHW approval representative, the compressor quit working.
The initial cause of my 31 year old air conditioner not cooling the house was a leak in the valve. The Freon wasn't able to cool properly due to the leak in the valve, so the unit was always running which broke the compressor.
The approval representative was told the compressor had quit and yes, the AC had to be replaced and Hills HVAC tech said he could do it for maybe 1800.00. The approval technician said he would approve it for that amount; very excitedly, and would send me forms for Hills AC to fill out for my reimbursement.
It couldn't be done that Saturday 9/1, so Hills went and purchased the new unit and installed it 9/4.
On 9/4, select home warranty sent me an email saying they'd reviewed my claim and decided the Freon leak is what broke the unit and would not pay or be responsible for the new unit.
This is not what happened and the HVAC tech and myself have talked to everyone in this horrible company to no avail.
Do not waste your time and money on this company.
I am planning to sue them since they approved the new unit, and they let you know they record every conversation.

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