Seeff PropertiesHouse rented out


I rented my house out to tenants through Seef properties in Witbank.
The period was for one year. Two months before the contract expired the Tenant warned them that he will be moving out.
They showed very little interest and effort to find new tenants
The Tenant subsequently moved out on Tuesday 2nd Feb 2016 and left my house in a terrible state.After numerous times calling on Seef to clean and repair the house was only cleaned yesterday.Garden not cleaned up to today.
That puts is into a predicament as one can not take interested tenants to the property whilst not cleaned thoroughly
In the contract they stipulate that they will do regular inspections on your property which I doubt ever happened
I would not rem comment to anyone to make use of them for renting your property to tenants
Very little consistency with their personnel. You never know who to approach to take your request because of personnel changes

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