Seeff Lydenburg, Mpumalangaseeff - lydenburg - anna-marie de jager - unprofessional conduct


Anna-Marie De Jager from Seef, listed my home for sale on Property 24 without consent or notification thereof. Although we are looking to put our house on the market for sale in the next few weeks, Anna-Marie, listed our property without our knowledge or consultation and at a price that is far below what we will be asking. Because we are considering putting our house on the market and relocating we were browsing Property24 and saw our house up for sale which was a shock as we had no knowledge it had been listed. I've left urgent messages for her to call me, all to no avail. On trying to call her again today, she disconnected the call. This is most unprofessional, and although she has since removed the ad from Property 24 listing after my messages left, she has not had the decency to call me back, apologise or answer my question as to who and how she was given permission to list my house without our knowledge or consent.

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