Seatwavetwo tickets to see andre rieu, 2 june 2018, in vienna

F Mar 01, 2018

I just received my two tickets, and I am wondering whether I was sent the correct tickets. I paid us$537.12 for two tickets (charged to my credit card on 28 december 2018). I was shocked to see the face value of each ticket: 46, 2 euros which is about us$37.42 us, so us$74.84 for two tickets. I looked at the seating plan and the seats are not at all decent! These tickets are gifts for a special birthday and I am embarrassed to give them as a gift! I knew I would be paying more than the face value of the ticket, but more than 7 times the face value? Please, can you find out whether I was sent the correct tickets? This scalping is unbelievable! It is worse than in the usa!

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