1 mins ago I am very disappointed by seatwave's service, I think is disgraceful. I bought 3 beyonce tickets for monday 16th of november on the 27th july 2009 for £45 each. I recieved an email, conforming my order. four days later I recieved an email saying my order had been cancelled due to 'incorret listing' which as far as i am aware is 'trades description act'. I as a buyer have a right to purchase tickets for the price they were originally sold at, whether the price has changed after. The cancellation isn't the only problem. I called several times between the 16th nov and 27th jul and the customer services told me the same thing. They kept telling me I was to be put on reserve for replacements and that they can't do much. My money was held for 3 months and I didnt recieve a refund staright away, which deprived me from buying new tickets. I was told I was being served by leonardo who is used to solve a lot of other peoples cases. I havent recieved my refund yet so i am waiting and I don't believe seatwave tried, in fact I believe seatwave resold my tickets for a higher price, the thought make me feel sick. I've reported seatwave to watchdog because they promise replacements under their TicketIntegrity(TM) policy. They are a dreadful company.


  • Jo
    john mcgregor Nov 15, 2009

    You should never use Seatwave anymore. This is not the first time this happens as there are hundreds of other users like this one out there. I use viagogo ( - a much more serious company that have never let me down.

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  • Ce
    cellitstore Nov 25, 2009

    Hi, i had 4 tickets for sale on seatwave, i sold the tickets as we and freinds were unable to attend abeyonce concert. i deleted the listing of the tickets i had on seatwave, then 1 week later i got an email confirmation of sale of the 4 tickets from saetwave, i contact them and explained that i had removed the tickets from there website, the Customer services told me that there could be a bug on the site and that i would not be charged any fees. 2 weeks later i got an email from seatwave saying they are taking "£500 from my debit card for the breakage fee, i was also aware the buyers of the tickets were refunded there money back, therefore seatwave have pocket my £500 for themselves. i have emailed them again 4 days ago and i have not had a reply. think it will be legal advice next. they are a rip of company and i agree Viagogo is a top company. seatwave is linked to getmein and ticketmaster all are a con.

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  • Ce
    cellitstore Nov 25, 2009


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  • Ja
    Jan Cameron May 25, 2010

    I bought 4 tickets for the blackeyed peas which was on sunday 23 may. I bought these tickets in December 2009 from seatwave. Three days before the event I was told the tickets were not available. They then offered me 4 tickets seated at the back of the arena for the same price. Being so close to the event we took the tickets rather than not go. When we picked the tickets up they were valued at £49.50 each. I was sold them at £104 each. This company is a total rip off, I will never book with them again.

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  • Fr
    Frustratedcustomer123 Apr 12, 2013

    Hahaha, gonna have a right rave here!
    My mum ordered 3 tickets to see P!NK in Manchester on Sunday 14th April!
    Baring in mind she ordered these in September 2012.
    It's now two days till' the event and the tickets have only just arrived, only 2 of the 3 ordered arrived!
    I am fuming because she has been waiting for this for ages, and its heartbreaking to see her disappointed so she's going to demand a DOUBLE refund, like the website states.
    Also, maybe if the bloody number wasn't so hard to get hold of, it would be much simpler, but no, we have to get it off a council website and then when you call up, it's 10p a minute and it takes about ten minutes to be connected, it'd help if the call centre wasn't in BULGARIA! This is the stupidest, most awful website ever created, because they are pathetic, never EVER EVER EVER USE!!
    Scamming, lying, cheating, I could go to the police, and I have a good to mind to do exactly that...
    Never use, never recommend, don't be fooled...

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