Seatgeek.comgreat idea, poor execution

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Great idea, poor execution. Basically a for tickets in the secondary market. Unfortunately it doesn't really work - I tried to search for Book of Morman tickets and the search engine only showed 3 dates for the next month, whereas a quick check with stubhub shows there are secondary markets for all dates.


  • Ji
    Jimmy1222 Jun 21, 2011

    Strongly disagree, i think it works great. I typed in Book of Mormon on the homepage and the results yielded 13 pages of tickets, from tonights showing of The Book of Mormon all the way up to August 17.

    Heres a link to The Book of Mormon tickets at SeatGeek:

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  • Ja
    Jack Groetzinger Jun 21, 2011

    Hey @Gramass, sorry you're having trouble. I work at SeatGeek and would love to help you. As mentioned by @Jimmy1222, I'm seeing that we have dozens of Book of Mormon events in the coming month: Here's a screenshot: Are you seeing something different?

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  • Jt
    JTincher Jun 21, 2011

    Hey Gramass,

    I work with StubHub, I apologize for the trouble you were having locating tickets for Book of Mormom (I hear it's a great performance). Upon seeing your post I checked our site to make sure all the show dates appear, I can say all the dates are up. If you continue to have any issues with locating tickets feel free to contact us at 1 866 STUB HUB.

    Hope this helped!

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  • Tx
    txbgo Mar 18, 2015

    Caution when purchasing e-Tickets using SeatGeek! Oddly they can charge your credit card instantly but 17 hrs later and I'm still waiting for my tickets. Customer Service hasn't returned my email but I have spoken to two seperate reps who have reassured me I will have my tickets in time for tonight's event. So I guess I should jump in my car and make the 6 hrs commute knowing my tickets are on their way...not feeling good about this! e-Ticket does not mean instant.

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  • Ar
    ARNich Oct 08, 2019

    I purchased 2 tickets at $39 per and my total charges were $160. That was with a code word for $20 off. My tickets also read (purchased by Danny Barak.) Ripping people off for 2X what the tickets are worth is plain dishonest! I've heard a lot about this company and I honestly believed it would be better than this but I guess that's not the case.

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