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SeatGeek review: Policy on what constitutes event cancellation

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I purchased tickets to the Maui Invitational Basketball Tournament on May 17, 2023 through Seat Geek for a total purchase price of $3090. When the Maui wildfires devastated the Lahaina area in August, 2023 I cancelled my trip to Hawaii. The tournament was eventually shifted to an arena in Honolulu and Seat Geek deemed this was not a cancellation and therefore not eligible for a refund. They advised me to re-sell my tickets on their site but I have found that I can't really do that until I have the tickets in my possession. These are mobile tickets and usually won't be delivered until a day or so before the tournament begins so re-selling is not really an option. In addition, the original venue in Lahaina was a small 2,400 seat venue whereas the new site in Honolulu seats 10,000, rendering the value of my seats/tickets greatly diminished, even were I to be able to sell my tickets. My last communication with Seat Geek, via Chat, resulted in them recommending trying to re-sell the tickets on another site, such as Stub Hub, but Stub Hub has similar restrictions about selling tickets which are not physically in your possession even though they are confirmed. Also, the re-assigned seat locations are required for listing for resale but are not yet available to me until the tickets are actually delivered. I find it disgraceful that Seat Geek would hide behind unfair policy and procedure in the face of this tragic natural disaster in Maui rather than instituting a fair outcome.

Desired outcome: Please Refund

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