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SeatGeek review: Lost credit for seatgeek tickets

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On Oct 17,2022, I purchased tickets for Phillies/Padres NLCS game 7 (10/25/22) and the event was canceled. So, I was given the credit of my original $1854.68 that I spent, plus Seat Geek added 40% bonus making it $2597, in which I had one year to use... deadline being today Oct 25, 2023. On Oct. 24, 2023 I bought World Series tickets for the Rangers v Phillies, but the tickets were also canceled because the Phillies lost game 7 of the NLCS last night.

I want to make another ticket purchase today, but I don't see my $2597 credit on my account anywhere. So today is the deadline to purchase tickets for any event, but I lost my credit... I feel I should at the very least have my original $1854 credit back plus the additional extra $571 I spent yesterday for the World Series tickets- that were canceled last night.

So I should still have over $3168 to spend today, but again, the credit is wiped off my account. Seatgeek does not have customer service phone numbers. I did email them at [protected] and received an automated response telling me to read the frequently asked questions...which does no good in this case.

Please help, thank you.

Joseph Camello



Desired outcome: A credit of $3168 to spend today, but the SeatGeek app wiped it out. At the very least I should have a credit of $2425 (my original $1854 plus the additional $571 I spent on Oct 24, 2023, for the World Series tickets-which was canceled).

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