Scribd Incmalaysian government servant retirement form

B Jul 02, 2019

On the first week of Year 2018, I need to fill up the Malaysian Civil Servant retirement form, I found it from Scribd Inc, but i have to subscrib it for download / print that form. So I subscribe Scribd Inc, and i fill up the particulars for payment . Since then, i have been charged for subscription form . But after Januari 2018, I do not need that form any more, but Scribd keep on charging 7.99 USD to my credit card no. [protected] 0261 4582 until Jun 2019 and it might keep on charging me .So I request Scribd Inc to cancell the subscription and refund me the credit card payment since February 2018 till June 2019.
Thank you.

  • Scribd's response · Jul 02, 2019

    Apologies for the troubles, a member of our support team can definitely help you with this! Please email us at [email protected], then update your review with your ticket number and a member of our team will reach out to you shortly. Also, for your online security, we strongly encourage you to remove your full credit card information from this public review. Thanks!

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