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ScoreSense is a provider of credit reporting, identity protection, and neighborhood safety products. ScoreSense offers multiple products that aim to help consumers achieve or maintain good credit, protect their identity, and alert them of dangers in their neighborhood. ScoreSense is committed to their consumers.

Plus Complaints & Reviews / credit

Kayla Mayla on Jan 25, 2019

I had 39.95 taken out of my account. No one told me about this i had to find out when I only had 4 dollars left to my name. I want a full refund or I'm getting the authorities involved. This company is not right. I don't usually complain about things but when it is taking money away from... / unauthorized charges

Zamora_martin on Jan 23, 2019

Everyday I keep getting a notification on my phone about "transaction of 39.99 declined." How do I dispute these and how do I get them to stop charging my card?? This is a card where I receive my child support, how am I suppose to receive the support if my card is being charged ever day... / 3b credit scores

Shawn Wa on Jan 16, 2019

I had did a profile fir the free 3B credit score with scorescense and a week kater got an email notification that $39.95 had been deducted from my account. I had cancelled with them once I saw they wsnted to charge me but evidently they still charged my account. I never accessed their... / score sense is a scam and withdraws money from your account without permission

Mary Webb Appleton on Jan 11, 2019

Signed up for the initial $1 trial, but figured out quickly that this service is a scam. I never authorized additional withdrawals after seeing that the information I received was pretty worthless. Do not sign up with these people. Total scam. They are like gum on your shoe. You can't get... / scoresense credit reports

Carol MacLachlan on Dec 18, 2018

On December 17 between 2:00 and 2:15 I pulled up my online accounts with Bank of America (BOA) in order to pay bills. 1. Immediately, a screen that indicated it was from BOA, popped up saying account data had been compromised; they didn't know the extent of the data breach, but they... / unauthorized payment

Julia Perez on Dec 14, 2018

I woke up this morning, December 14, 2018 at 3a EST to find an unauthorized transaction amount of $39.95 deducted from my PayPal account from OTL* I have never heard of this company before and when I Googled them, I find out I'm not the only one with fraudulent activity in... / unauthorized payment taken out of my checking account

Holly Pritchard on Nov 23, 2018

I signed up for what claimed to be a completely free credit report, but found in my bank statement that $39.95 was deducted from my account on 11/22/2018. I did not consent to this and want my money refunded immediately. I have read other people's complaints and now understand that I am... / withdrawing money out of my bank account

Reia Michelle on Oct 29, 2018

I did not authorize OTL ScoreSense to take out $39.95 from my checking account. This is a scam. They were doing business under the name ScoreSense now they are doing business under OTL SCORESENSE Checking your credit score should not come with a price tag on any website not even the... / charges on credit card

Shirley Shamel on Oct 1, 2018

Reference No. VT1823922260000100001620 This is the number showing on my SCFederal Credit Union statement that I received today. It was for a deduction of $29.95 on August 26, 20018 to to Previously, I requested FREE credit reports, but was not aware there would be a... / refund that I did not sign up for

AKidd11 on Sep 21, 2018

ID #: 76013134 On September 13, I paid $1 to get a FICO score on line. The money was taken from my account the same day but I couldn't access my score. The very same day, within minutes, I contacted customer service and she saw where the $1 was taken out and helped me to access the score...

ScoreSense / complaint

score sense on Sep 10, 2018

I told score sense to take my payment out on the 19th of August, but they waited until the 10th of September and it made my checking account to go into the negative. I am very dissatisfied with this customer. I called them and they said that they tried to take the money out of my account... / unauthorized credit card charges

Carol Majewski on Aug 18, 2018

I just saw this company, unknown to me took $39.95 out of my bank account on Aug 16 2018. I do not know what they are claiming it was for. I do not have a account with them. I want my money refunded. I did not contract with you to do any thing for me. They will be reported to authoritie... / free credit report

Nmfo on Jul 7, 2018

On Tuesday July 3, I went to a website to apply for a mortgage and the final step was to get my credit scores from "ScoreSense". Paid my dollar and received my scores. Now today July 7, I went to my checking account and saw that they withdrew $39.95!! I was supposed to have a 7-day trial...

ScoreSense / unauthorized fee of $39.95 for one "free credit score"

fanitab on Jul 2, 2018

Simply put this company charged my checking account $39.95 for a supposedly free credit score. I'm not having this crap. I closed my checking account and re-opened at another bank. This shit is a scam and the last $39.95 they get from me!! I did not authorize these idiots to charge my... / getting ripped off

herb2858 on Apr 12, 2018

You took out 39.95 on 4/10/2018. I called to cancel this service on 4/12/2018. I paid for a month of service and you wont let me view my scores. How can you justify not letting me use the service for the month. I am a disabled veteran living on ssdi and I feel this is a rip off. Thanks for stealing my money. Rip off / charging me 29.95 for something I cancelled

Rebecca Brazelton on Apr 11, 2018

talk with a man yesterday and told him I had not given anyone permission to take 29.95 out of my bank account. I cancel this order before in Feb and had not applied for it now. I told him that this was fraud and I wanted my money back. He told me he cancelled it and my money would be put... / a one time request for credit score

Manet on Mar 25, 2018

I requested for a one time request of my credit score and I noticed my credit card was billed for $29.95 monthly for the last six month. I made an attempt to stop the monthly charges with no avail so if this is an option please help me in cancelling the monthly charges and if I get a... / credit monitoring

JessicaSA on Mar 15, 2018

Over 3 months ago, I was told that in order to continue with an application I would have to purchase my credit reports from ScoreSense for 1$. It didn't say anything about that being a trial or even mention a monthly subscription. Then today I'm charged 39.99 that was not authorized. When... / credit score service

GMS1972 on Feb 20, 2018

I signed up for the "free" credit score on the scoresense .com website after finding it from a link on "consumer warrior" Clark Howard's website. I had already pulled all three credit reports and just needed an accurate FICO score before applying for a mortgage. I expected the $1.00...

ScoreSense / unauthorized credit charges for services I did not ask for.

Sharyne Hunt on Dec 28, 2017

On 12/25/2017 $39.95 was deducted from my checking account for services I did not ask for. This is a credit score company & I would not have paid that much money for someone to get my credit score. I would like a refund and appreciate it if you never take money from my account again...