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ScoreSense.com Complaints & Reviews

Otl Scoresense / Taking money from my credit card

Renee86 on Nov 25, 2016
I just recently seen the it I score sense has been taking 40 off my card every month and I did not sign up for nothing like this and I would like to be reimbursed cause I need that money they take off my card cause I'm a single mom that takes care of my son and I have no one to help me out...

Scoresense.com / Credit monitor

rani beasley on Oct 30, 2016
have called twice to request discontinue this service. To date this has not been done and the company has continued to with draw $39.95 from my credit card. I would like to have it stopped immediately. If it is not done I will report the matter to my attorney general of North...

Scoresense.com / Credit inquiry

Burly on Oct 27, 2016
I have tried to get 39.95 taken off my cc and this is what they said: Dear kimberly, Thank you for contacting scoresense® customer care. After careful review of your account, the following refund requests have been processed: Transaction date billed amount refund...

Scoresense.com / Elder abuse

bienzi on Sep 13, 2016
This despicable company preys on the elderly for a free credit score only to bill them 39.95 every month. I called to cancel and they immediately offered to lower it to 19.95 a month. After trying to trick you into signing up for another free bogus month, they dropped the price again!...

Scoresense.com / Scoresense debiting my credit card without any permission

Sherry Potts on Sep 3, 2016
Went online one day to get credit score and came upon this website and it offered all 3 for $1 so stupidly agreed and entered my cc info never signed up for a montly subscription but every month I am being charged $39.95 I have called 855-259-1783 with no help as I do not know my account number as I never signed up for anything please help

Scoresense.com / Membership fee being billed in error

kimber lee on Aug 10, 2016
I was online looking at online (eloans) loans and I was forced to give my information. I have repeatedly sent emails and the first number I was given was not an active phone number. I had to get a number from my bank. I have called and asked for a refund and all the did was cancel the...

Scoresense.com / Unethical behaviour

lashon23 on Jul 11, 2016
April 7, 2016 I tried to get my credit report from the free site that is provided from free annual credit report that I use to be able to log into with out problem get my report and was never charged a penny and now the Scoresense company seems to have some how have almost the same name a...

Scoresense.com / Credit report viewing

linda s in fl on Jun 9, 2016
Went to a website my bank recommended to check my credit score for free. Apparently that website switched me to Scoresense.com without my knowledge. On my bank statement I show 2 charges of $39.95 (shows as a bill payment transaction). Called the number and talked to a call center out of...

Scoresence.com / unauthorized withdrawals

connorgdog on Apr 2, 2016
Again for the third month in a row, since 2008 I have been having to call these people every month and ask for my money back!! ive cancelled a thousand times! and it just never stops, yes they give me my money back but its such a hassel. now i have to close my account AGAIN!!!

Scoresense.com / Not Free Credit Report

Tamarawillhome on Mar 19, 2016
This company is a ripoff. They are more interested in stealing your money than helping you. Do not sign up for anything "free". They tell you they will e-mail before service cut off and they don't. Even though the "customer service" representative can see that you have not accessed the...

Scoresense.com / Took money out of checking for sevise i never had

kristina brown on Feb 24, 2016
Scoresence has been taking money out of my checking for $29.95 a month since jan. 2013 till feb, 2016, without mt permission. Ive called the every day for three weeks. Told me three times, corperate will call you. They never do. They had a civil action suite on nov. 2014. For oh. And ill...

Scoresense.com / Credit Report Scam

theresa7777 on Feb 15, 2016
I did the trial and cancelled it. 3 months later I'm looking at my bank statement and wondering about a $39.95 charge. Lo and behold they'd been charging me this since I started the trial and despite cancelling. I have called them and got no where with getting a refund, but cancelled the...

Scoresense.com / Payment they took out of my account

Reviewer12701 on Feb 3, 2016
I thought I was getting my credit scores I found out it was not and thought I had cancelled but I guess I was wrong. I found they billed me and I called them and cancelled but they would not give me a refund.I feel they should have given me my money back . I called one day after they...

Scoresense.com / I called and asked the representative why I am unable to see my credit report after paying for membership and $1 for a credit report from transunion.

sugreen on Jan 31, 2016
I called ScoreSense (888-550-2159)on January 26, 2016 to find out why my account wouldn't let me see my credit report. After holding, the representative said that there was no technical issues that may be affecting the website and that because I told him a fraud alert may be in place, it...

Scoresense / Free credit score

edna dabbs on Jan 31, 2016
I was looking for jobs online when jobflag said they found a job with dollar tree .General dollar and Freds dollar in my town during the app. this pop up that with out my credit score i wouldn't be able to get the job that i could get a free credit score then said i needed to pay 1.00...

Scoresense.com / I have no Idea

Reviewer93759 on Jan 20, 2016
I am being billed on a compromised /stolen id credit card that has been canceled but I still see the attempted charges on that old card . I NEVER HEARD OF THIS COMPANY LET ALONE ORDERED ANYTHING FROM THEM. I HAVE CHECKED MY COMPUTER FOR ANY MENTION OF THEM IN EMAIL ETC. JUST IN CASE. THIS COMPANY HAS MANY SUCH COMPLAINTS ONLINE.

Scoresense.com / Fraudulent credit card charge

Cynthia King on Dec 11, 2015
Apparently on Dec. 8 of 2015 ScoreSense took and unauthorized 39.95 from my account. I'm a senior citizen and can't afford this charge every month. It needs to be removed and the money replaced into my account. I will have to take steps to find out more about ScoreSense and get the...

Otl Scoresense / Unauthorized debiting of checking account

ladonna bell on Dec 4, 2015
ON 9/21/15 REFERENCE #068371 $29.95 (causing overdraft $32.00) ON 10/21/15 REFERENCE #014975 $29.95 ON 11/21/15 REFERENCE $29.95 (charge reversed when I was alerted by bank teller that my account was debited that day by company I'd never knew of)

Scoresense.com / Company has been taking $29.95 from my checking account without my approval from February 2015 up to and including November 2015.

Reviewer81226 on Nov 21, 2015
To date the company has returned 4 months of the $29.95, and have disapproved the balance. My account number is: 4308089021. I have a confirmation that my case is closed as of November 15, 2015, the cancellation number is 11487855. The account number with ScoreSense.com is 45463673. At...

Scoresense.com / Free credit report

Terry Cross on Nov 11, 2015
I went on www.annualcreditreport.com and had to signup for report and put in my credit card for a 30 day trail period, but was charge 7 days later for 39.95. I have call ScoreSense and Experian about this and can't be refunded the money. Try calling Annual report just get recording. Thi...

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