Santander Consumer USApayment fraud


I dont owe but $1, 900.00 on the dodge caliber but santander says I owe $4, 000.00 I know thats not correct and im having problems with the car. So, something has to be done to stop them from ripping people off. Anthony b.


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    th!sman Aug 18, 2012

    You have all your proofs of payments? Good. Reconcile that account. Write them a CMRRR and request a current loan amortization. Upon receipt reply CMRRR that you dispute their figures and include a copy of your payment proofs listed nicely to show up to date payment and remaining balance and demand they rectify their records. Copy that to FTC, your state AG and a local TV station so a s to expose them. if you have more/specific questions post them @ debtor boards dot com

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    hatethiscar Jul 29, 2013

    I too have a crappy 09 caliber financed by santander. The car no longer runs, is out of warranty and i cannot afford 2700 to fix it. So im stuck with a pos car i cant use, a payment and insurance. At my wits ends. Im about to tell them to come get the car but dont want to ruin my credit. -Torn

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