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On April 2, 2012. I made 3 deposits with this company of $400 each. I thought I was bidding on a vehicle but every time I actually "won" the vehicle on auction they would tell me that I dind't win the auction because someone had bid more than me. Their online system told me I won the bid, but they wouldn't honor my winninig bid. Then I decided to not argue with them and request my money back. I called them several times, and after finally gettinga hold of somebodythey said I had to wait 90 days to get my money back. I waited the 90 days and have been trying to get it back since then!!THIS COMPANY IS SUCH A FRAUD!!! On 7/10/12 after calling several times and yelling at them over the phone becasue they wouldn't give me my money back, they finally put $310 back into my checking account. However the amount they owe me is $1200 NOT $310.00. That is when Kia Jones sent me an email, that i've attached to this complaint. This company refuses to refund me my money! I have repeated attempts to get a hold of them. They keep telling me they will refund me my money by the end of the day. This is the last email they sent me on 7/24/12, where they misspelled my name and promissed to return my money to me. They have not tried to call me at all as they claim, it is very hard to get a hold of them. I tried calling them for over two week, and only until i threatenend to get an attorney and go to the BBB did this guy send me this email. If they have proof that they have tried calling me I'd like to see it. I still havent received my money from the date of this email on 7/24/12: Hi Robert, I have tried to call you back multiple times, I'm sorry you were unable to reach me. The remaining portion of you deposit is being processed today. I will be in the office till 3pm if you would like to contact me. 7/24/12 Sincerely, Kia Jones [protected] Office ext 1003


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    salvage world1 May 02, 2013

    Make make sure to reference GSA auctions when calling them.. GSA auctions is a dba of Salvage World...

    Please keep me informed on outcomes..

    Here are the 2 contacts set up at the Department of Motor Vehicles that are handling this case...

    Debra Moye
    Field Supervisor
    Bureau of Motor Vehicle Field Operations
    1135 Banks Rd
    Margate, FL 33063
    Office 954-969-4216 X110
    Fax # 954-969-4237

    Lartarsha Ricks-Delp
    Compliance Examiner
    Department of Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles
    Division of Motorist Services
    Bureau of Motor Vehicle Field Operations
    Region 1
    1135 Banks Road
    Margate, FL 33063
    954-969-4216 X112
    Fax 954-969-4237

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