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order number 9319

I received my order today and have opened it just now.
I was wondering is there another parcel to arrive because I am missing quite a few things. Also three of the items are damaged and have leaked!

Damaged/ leaked: Nail kit
Gentle face toner
Calming foot cream.

Missing: anti wrinkle cream
24K Gold cream
Intense nourishing mud mask
Whitening mask
Nail kit x2.

anti wrinkle cream.1 damaged and 1 missing.
Products received 13.2.20
Email sent the same day.

order number 9319
order number 9319
order number 9319
order number 9319
order number 9319

extremely rude sales associates

The sales assistants are so horrible, they can see how clearly uncomfortable you are, pushing you to buy things. Insulting your appearance to force you to buy things or try demos you do not consent to. When I tried to leave the demo I was stopped multiple times before rushing out to leave. I felt disgusted that I had been criticised by people attempting to sell me things, by making me feel insecure, possibly the worst sales tactic ever. Also, forcing people to take part in demo's against their will is another weird move as I would not have gone to this length to complain if I found it a standard experience. Your staff went above and beyond to be nasty, rude and vile, who harass potential customers.

sakura body butter, sea salt etc

17.07.2019 Bought Sakare set products in new bond str, but were not informed about refund policy by sale assistant before payment. Wanted return and refund money, and explained...

mineral peel & body scrub

I have been mislead and tricked into buying this, same as every other person who walks past their bond street(london) store . Influenced and intimidated by their hard sale...

sakare products

Any good brand will never use the same aggressive and misleading sales tactic that SAKARE uses. They say that SAKARE sources the best ingredients all over the world and that it is a luxury beauty brand.

They will try products on your skin and make you think that you are buying exclusive SAKARE brand products. It is only when you go home that you will realise that they have sold you non-SAKARE brands. Their pricing is also not published in their store so it is difficult to see if you are paying correct prices for their products. Again, as soon as you get home - you will realise that they sold you different brands which you can get for a lot less than they tell you in the store. They sell you products from brands: Dead Sea Premier and Soap&Co which most everyone in eBay are unloading - brand new and unused - for a fraction of what you UNKNOWINGLY pay for in the SAKARE stores.


I have ordered some beauty products from and was very disappointed with its quality. I don't know what ingredients they use, but after I used the product many red...

Rude, terrible, disrespectful!!

Several days ago I was walking by Sakare store and some strange sales lady invited me to try their products. I decided to give it a try and tried some of their creams. Product... — Seller didn't return money for the order, which has been lost

Awful website!!! I have ordered from the company for the first time. I placed the order and paid money. The seller confirmed the purchase and payment, but after... — Rude and impolite seller

My wife recently had the bad experience with the company She went to buy the cream, which cost her about $23.99. The seller offered other products, ‘coz they...

sakare.comThis cream didn't help me at all

I bought SAKARE cream from It had only good reviews on the website and I decided to try it. The ad stated that the difference would be seen within 2 weeks. But it was simple cream and my skin remained the same. I was upset as well as the prices were too high for the creams. I wonder if there are other people, who had the same experience. Let’s share views about this website.

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    Orpahkiran Jul 28, 2019

    I HV placed an order 8177 on 12th July.
    I cannot track my product.
    I am frustrated trying to reach ur customer service.
    Ref no.15976855967444.
    Kindly look into the matter at the earliest.

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