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We are a furniture retailer in Seattle, WA. Our manufacturer from CA shipped items to us and Saia showed up unannounced. They would not release the shipment without a check. Now our inventory is slated for redelivery and we are forced to pay almost double of the original shipping cost (from CA), due to the redelivery charges associated. We are told that if we dispute the redelivery charge, our shipment will continue to be on hold indefinitely. Their manager, the only person who is authorized to waive this fee refuses to talk to us on the phone.

It is unreasonable to expect that our staff in our store would know exact dollar amount, and have a check ready without any prior indication. It is also unreasonable to expect that in a company, the person that is authorized to write checks, would also be the same person receiving inventory.

This is not about the redelivery fee but about principal. The fact that they refuse to admit fault, and their willingness to contribute to further delay of our shipment, speaks for itself. We ship and receive very frequently, rest assured I will never give another dime to this company again.


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    Mary Oct 30, 2008

    Saia is a horrible freight company. They claimed a delivery would be to a client of mine at 9am and they were paid extra to make sure the shipment got there. It's now 1 pm and they still aren't there. I will never use them again. Horrible freight company

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    suzannelbennet Feb 19, 2009

    I had a horrible experience with this company. I purchased a designer Kohler for 500 dollars. The toilet which was promised to be delivered gaurunteed and had a paid plumber waiting and everything. They did not show up at all and did not bother to call. Then the next day a Saia truck arrived and the delivery man brought it in but sounds indicated it was broken. I opened the box to find the toilet in hundreds of pieces completely smashed. There attitude was not very helpful and it was difficult even getting them on the phone. Their attitude was fill out a complaint form.

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    ron Mar 20, 2009

    I had my furniture shipped from Las Vegas Nevada to Sherman Texas, it arrived in Sherman on the 18th and was scheduled for delivery on the 20th at 2pm. I called at 1:45 to see if they needed any directions and was told by the terminal help the shipment wasn't put on a truck for delivery on the day it was scheduled, The man said he would check to see if he could get it delivered later in the afternoon and would call me back, meantime I called the 800 number talked to a lady named Chris in coustomer service, went through the entire story again she told me she would get back in touch with me in a few minutes, (you guessed it) still haven't heard from Chris or the dock worked in Sherman Texas either, I called the person in Vegas that I contracted to ship my furniture told him to story, this is 3 hours later in the afternoon, he called back and told me he was informed the shipment was lost and no one from SAIA could tell him where or when I could expect my furniture. On the recording you hear from Saia you will a recording telling you about coustomer service is rated #1 in satifaction, BOY WHAT A JOKE, Saia needs to look around and see how tough times are, as there company may not servive in these hard times. My experence with this company is they are all Liars. And you know employees are only as good as their bosses. I will give an updated when and if my stuff arrives and what condition it gets here in. Believe me Saia will hear more from me than they would like to. I am going to post on every web site I can find. Any ideas would help me alot!!!

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  • La
    LA Mar 25, 2009

    I paid $650 to have "my companies products!!" shipped from CA to LA. Half of it showed up and then I had TO GO PICK UP THE REST the next day!! I asked the lady in the office if there was some sort of credit I could get for the lost work and the fact that I HAD TO PICK IT UP, blank stare. NOTHING!! So I contacted CS and here is the conversation:

    I recently had something shipped from california to Lafayette, la. I paid $650 to have it delivered. I was notified that it would be here on wednesday so planned my business accordingly. I not only was missing the main parts to intall but I had to cancel my crew, media coverage, and customer. It arrived a day late and I then had to go pick it up, which defeats the whole delivery purpose. I asked the office what the appropriate compensation was for late delivered materials and all i got was a stupid look, like I was wasting my time. Please respond

    SAIA CS:
    Do you by chance happen to have a tracking or pro number so I can look at it to see what occurred on our end? Thank you.

    Copy this PRO# : 764139563

    I can see what happened. When the freight came into our Lafayette terminal it did not come in as one shipment. The freight was separated in transit. The 4 boxes were delivered a day late. I do apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

    Yea, I could of figured that out. An apology doesn't fix the missed work and media coverage. And, I also paid $650 to pick half of my stuff up.


    Well, glad to see they are doing so well in this economy that they are able to piss off customers. I WILL NEVER UES THEM AGAIN. I will pay extra to have it shipped differently.

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    proud Saia employee Apr 30, 2010

    In response to Denny's say Saia showed up unannounced...did you require an appt? If not, I would assume you are a business open from 8-5 and the delivery was attempted between these hours. The fact that you did not know you had to pay at time of delivery, or the amount you owed, is the fault of your shipper, not the carrier. Your shipper should have informed you that this shipment was moving collect and you owed $$$ at time of delivery.

    In response to Ron's assumption that all Saia employees are liars...that is what is wrong with this world. You talked to 1 or 2 people and make generalizations about everyone else. Must be nice to have never made an error in your business dealings.

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  • Sp
    spydergrl May 27, 2011

    I have now been, what looks like one of many, that has been screwed over by this terrible Saia company. What a joke they are! I ordered a playset as a surprise for my daughter's 5th birthday. I was told it would take about a week to ship. I figured to add a few days and hired a service to come set it up a week after the quoted delivery. We were going to have it set up, do the big reveal and it be the focal point for her birthday party with 30 kids. I noticed that the tracking of the product had been sitting for several days in the same terminal. I called the manufactuurer to see if they could call and find out why. As expected no one had an actual answer. So I have written email and tried to get answers and all I keep getting is the standard "I am sorry miss, we will look into it and call you back". Never one call back! So I call the day before the party to make one last ditch effort to see how close it is. I am told it just left Chicago (where it has been sitting on a truck for 9 days at that terminal for some odd reason). I end up speaking with the supervisor of the Seattle terminal, he said that the bad news is, when they depart from the terminal they scan the shippments on board. My shippment was never scanned. So I asked him where my package is, he tells me he is not 100% sure where it is. It is either on the truck to Seattle, still at the terminal or possible put on another truck by mistake. SERIOUSLY?!? How can this happen? Their main function as a company is to ship things and know where they are at all times. They cannot get either of those things right. That is like a dentist that tells funny jokes but doesn't know how to fill a cavity. How are they even still in business?!? So now my $3300 playset is somewhere but no one knows where. And now I have a 5 year olds birthday that will not get her gift from her parents until God knows when and nothing for the kids to do for the party, meaning I need to spend another couple hundred dollars to rent something to entertain the kids at the party. And it is Memorial weekend, I am guessing it will be somewhat difficult to find a place that will have availability for me to book something with less that 24 hours notice. Thanks Saia, you have really made my daughter's 5th birthday a memorable one, unfortunatly in the worst possible way! And I have no clue when I will actually receive the playset since no one has a clue where it is, hopefully before summer is over. It is unfortunate that to work for that company it is required that a person no be able to read or write! I hope they go out of business so they cannot do this to anyone else!

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  • Im
    imitando Jun 17, 2011


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  • Go
    GOD HELP SAIA Feb 01, 2012


    Review Headline HORRIBLE SAIA DOES NOT CARE ABOUT THEIR CUSTOMERS OR ASSOCIATES what do you like about working at Saia Motor Freight? Pay is okay but they make up for it, weekend work short staffing always catching up working 15+ hours daily and if you are a supervisor inbound or outbound it could be 6 or 7 day a week. Saia took 5% from management & hourly in 2009 gave back 2 1/2% in December 2012 . What did they do with all that money? What do you dislike about working at Saia Motor Freight? Saia motor has horrible upper management & senior account managers no one works together they all finger point and blame drivers-clerks-terminal managers & supervisors. As a manager Saia never gave us the proper tools to be successful. The equipment was horrific had 5-8 breakdowns daily this is on the low end staffing was terrible the company would allow you so many dock men & drivers to use daily. Saia V.P. operations Paul Peck would set unrealistic goals that could not be met no matter how hard you would work or communicate to them, that a different plan was needed. Regional managers would have managers & supervisor to change operation numbers it seemed to me it was a common practice in the company I would always laugh at the service indicators they are not as close to what Saia reports. Saia does not train their dock associates could not believe how bad it was I have been in the transportation for over 20yrs and this is the worst I ever seen I would tell upper management about the problem & account managers but they did not care I felt horrible for our customers Saia was causing all there damages but did not care. I will submit photos of customers damaged freight you be the judge of Saia motor. What advice would you give to senior management? Saia needs to tell the truth to their customers and fix their problems Rick O'Dell need to get out of his cooperate office and visit & talk to his associates and listen listen listen listen listen . The company has taken numerous steps backwards after they terminated Tony Albanese Senior VP of sales & operations. He visited our terminal several times and would at least listen to what you had to say and fix problems. Paul Peck where are you don’t fix problems sitting at your cooperate desk and making horrific decision by hiring cowards like Bill Monahan. Final thought customers do not ship with Saia if at all possible use another carrier if you do track your shipments and get extra insurance on valuable freight! And please don’t overpay they cheat on their customer service indicators do not depend on Saia the will screw you.

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  • Ad
    AdamKongskilde Jun 23, 2017

    So, my local SAIA rep has worked hard to get in the door with my company for 4-5 years. I gave him a shot. After 1 week... Literally lost freight, damages to other freight (multiple bills). Got another call this morning about more missing freight, and freight not delivered. All of the years I have been in the game, SAIA has made it the most challenging week of my life. On top of all of it, their driver Keith is nuts, he was actually mad he had to pick up freight... I will never use them again. John L, my local rep is a very nice guy. I want to make sure he is not slandered in the whole process.

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  • Sm
    Smyrnaguy Jan 09, 2019

    Just had a riding mower delivered buy SAIA (tracking 1028980358-0). Horrible experience !! Paid extra for lift gate service . There was no way this poor driver was going to get this thing off the truck alone even with the lift gate !! I feel the terminal manager should have known this and made other arrangements. If it wasn't for the kindness of neighbors the damn thing would still be on the truck !!

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