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Our installation took place with the fitters deliberately not giving us the keys to the front door until we had moved on to the other site as they demonstrated it in use without the keys involved - why? The keys do not lock the door! They also said that the window sill ordered for one of the windows was too short and that the correct one would at the end of the week. Instead when we finally managed to get through to post installation they offered a remedial visit in a month. The fitters actually lied to us and my mother's window (she has advanced Alzheimers) is still not fixed. It will take you about half an hour on hold to get through to post installation and nobody ever calls you back. If you post a new sales enquiry on the web they will call you within fifteen minutes. Horrible customer service, sharp practice and long waits for urgent & vital remedial action. Find another company that will treat you better and is local.

Oct 07, 2019

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