Safestyle UK / aggressive sales reps

I never actually used Safestyle, only opting for small local contractors - whose work I had seen for Myself and were council approved with recommendations. So this post relates to Safestyle commission paid door-to-door reps in my location. One little chap kept harassing us for months, despite a very clear no cold calling sign. The manager of their branch obtained our number too and started to phone us persistently (basically the last straw for me). When I explained I had read hundreds of negative customer reviews online and was not interested in Safestyles service at any reduced cost, he became belligerent. I ended the call hanging up on him because he would just not take "no" for an the following weeks, even more reps appeared at our door. They were actually more frequent than local Jehovah witnesses! I lost my temper and asked one particular little 'junkie looking' individual "if he thought our NO cold calling sign was there just for fun"? Next thing I know, this little rep with rotten teeth is standing at the bottom of our steps with his obese district manager, a fat bloke screaming obscenities up at my window, along with playground taunts such as "come down here and say that!?". It was all quite surreal, I'm in my 40's, last time I experienced anything like that was probably in secondary school. You expect to experience such behaviour outside nightclubs with drunken revellers, not on your own doorstep from salesmen. I contemplated phoning the police but opted not to waste police time and simply laugh at them from my window instead. It is not often sales reps make physical threats outside properties but as Safestyle are known for high pressure sales and aggressive reps, I thought I would share my own Safestyle experience here. This is an unprofessional min-wage employment company I would never use or recommend. This company are only worth laughing at. Laugh hard at their reps when they cold call on your property. They know no boundaries and are very arrogant, they only deserve total mockery for their sales reps ridiculous conduct.

Sep 11, 2019

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