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Safestyle UK / Complaints & Reviews

Safestyle UK / / faulty product with unhelpful repair team

Jun 20, 2019

I had patio doors and windows installed with Safestyle a couple years ago. After 2 years the doors have dropped multiple times and now the silicone is coming away. Not what you would expect at this stage and I can't open the doors as it has dropped so low. I've had engineers come to repair...

Safestyle UK / / door frame

Jun 18, 2019

the frame has a crack at the bottom I rang them and sent a photo of the crack I asked to have the frame replaced under the guarantee { install 2014 } contract no 947566 after I sent the photo they said I have stood on the frame and I should not have .and its a step over I said the frame must...

Safestyle UK / / rude sales call

Apr 18, 2019

I contacted in 2017 for a quote and after a site visit they told me that they were unable to do the works that I required. They started calling me a few weeks ago to follow this up and I explained why I didn't use them and thought that was that. I have now had 6 call...

Safestyle / ill fitting door

Apr 18, 2019

Safe style came out to give me a price for a replacement back door stable style. The price was £1044.oo. The original door had 3" threshold I expected the new door would have the same.The door opens straight off my garden so for obvious reasons I have always had a doormat there. When the fitter...

Safestyle UK / / french patio doors

Apr 06, 2019

The worst product and fitting. Can't shut them in summer as they are bowed! We have had 5 appt cancelled now . They cancel on the day they're due to repair them with terrible excuses No call back when we complain. We will be stopping direct debits to them until they sort this issue out...

Safestyle UK / / damage to my kitchen

Mar 11, 2019

This I have posted on facebook 😡this company safestyle caused over £3oo worth of damage to my brand new kitchen,, used a different shade of trim around the new windows, installed windows that wouldn't lock, door that was out of line and couldn't be opened, left a pile of rubbish on...

Safestyle UK / / totally incompetent

Dec 03, 2018

Do not buy from safestyle. I wanted a door with a dog flap, I was told by the salesperson they don't do that but I could be done by a 3rd party, after the installation I found out that you can't cut into the glass unit and that safestyle do fit dog flaps! It took 6 months to get any...

Safestyle UK / / unethical behaviour

Nov 19, 2018

Yet another no show on a pre arranged appointment, this time the "promise" of a cancellation to fit you in"for Saturday the 17th Nov. No show, no phone call. Numerous visits to complete basic snags such as cement falling out of the window blockwork tidy up, fascias coming away from the...

Safestyle UK / / misquoted, misguided & asking for public liability insurance certificate

Nov 14, 2018

I was quoted for my home stairway window at price of £650 and decided to go for it. Next day at the time of payment the sale representative asked for £750 saying system is not coming up with the quoted price of £650.After negotiation an increased price of £700 was accepted and placed an...

Safestyle UK / / front composite door faulty knocker

Oct 20, 2018

Do NOT buy from this company! We paid £2000 for a composite front door and the knocker is faulty! It is very loose & knocks itself in the wind. They came out to "fix" it, & used glue. 2nd time they came out to "fix" it they told us to use bluetac. We were then told all the knockers were the...

Safestyle UK / / windows

Sep 12, 2018

Had my windows put in and found one of them to be badly twisted. Took a ridiculous length of time to get through to customer care. They sent an engineer a wk later who agreed the window was twisted & then informed me it would take a month to get someone to put it right. I'm in the proce...

Safestyle UK / / front door

Aug 15, 2018

I had a new front door fitted approximately 2 weeks ago and I have had nothing but problems since. The door was dropped during installation causing damage to the top hinge, then the spindle was missing from the handle. A second AM visit was arranged to correct the problems but the fitter...

Safestyle UK / / front door

Aug 14, 2018

On June 28/06/18. One of your Engineers came and tried to rectify the problem with the front door and failed he told me that I needed a new front door and would report it and that safe style would be in touch with me to confirm it. It is now 13/08/18 and I am still waiting for a phone call...

Safestyle UK / / patio doors still not fitted correctly after eight months

Aug 02, 2018

Hi, It has been over seven months since the installation visit of my patio doors in December by Safestyle UK and the job still isn't finished. The work that has been done isn't correct and part of it, a finishing strip was only fitted after seven months. I've been waiting for numerous visit...

Safestyle UK / / windows and doors

Jul 30, 2018

This company are a bunch of cowboys who will stop at nothing to try and get a sale from you, we had our windows and doors installed over a year ago, my son took out a loan as the salesman wouldn't leave until it went through with barclays bank, he didn't leave until 11.00 pm, as I wa...

Safestyle UK / / window fitting.

Jun 26, 2018

We had used Safestyle before and were quite happy with the product and service so we decided to use them again for 2 windows on a house we are currently renovating. Scaffolding was needed to fit the windows as was discussed with the salesman and surveyor. The first issue came when the...

Safestyle UK / / poor fitting time and customer care

May 28, 2018

Poor workmanship and customer service. First off the surveyor measured our windows wrong so none of them fitted. It then took another 4 attempts, 2 no shows and across nearly 2 months for our windows to be fitted with various issues being the cause from still not fitting, no glass being made...

Safestyle UK / / customer service

May 15, 2018

Composite door fitted in November 2016 was catching badly around the lock area making it difficult to operate. I tried phoning Customer Services and was on hold for over 20 minutes whilst told repeatedly to contact them on their website and they would respond within 24 hours. Over a period...

Safestyle UK / / windows/ customer service

May 09, 2018

I registered a faulty window with their customer service in February, they sent somebody out to assess the window which was done almost immediately, then things went wrong, they first gave me a date in mid April, which they cancelled the day before and then gave me a date in May which they...

Safestyle UK / / windows and doors

Mar 31, 2018

If only I knew about this company before I had our windows and doors installed, this company should be shut down, Cowboys that's what they are, we had a rep come around at 7.30 pm and he didn't leave until 11.30 pm, he sure wasn't going to go away until he got a sale, hard...

Safestyle UK / / fitters causing damage

Mar 17, 2018

Had 2 windows and a set of patio doors fitted last tuesday 13th march. The windows themselves are good, however the fitters were extremely untidy and and made a lot of mess. My complaint is thet have left an awful mark on my carpet. It looks like oil (see photos). Ive rang customer...

Safestyle UK / / payment not received

Feb 15, 2018

On 24th Nov. 2016 we confirmed the window order with safe style, and on 30th May. 2017 we had 8 windows done by safe style in one day; it cost £3590.00 in total. After safe style fitted our window, as a customer we should feel happy and enjoy with the product what we chosen, but just the opposite...

Safestyle UK / / composite door

Jan 24, 2018

Purchased a Composite door from Safestyle in 2017. Started to leak rain water almost immediately but only small drops. Progressively got worse until it started flooding hallway. Phoned customer services and they said an engineer would be out in ONE MONTHS TIME. Tried to explain to them the...

Safestyle UK / / the fitters of 2 doors

Nov 15, 2017

On the 25th of September I had 2 doors fitted by Safestyle fitters. I had asked Safestyle to call me approx 20 mins before they would arrive as I was at another address so would go for when they would like to start. My time slot was 8am-1pm as I had work to do in the afternoon/evening. At approx...

Safestyle UK / / windows and doors

Nov 08, 2017

After 90 days and 6 attempts to complete my windows and door I have gave up, it is still wrong and in complete. They will not give compensation and you will find it virtually impossible to talk to any one. When you do get hold of somebody they are reading everything of a script and then...

Safestyle UK / / my fitted windows

Aug 08, 2017

I spoke to one of your advisors on the phone today. I told them about the constant problems I've had with my windows and was informed my gaurantee was up. I have been working abroad for the last 4yrs but have called you on my wife's behalf at least twice a year to complain but surprise...

Safestyle UK / / windows and patio door

Jul 07, 2017

Safestyle UK is one of the worst companies in the Uk in my opinion.Right from the start the staff was extremely rude and their installation was very poor for a company this big.The patio door frame wasn't straight and scratched which they tried to hide with Sellotape.The glass was also...

Safestyle UK / / harassment

Jun 28, 2017

SafeStyle UK continue to phone me even though I have asked them not to and to remove my phone number from their system. They have also passed my number on to other window firms ho are now also phoning me continually. One of SafeStyle UK's former employees who is now working for another...

Safe Style UK / Windows - post installation

Jan 17, 2017

Hi My problem is post installation. I was very please with the work men etc... When they left the house "Work complete" I found the key would not work in the door. I immediately rang Customer Service - I hung on the phone for 20 minutes to then get cut off - I rang back and again it wa...

Safestyle UK / / Patio doors

Dec 23, 2016

Bought new front door and replacement patio window in November 2016. Instalation date a day late . I was told that a product fault was seen in the patio doars and that new patio doors were to be made. This would cause a 24 hrs delay in the fitting. They duly came and fitted the door...

Safestyle UK / Quote

Dec 14, 2016

A man came round for a quote for a new front door. First of all, he was really early, and second of all, he was very rude. I explained to him that I wanted a quick quote, but he kept trying to walk off into my house, presumably to lure me to sit down in the living room. I told him I didn't...

Safestyle UK / Door fitting contract number 1143276

Oct 13, 2016

Mrs Wright after a very detailed consultation ordered a new door and bathroom window from Safestyle uk. Mrs Wrights new door and window were to be fitted 10/10/2016 between 8am-10am. We were told the work would take half a day. the engineers arrived 1.15pm and left 4.30pm. The told Mrs Wright...

Safestyle UK / Window salesman was threatening

Sep 28, 2016

I am left absolutely shocked and stunned that I have just be subjected to threatening behaviour by the sales rep from Safestyle UK who turned up to provide a quote, but when I said that I was no longer wanting a quote from them, he tried to force his way into my home (I'm a single lady...

Safestyle UK / Door fitting and after sales service

Sep 01, 2016

We had a composite front door fitted with Safestyle. We were assured by their salesman that this was a family company who employed only in house contractors - lie number one. They use outside contractors and ours just could not wait to get away. 'Any problems call that number' he said a...

Safestyle UK / Double Glazing

Jul 23, 2016

Had our double glazing fitted 22/06/16 and the kitchen window cracked from top to bottom. A new window was apparently ordered and installation was due to be carried out on Friday 8th July - phoned PM on the Friday to be told the fitters where on a job in Bangor and would call with us on...

Safestyle UK / Doors

Jul 20, 2016

We ordered two new doors from SafeStyle UK believing we would get good customer service from such a large business. It took them 5 visits to our property - the only one they arrived to on time was one that was not booked with us and we were away getting an early morning phone call from...

Safestyle UK / Totally unprofessional

Jun 03, 2016

Unprofessional and pushy attitude. Forceful sales technique and the rude manager hung up on the phone when requested to do the quotes some other time.

Safestyle UK / Door

Feb 12, 2016

Am just glad i only had the front door and that was a bit pricey for basic frosted glass 900 pounds plus VAT and installation .They were very pushy on me having the windows and having to pay to have a surveyor for each window to be measured and i was told all my details will be passed on...

Safestyle UK / Window fitted to lounge

Feb 06, 2016

In April 2013 I had windows installed by this company . After returning from holiday in the October, having had torrential rain whilst I was away, it was noticed that there was water damage to my walls around the window in the lounge. The window had obviously leaked when I was away from...

Safestyle UK / Service

Feb 01, 2016

I have 34 years in this industry. i worked for them once, 2 weeks. Please find another window supplier. they underpay everyone who work for them, there fitters are given no time to do a proper job, to do a job right. everything is rush rush rush, get money in !!! you will not get any...