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Sabrina Lowery - simply irresistible mastiffsBad Breeder - Mastiff Scam

Do not but a Mastiff or Puppy from Sabrina Lowery In Anderson Indiana

I paid Sabria Lowery aka simply irresistible mastiffs in anderson indiana $1000.00+ for a mastiff and she never called me back for over a week after getting my money and I left her dozens of messages, finally I called her from a local number to her and she answered. She said she has been busy and was shipping my dog. I waited another week and still nothing. She was avoiding me again. Finally We drove 7 hours to her house (where I mailed a check) and she was there. I got my dog after driving there and scaring her in to giving me the puppy. The dog was filthy and was kept in a flea infested barn in horrible conditions with dozens of other animals.

I drove the dog home 7 hours teh next day and when I got there we noticed teh dog had 100's of fleas so we gave the pup a bath and treated with flea killer. The dog seemed little tired and lazy so we watched him closely. He pooped and we noticed he has Tape Worms!

We took him to the vet to be treated for tape worms and during the visit the vet said to watch him clsely for any other issue because he seemed to be in pain. 2 das later the puppys neck was real big and swollen. The vet said it has an infection in it's body from something.. Maybe an object from a wound days ago? or something?

The puppy had to stay at the vet on iv's for days (still there) whiel fighting this infection. The pups white blood count was offthe charts and he has not eaten well.

Sabrina Lowery says she breeds for health - LIE.
Sabrina Lowery says she kept (raised) dogs in the house with her - LIE.
Sabrina Lowery said she got a health pass from vet to ship dog - LIE.
Sabrina Lowery says she is a Vet Tech in Anderson Indiana. LIE.


  • Si
    Simply_Mastiffs Sep 16, 2009

    I was totally shell shocked when I read this report! I have been breeding for over 8 years and have had hundreds of happy customers to this one unhappy one. Several things in this report are false.

    First off, the puppy was ready to ship and I had every intention of doing so. There was not weeks of contact (or claimed lack there of). The puppy could not be shipped right away due to temperatures being too hot. I had previously explained this to the new owner. After about a week, I received a call from the new owner wanting to know if he could just pick the puppy up. Of course I agreed as I always prefer my puppies be picked up rather than being shipped. I was told that one of the new owners employees was located just a hour from my house on business and would come by and pick the puppy up that day. This employee did pick the puppy up (well after 10pm at night), NOT the new owner. I was in contact with the new owner on the phone the whole day. The employee even called the new owner from my house when he picked the puppy up to make sure he had everything.

    This is only one false statement in the new owners report. The man that picked the puppy up was very out of sorts, got lost several times on the way to my house as well as on the 10 mile trip from my house back to the hotel which only included 2 turns. Even lost the back off of his phone and had to call me around 11pm or later to see if it was at my house.

    I must stress that this puppy was picked up at my house. If the puppy was so bad off, who in their right mind would pay $1000 for the puppy. The full purchase price for the puppy was $1400 which included a discounted shipping rate of $400 which WAS refunded when the puppy was picked up. The puppy left my house with a bag of food so that he would have food for the trip home and a bit for transition to his new food, as well as a collar and a leash that is not normally included, but was not brought with who ever was picking him up. I included these items to make sure that he would make it home alright. I even made sure that the collar was snug to ensure that he would not slip out of it in the middle of no where and get hurt.

    I admit that the puppy did have some fleas. I live on an 8 acre farm. The puppies ARE raised in my home until they are just too big to keep in the house. Until they are 4 weeks old, they are in a breeding box right beside my bed in my bed room to make sure that I can keep a good eye on them during this crucial time in their lives. They are weaned around the age of 5 weeks, and around the age of 8 weeks or so, who ever is still at home is usually moved outside. They are kept in a very large secure pen, that is inside my very nice, very large pole barn, when I am away or asleep to ensure that they are safe. When I am home, they are let out of their pen with the other dogs to play in an area that is completely fenced in and around an acre in size. They have access to a very nice 55x70 pole barn that they are free to go in and out of as they like.

    The puppies are not kept with dozens of other animals as reported. They are kept with 3 adult english mastiffs and a cane corso mastiff which all live outside. Inside my house I have another 2 adult english mastiffs and a small dog of my sons. This is the total of my animals which does no way amount to dozens of animals.

    Now back to the fleas. Yes this puppy most likely had some fleas. I am not happy about this myself, but am doing everything possible to treat them. I have receipts for hundreds of dollars spent on advantage flea medicine. As I said, these puppies are raised in the country. There are going to be some fleas, and yes even some flys. I do what I can to control them. I use advantage flea medicine and I spray the puppies for flys as much as possible. It is a very fine line of what I can put on the puppies at this young age. I do not want to do to much and over dose them. I also have receipts from buying tape worm medicine for the pups. Tape worms come from fleas, even if they are tape wormed, it is entirely possible for them to get them right back from fleas. This is just one of the facts of living in the country. In my opinion, it is far better for these dogs to be raised in an acre field and a huge barn than to be raised in concrete kennels that just promote bone and joint problems.

    In response to the sore on the dogs neck, the puppy had no bites, sores, or lacerations of any kind when he left my property. I have not seen a vet report, nor have I heard anything from the new owner so I cannot say for sure what happened. It is very possible that anything could have happened. This pup could have been stung by a bee and had an allergic reaction or any number of other things. I can only say that if it was like that when he was on my property it would have been noticed. By either me or the new owner AS SOON as he got home or by the man picking him up. This showed up DAYS later and I'm very confident that it did not come from my property. I feel very sorry for the puppy having to go through the infection. I love my dogs and puppies like my children and do not like seeing any animal in pain. If this would have happened on my property, it would have been treated!

    I DO breed my dogs for health. I have had many dogs live very, very long healthy lives. All my dogs on my property are healthy and taken care of.

    I DO raise the pups inside my house UNTIL they are just too large and too much for the house. I live in a small house with my son as well as the 2 adult mastiffs and the small dog. When you have a litter of 9-12 english mastiff puppies it is very difficult to keep them all in the house after a certain age. They ARE moved outside to very nice living arrangements. They ARE kept inside my house when it is most important. These dogs have it great! Much much better than most dogs. I am by far not a puppy mill. I only breed 1-2 litters a year. The dogs are NOT kept in small kennels. They are NOT sold to pet stores. They are NOT sold to just anybody. I screen all new owners to make sure that my babies are going to good homes. I HAVE turned people down to own one of my puppies because I did not feel as if it would be a good home for them. If I was a puppy mill or just in it for the money, I wouldn't care where they were going.

    I never said I was a vet tech in Anderson. I DID say that I had been a vet tech before. Sure it was in a different near by city. Sure I am not currently a vet tech. I felt that it was too hard on me to work in a vet office and see those poor sick animals come in day after day. I got very tired of seeing owners come in with sick animals due to neglect and then take them home with antibiotics only to not treat the animal at home and they come back far worse off.

    I did NOT turn my phone off to avoid any body. If it must be known, the economy has came down on me very hard just as it has everyone else. My phone was shut off. I spend every dime I get on taking care of my son and my animals. They come first! They are taken care of before anything!

    The last time I heard from these people was the day the puppy got home. The day after he was picked up from my house. Josh stated that the puppy had fleas, which I had already told him that he might. But other than that, he was satisfied with his puppy. He said he was very nice looking and looked like he was going to be a beautiful boy. I never heard anything else from him. No phone calls (my phone was turned on then), no emails, nothing. If I would have been contacted about these supposed issues I would have done everything in my power to correct it.

    I am NOT a con artist. I have been breeding for over 8 years and have many many happy satisfied customers. Many happy reviews and feedback. I am on the AKC preferred breeders list. Go ahead and google me. You may find many reports from this buyer and how he is not happy, but that will be it. I have sold tons of puppies over the years, and if I get one or two unhappy people, then I figure I'm doing pretty good. You can't make everyone in this world happy, but hundreds are happy with my puppies! Please feel free to view my website at Take a look at the pictures on there. Yes there are some pictures of dogs in a barn. And yes there may be a piece of trash or two in the picture. Anyone that has ever lived with a dog should understand that if there is one piece of trash to be found, a dog will find and and drag it out. There might even be a fly or two in the picture. Show me a person that has never had a fly land on them. Does that mean that they are not clean? You will also find pictures of my babies. Very happy and content in their home. Pictures of my babies laying on the couch while I'm sitting on the floor. Pictures of my babies playing in THEIR swimming pool that I provide them so they can cool off and have some fun. Pictures of my babies playing with my son. Pictures of my dogs having plenty of room to move around. NO pictures of my dogs locked in kennels nor on chains. I assure you that my dogs are EXTREMELY well taken care of. Ask anyone who really knows me. I have never had a problem with animal control, other buyers or anyone for that matter. Just many years of good business. Healthy dogs, healthy puppies that turn in to exceptional mastiffs and hundreds of happy buyers! So that's my side. Choose to believe Josh if you'd like. But please use common sense and realize that if I was really this bad off, I would not have made it for 8 years and I'm sure there would be far more complaints on me. And realistically if I was as bad as he's saying, animal control would have shut me down by now! Again, please use some common sense and at least hear both sides before you react. Take the time to talk to me. My phone number, email and address is well known. Feel free to call, email or even come by to visit. You'll see that it is nothing like he is saying! Thank you for taking the time to read this whole thing!

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  • Va
    vavettech Sep 17, 2009

    This is the "new owner's" fiancee. I am a veterinary technician and this puppy was very sick when we recieved him.
    To be honest, I did not want him to buy a puppy from across the country without seeing him or the living conditions because I just knew something like this would happen.
    I did not personally speak to the breeder, all communication was through my fiance.
    However, when the puppy arrived at our home he was very lethargic and not acting like a happy, healthy puppy. I thought that maybe it was just from the long car ride and being in a new place and he just needed time to adjust.
    He was COVERED with fleas, it was not just a few. I gave him a Capstar, flea bath, and applied Frontline and by the next day all of the fleas were gone. I do not believe this breeder treated him for fleas at all. He also had a bad case of tapeworms from having so many fleas. We also live in the country and none of my dogs have ever had a flea problem because I stay on top of it.
    He was also covered in scabs when we recieved him. I assumed that it was from where he was scratching at the fleas.There was a large scab on the puppy's neck. After a few days he was still extremely lethargic and did not have much of an appetite. We also noticed that there was some swelling in his neck where the scab was located.
    I took him to work with me the next day and the swelling continued to get worse and worse. He was placed on IV fluids because we could not get him to eat. We took radiographs to see if there was a foreign body such as a stick but nothing was found. He continued to recieve fluids and IV antibiotics for a few more days but the swelling just continued to get worse. The vet decided to surgically explore the area and when she cut into his neck he had a huge abscess. There as enough pus in his neck to fill a large bowl.
    After the abscess was drained he immeadiately began to feel better and he started eating again. I brought him home the next day and he was finally acting like a puppy. Two weeks passed and he was doing great, until today. When I got up this morning I went to get him out of his crate and he wouldn't move. I reached in and pulled him out and the swelling was back! I took hom back into work today and the vet once again explored his neck but could not find anything. She inserted a drain into his neck and started him on a stronger round of antibiotics. If this doesn't work he will have to be referred to the VA Tech veterinary hospital and possibly have a cat-scan.
    I would be more than happy to give Ms. Lowery a copy of his medical records. She also told us that he had his vaccinations, however I never recieved any paperwork to prove that. Since I did not recieve a vaccine history I must repeat all vaccinations to ensure that he does not contract parvo.
    I work at a large veterinary practice with 7 veterinarians and it was their professional opinion that this was a pre-existing condition.
    I do not know Ms. Lowery or her history with breeding. All I know is that we recieved a very sick puppy. We are also having a difficult time during this recession. We had to save our money for quite a while in order to purchase this puppy and now have hundreds of dollars to pay in his medical bills.

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  • Le
    lebelly Sep 27, 2009

    Call the SPCA immediately regarding this individual in indiana. Please.

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  • Lo
    lovemymastiff Oct 09, 2009

    I too purchased a pup from simply irresistable mastiffs and at 7 months old my pup developed ocd! A genetic disorder, when I contacted her on this and asked what she intented to do about it she said she had to discuss it with her fiance and would get back to me! After that she never answered her phone, we never heard from her and eventually she changed her #. She claims she has a health guarantee against genetic disorders for her dogs yet did nothing when confronted with an issue. I believe at the time I discussed this with her she told me to reurn the dog and she would send another. Um, he is already a part of our family we want his surgury's paid for! Our dog will be 2 years old soon and struggles everyday because of his shoulder!

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  • Tw
    Twiddledee37 Dec 16, 2012
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    Verified customer

    To "Lovemymastiff" What does the contract say about this stuff? Did she say that she would cover OCD? Did she say that she would pay your vet bills? I bet she didn't. If she did then take it to a lawyer and work something out. Most breeders will not pay vet bills unless you use their vet and their vet says that it is necessary and it is the breeder's fault. Some folks just want to get on here and complain for the sake of complaining and that is fine. I do not know anything about this woman but I bet she does not cover OCD. The reason being is because it is not always a genetic problem. That can be caused by over-activity, poor diet, and so many things. Not to mention, it is extremely common in giant breed dogs. If you did your research you would know these dogs aren't cheap. When you bought a giant breed dog did you think that you would only have to get a set of shots a year and it would be all giggles? If you want a cheap dog get a small one. She probably contacted her vet and the vet said that it could have many causes and she decided not to deal with you anymore. If you took your complaint to one of the registries and you told them that she offered you a replacement pup and you refused they would say that was on you. She did all she was expected to do. As far as the person who started this thread, I have to say I think your claim is legit. Honestly when you pay 1000.00 for a pup it should at least be free of fleas, she could have given it a bath in Classic Dawn and at least killed the majority of them before you picked the pup up. I believe that fleas is a small issue compared to the whole neck thing though. If you ever follow up on this thread let us know how it all worked out. Hopefully by now all your problems are ok and everything worked out for the best. I will say another thing though, if you are paying less that 1500.00 for a mastiff pup (w/o shipping) and the people do not work in the show ring and do genetic testing you get what you are paying for. If they do the tests they have to charge more, if they dont it keeps the costs low but you never know what you are going to get. Go with the more expensive ones or quit complaining. All in all she is trying to make everyone happy as well as make a few extra bucks.

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  • Ma
    MastiffLover Jan 04, 2013

    I think this breeder has made a complete fool of herself. Her one comment alone was enough to simply disgust me. That she weans these poor puppies at FIVE weeks old. Is she mentally unstable? This is someone who only cares about the money. She can't afford to keep her phone on? Then she should NOT be bringing these babies into the world that she cannot afford to care for properly. I breed my 2 English Mastiffs and I would never wean them at 5 weeks old, I would NEVER even sell them until they are 12 weeks old, and they would never be placed outside to be infested by fleas and flys. They remain inside my home with our family being well socialized and loved. She needs to be reported and banned from ever breeding again.

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