SABC / TV Licencesharassment by debt collectors for tv licence taken out by somebody else

R Aug 13, 2018

I have been hounded/and harassed for years by debt collectors on behalf of SABC TV licence to pay an outstanding amount of a TV licence that was taken out by somebody using my wife's details.

I have responded too many times to mention with proof of our own TV licence to the SABC customer care dept as well as the Debt collectors. the reference/account number that is being referred to is [protected]. the current amount that they are trying to extort from me is R9094.30

They claim that a tv licence that was taken out by my wife was never paid and has since been accumulating every year. Every year about this time they harass me for this "outstanding tv licence money".

In 2014 i responded to one of their emails with a sworn affidavit from my wife as follows:

Good day

As requested, please find the Affidavit that my wife, Mrs M Cassiem, is in possession of our own SABC TV licence.

As you are aware, one only requires ONE licence per household. It would therefore be senseless to purchase another.

I have included on the attachment, proof of address and the current valid SABC TV licence.

Please amend your records to reflect the correct information.

We will forward the matter to the Ombudsman if the situation persists and you continue to harass this household with unfounded allegations of non-payment.

Please confirm receipt and resolution via email.

Thank you

R. Cassiem (the husband)

Today i received yet another demand for monies of a TV licence that i have no knowledge of. I have furnished them with my TV licence number which we have had for all the years and have been paying religiously (see attached pic)

I have many more such emails and correspondence where they request more information etc. I have even called their offices and have spoken to so many different individuals over the years who PROMISE at the time that they have resolved the issue and that they would not be pestering me again. Then lo and behold the next year this time, i receive another email with the same request for monies.

I would like for this harassment to stop as i spend hours and even days on this issue. This is a huge inconvenience for me not to mention the time wasted in responding to this nonsense.

Your assistance in this regard would be greatly appreciated.

I may be contacted via email @ riedwaan.[protected] or ried1.[protected]


the debt collectors details are as follows:

13 Lenin Street, Raceview, Alberton, 1449
Phone: [protected]
Tel: [protected]
Fax: [protected]

harassment by debt collectors for tv licence taken out by somebody else

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