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I was in the store this past weekend to pick out a outfit for my girlfriend's birthday. There were two ladies in there that were just talking away as I came in. I was looking at th girls jewelry picking necklaces up and examining them, when one of them approached me and asked me if I was stealing. I said no, she said, "well I just saw you" she proceeded to put her hand into my pocket and pull out my wallet. When she found nothing she said, "oops, sorry." And walked off. I was dumbfounded. I proceeded to leave the store and go somewhere else where I could get some respect!


  • Sy
    syt24 Sep 13, 2010

    I refuse to shop at that store, I live in Carrollton as well. I don't shop there because they are always rude, and there clothes are not made well.

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  • Mu
    muchacha1233 Apr 24, 2011

    I went to the Rue21 outlet store in Wisconsin. All I have to say was that the workers there were very rude!!! I left the store fuming mad because of how I was treated there! The sales associates were not helpful at all, rude, and just really ruined my day. The store number is 00485. Terrible service!!! And, their clothes are cheaply made, the store is such a mess, and overall, the associates are not helpful in improving their image! They just made my day a whole lot crappier!!! I NEVER WANT TO SHOP THERE AGAIN!!!

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