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They insist on knowing your zip code - which I will never give to anyone - no need to.
The store location - Ft. Oglethorpe
When I responded to the zip code question, I responded "just put me as local".
The cashier had NO CLUE what to do.
She called the manager. The manager said its just for our records and our computers.
And asked yet one more time for it.
And again, I did not give it, simply stating put me as a local and that I did not fly accross the world to come to this store.
The cashier started almost crying.

Please hire some people that know how to handle customers.
Instead of managers that are just out of high school, and cashiers that have no experience.
Hire someone mature that knows how to keep customers coming back.
If a customer does not want to give a zip code - the only correct answer is "no problem".
A customer should never have to tolerate being asked 3 times.

Also, it was payday.
5 people were behind the register.
All getting their checks, opening them and chatting.
Hire some adults for goodness sake.
They won't roll their eyes, and show cleavage down to their belly button.
Men don't hang out there - its not a strip club.


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    its me again1 Jul 06, 2010

    The ONLY reason for the zip codes, is so the companies know where to open future stores and to send out advertisement. Its not like they can steal your identity from the zip code that you live in! Good God!

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    scoobydoo Jul 06, 2010

    What mature adult is going to work for minimum wage? Why don't you work there and be a cashier? Cashier jobs are specifically for teenagers in my opinion.

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    samijay711 Jan 11, 2011

    they only want to know the zip code for demographics, there's no way anyone would be able to figure out where you live, you ssn, or even you name from your zip code you dumbass.

    And there should be teens and young adults working there because that's who all of their customers are. What kind of teen/young adult would want to ask and old lady about fashion advice? I love this company and they're all about customer service... And why is it hurting you if they're standing there chatting for a few min as long as someone is helping you and giving you service whats wrong with the other employees chatting?

    I hate customers like you, and so does everyone else who works in retail... Maybe you should get a job in retail and maybe you will realize how difficult it can be sometimes. Dealing with some customers out there is very stressful and people are very rude to retail employees.

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  • Du
    duck1987 Mar 02, 2011

    your a [censor] and an idiot. welcome to the 21st century. young people can actually run a business and you are completely discriminating on the younger generation. i am young and i know how to run a business. customers like you make the retail world horrible. some businesses have system protocols which cannot be bypassed and if you are so offended by the question then give any zipcode you want and get on with your check out instead of being a pain in the [censor]!!!

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  • Ha
    hahamango Mar 11, 2012

    The only reason they ask for the ZIP code is so they know where to set up new stores. Also, it's very likely that those employees behind the counter getting their checks and chatting weren't actually on-the-clock, and were simply there to pick up their checks.

    Perhaps next time instead of being a ### you could be reasonable.

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  • Ha
    hahamango Mar 11, 2012

    One more thing--I find it interesting that this site requires you to fill in your name, address, and phone number in order to post. You didn't seem to have a problem with that. ###.

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  • Mi
    Mizuki Dec 20, 2013

    You guys are ###. Their was no need for any of you to call her a ###. Seriously. I am young and well. I can definitely tell you are young and stupid. Instead of being a normal human being and saying "Well, i'm young and know how to run a business" or "Well, it would be weird to ask an older later for fashion tips." You randomly call her a ### for stating her own opinion. Yeah, It was rude, because some younger ppl know a lot about running a business and they are good at it. But you obviously have some growing up to do. Honestly there are some dumbass younger ppl out there trying to run a buisness and they are stupid as hell. My opinion. Gtfo it.

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  • Mi
    Mizuki Dec 20, 2013


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