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12/17/15 on 12/16/15 rue 21 has an ad buy one pair of jeans get the second for $10. i ordered this and the order came back without the second pair of jeans. you have 30 min to stop an order, so i got on the phone and called. i was told the order had to be canceled and i had to do the order again. the gentleman canceled the order and i asked if that also canceled the payment from paypal. he told me yes. i reordered the jeans and the second time it happened again. the 2nd pair was not on the order. i could not get back thought to them again on the phone until this morning. i was told i would have to reorder the jeans and when i get the pair, because the ad is over, i then was to call back and get reimbursed to were i just pay the $10 and the cost of shipping would also be reimbursed. i told her i could not do that as the money from the 1st order to paypal was taken to pay on the 2nd order and the money from the 2nd order to paypal is sitting in limbo that will take 5-7 business days for their company to release back to paypal.


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    Pat Jagel Dec 13, 2016

    I CANNOT FIND ANYONE TO HELP ME...DESPITE 10 DAYS OF CALLING...PROMISES THAT SOMEONE WOULD CONTACT ME WITHIN 48 HRS. Purchased 4 gift cards on 1121/16 totaling $350.00...during a promo for add'l cards for every $50 spent. Payment taken out of my acct on 11/21. Have never rec'd and cannot get any responses from Rue 21. These are Christmas gifts for my granddaughters!!! I NEED HELP!!!

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