Ruby Tuesdaylack of professionalism from general manager


General manager is having untrained and uncertified employees train new coming employees without clocking in employees under training to be paid for training the new employees. When asked to not be on the training schedule they do not respect the wishes of the employees in spite of us not being trained or paid to train these employees. The General Manager Sarah Ocegueda is very immature and unprofessional and doesn't should compassion or respect for her employees. She doesn't treat her employees like human beings. The turnover percentage is high at our store in Hampton Virginia because the managers don't know how to treat their employees and people are getting fed up with there being no change and no hope for better management. They schedule people out of their availability all the time without communicating to the employees. There's a lot of unnecessary and inappropriate behavior from the GM and she is very lazy, she never wants to get her hands dirty and makes everyone else do her dirty work. She needs to take more responsibility.


  • Tj
    tjgabes May 27, 2017

    Guess who's about to get fired and won't be able to sue to wrongful termination because of online posts?


    That's who.

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  • Be
    BethRogers611 Aug 19, 2017

    @tjgabes Excuse me. No one asked for your opinion.

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  • Ca
    CareyRL May 28, 2017

    Probably best to send these type complaints straight to HR.

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