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I have been an Angry Birds fan for many years, since the first original one came out. I have played many of the AB mobile games. I have played AB2 for 4 years. I have spent money to play the AB2 game. When I started noticing odd things I opened a ticket and tried to follow up with support. After this latest time trying to find out why my game is changing and things are disappearing I was basically informed that that is how the game is. Some players get certain features while other players do not get those same features. I was told that it depends on the mobile device (not true because I have other family n friends who have the same exact mobile devices). It was basically broke down to me that some players are given an advantage over other players. This is considered CHEATING! No matter how it has been attempted to be justified, it is considered cheating! Just as if other players get cheats to give them an advantage over others. Rovio game developers are giving only some players an advantage over others. This is not justifiable in any means whatsoever! Cheating is cheating! It makes no sense to me why all players can not have the perks in the game ie: treasur chest in the hats store to pick a card and gain extra feathers (that was there for a while then all of the sudden it disappeared). In the tower of fortune there was a free video upon picking the pig card in order to give one more free pick so not to lose all the loot (again, was there and then disappeared). In the arena challenges if you didn't score high enough to beat your opponent you were given a video for an extra bird to try and improve your score (again sometimes there and sometimes not).
It is unfair to say that some players get these extras while others do not. It is not fair that I give my money to purchase gems and I'm cut out of the extra perks. This is not just me as one player complaining about these things. My husband plays AB2 and has perks I don't have and has the same exact samsung Galaxy s7 as I do. I have also talked to several of my AB2 clan members who have expressed to me that some have certain perks while others don't.
My point, Rovio doesn't want people cheating and will ban them for doing so. Why is it ok for Rovio to cheat and give other players an advantage over others. Multiple times I have contacted support through the AB2 game and made statements that this game needs to be fixed. To fix the bugs before adding new features. I have deleted and reloaded the game several times in hopes that would fix the issue, and nothing.The game needs to be exciting, but also needs to be FAIR and fun for everyone. The extra perks need to be given to ALL AB2 players, that is fair. I've put up with the changes, I've put up with the bugs, the stalls, the mistakes and through all of it I stayed a loyal AB2 game player and fan. Enough is enough and I want that to he changed. All players deserve the extras, not just some!
And since I love to take screen shots I even took them of the conversation with the last rep who left me hanging after telling me that some players get the extras while others don't. Y'all made a name for yourself and got some money and now y'all have got too big for your britches!
Please fix the issues!

Rovio Entertainment Corporation

Aug 26, 2019
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