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Due to being in Mortgage Modification proceedings, we had to have RoundPoint give us Monitored Disbursements for our Insurance checks that we received from our homeowners insurance for repairs to be done to our home from claims. As per the guidelines we signed and agreed to, Roundpoint was to give us a percentage of the Insurance check funds to begin wok which they did. After the initial payout, they were to schedule inspections with us as work was being completed to disburse more of the funds to pay the contractors. We called after the first part of the work was done and someone called, scheduled and came out within a week or so. We then called Roundpoint for the next inspection on August 3, 2016 and since this time no one has come to do the necessary inspections. We call every week and each time we are lied to and told it is being processed. We called again on the 18th and were told that the previous people had indeed NOT processed our inspection request! This was after almost two weeks of being told it was processing. We were then told someone would call us back that following Tuesday and that the case was being expedited. No one ever called. We called back that Friday the 25th and were told that they don't know why no one has called but it was being referred to a supervisor and would be expedited again. As of today August 30th, no one has called to inspect the progress of our repairs and no one can tell us why. We just keep getting excuses and promises to expedite and have someone come out. Meanwhile we have contractors that want to be paid as agreed! This is unacceptable!


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    Mrs9R Nov 21, 2017

    Have you received your funds? We are on our second check and it has been "processed" for 4 days now. Must we take legal matters?

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