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I stopped in the Ritz Camera store in the Charleston Town Center to look at several cameras. I usually buy my equipment online because I don't really need to much help in the way of finding what I need (or want) and am an educated buyer. But, I was looking for a camera for my wife that wasn't so high end. I couldn't decide between two cameras and she was not with me to make the decision so I bought both cameras because the one she didn't want I was going to return and use it a store credit to purchase a higher end hybrid camera for myself.

I went home and let my wife choose which one she preferred and then went to take the other one back. When I tried to take the camera back they said they would need to charge me a re-stocking fee because there was a scratch on the screen. I knew this couldn't be the case because the camera was only taken out of the box once at home looked at and immediately returned to the box. I couldn't even see the the scratch that they were complaining of but if it did exist it existed at the time I bought the camera. When I heard about the re-stocking fee instead of using the credit as store credit I just got my money back to purchase the camera elsewhere.


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    Loyal customer @ Ritz Feb 09, 2011

    It must be nice to be given the opportunity to take 2 cameras home and try them out without a re-stocking fee for opening them and using them and then to mishandle the merchandise and put a scratch on the screen of the merchandise you are taking back, It seems to me like the company was generous in taking the merchandise back at all even if it was at a discounted price ! Even Best Buy charges 15% restocking fee on all opened box merchandise, and so does office max, or mabye you already knew that and thats why you were shopping at Ritz camera in the first place ! Ive seen your negative post about this store on a bunch of other web sites and here is what i think if you took half as much time properly handeling the merchandise instead of posting negative reviews you could save us all a lot of time ! By the way the only negative reviews i have seen about this store are all from this one customer i shop here all of the time and i just love the staff the store ia always clean and neat and everyone is so helpful.

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