Rich Dad Poor Dadrip ypur of big time,please do not trust this people


Robert T. Kiyosaki, looks like the owner of this company, which is hiding under the different name ('Tigrent', ets..) and the policy's.
His book "Rich Dad's Conspiracy of the Rich" very good book, you can learn a lot from it, but on based on this book or other resources, thay make a company which is sale financial class, for thousands dollars.
When my friend and I signed for on line class, it was a show.
2 times was problem with log in, this means we "missed' the class, next time-successful, but our drunk "teacher", tried to read from the book, what we can do on our own.
When we try to return our money, bcs.absolutely not satisfied with this thousand dollars show, of cause it was impossible.
Please, remember this, if you decide to go on this class.
What ever you will read by yourself, or listen to honest financial people, like Dave Ramsey or others, just trust your self and NEVER think somebody will make good decision for you.
When you will gather more information about anything, you will fined out way to be smart with out others help.

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